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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve.

Sometimes in the dreams you may have seen this kind of dreams. It is a rare one and you may wonder about the results and outcomes of this extraordinary dream. This phenomenon has indicated you both good and bad omens but mostly on the positive aspect.


So having a dream of Adam and Eve is good thing incommon.bit if you have seen them in perfect clothes the entire thing will be different. The dream represent beginning of a new era of your life .it may be a profitable business or long lasting relation ship.



You may have seen...


  • Adam and Eve in perfect clothes
  • They are eating something under a tree
  • They are in your house sitting
  • They are in a sorrowful mood
  • Adam and Eve are looking at you with extruded hands


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  • If Adam is calling you from distance, while Eve looking at your direction. Many positive changes will occur in your life in financial and social areas.


  • If you have dreamt them reaching towards you with extended hands, you should be very happy. It symbolizes that you are going to have a big appreciation or promotion in your place of work.


Detailed description...


If you have seen them in perfect clothes, it will not be a good omen fro you. In the concept both them are appeared naked that is the reality. The appearance with the clothes means some thing different or strange thing is going to take place in your life. So you must be very careful with the activities of your day to ay life. And they are eating it under a tree. Tree is also a good sign.AS a whole you can expect a better chances in the future. You can start a business, if you like. There is lot of chances to become success in your activities according to the dream.


The symbol of the arrival to your house is not so good omen, it means trouble .You have to be very careful in the future for the outsiders, who are not in good terms with you. The arrival to your house indicates the arrival of a bad time to you as well as the family members.


Usually, they are in a happy mood. If you encounter them in a sad mood, It will be a good thing to you as the sadness in dreams bring success in many activities in the real life. They are special people, so you can expect a big victory over some issue in your life. This is a welcoming dream to everyone. If you see a dream of this category, t is better to expect good results in your exams and court cases



If they are looking at you with extruded hands, it tells you that someone in your family of neighborhood needs your attention. And you must give the help that they need; otherwise you have to suffer throughout your life. It may be the appeal of a patient or one of the poor people in the society. It tells you to be more attentive to the others needs as well. If you are busy, pleases out at least some attention to the close associates of your family.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of actors...

Happiness. Feelings of amazement.  Excitement. Extreme tolerance, , hopes of a new start, shyness  ,wonder about the creations.


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