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Adulation dream meanings


A dream of adulation is a positive dream that symbolizes honor, prosperity and material gain. Adulation means to offer flattery to another person.

If you find that someone in your dream is offering you attention then this dream means that you will combat future difficulties. When you have a dream that you are seeking adulation from others, then this dream means that you will be able to get in a position of honour.



Be careful not to get this honour through distrustful actions: such as bribery, or illegal acts. To see other people being flattered, means that you will acquire a position of honour when you don’t deserve it at all.


When you are the one offering the adulation in your dream then this means that you may part with something that you treasure. The reason? because you hope that you can get material gain in your life.

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To see a king or queen be flattered, means that you may be resigning from your job to get another business deal. Your dream of adulation can also express the emotions you are currently feeling in waking life. Is the tone of the general dream happy, sad, angry or threatening? If the dream is of a happy nature this can represent your creative potential isn't being expressed. 


In your dream you may have…


  • Seen that people offering adulation to you.
  • Seen that people are reluctant to offer adulation. (In this case, the dream can mean that you may have encountered a mixed reaction in a new position)
  • To see famous people offering adulation, this symbolizes that as you may be disillusioned to take a position offered to you.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You have a dream that people are offering you adulations.
  • People in the dream love and respect you.
  • This is a positive dream because it portrays that you will be able to get a high position in the society and you will be honoured.
  • It can also mean that you will have financial gains honourably that will make you to be honoured by many people in the society because of your financial status and your honourable position.


Detailed dream interpretation…



A dream about adulation depends on the nature of the dream and what happens during the dream. When you have a dream about adulation it means that you are likely to be pampered in waking life. This dream also means a possible high position in your career, or in your place of work. If you are the one offering the adulation in the dream then this means that you will lose something you value. 


In dreams, an person of standing (such as a boss or a king) can often represent the dreamer's feelings about religion, but recall that in some circles. The person offering the adulation is a symbol of someone that will know how to bring our lives into harmony. It represents the discipline and determination we need to manifest in daily life in order to get the best we can from life.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of adulation...

Happiness, joyous, anxiety, excitement.

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