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Dream meaning of acquaintance


When you have a dream that you meet an acquaintance it means that you are actually compelling your enemies to retreat. This type of dream can also mean that you are able to accept life conditions and work hard towards improving your future - for the better.

If you see someone who has many acquaintances it means you may face a difficult situation. To be an acquaintance of someone means that you may regret something in life. When you have a dream of a distant friend it suggests that you should accept a situation in life. If you have a dream where you have met an acquaintance and you strike a pleasant conversation, this is a positive dream because it denotes that you will thrive in business. This will run smoothly. It also means that you will have financial breakthrough, perhaps win some money. 



To see many acquaintances means that you may suffer domestic conflicts or have some differences with either your spouse or children, to see a kind acquaintance shows that there will be peace in your house as you live happily with one another.


In your dream you may have…

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  • Met an acquaintance.
  • Met someone who is quite disputing. This dream means that you may encounter some form of embarrassment and humiliation that will be surround you. This can occur in your house with your family members or even in the place of work where you’ll be with your colleagues.
  • Feeling ashamed of meeting an acquaintance. This means that you are feeling guilty of doing something bad and the other party will let you down by telling a secret to others.
  • Seen that you are meeting your acquaintance in an inconvenient time. This has a similar meaning to the above dream. It means that you will feel guilty of doing something negative in life.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You have a dream that you are having fun with an acquaintance.
  • This is a very positive dream if you are a young woman. It means that you will have an interest from someone, in waking life, and may end up winning his or her love and having a very wonderful relationship.
  • Can suggest marriage if the dream is positive in nature.


Detailed dream interpretation…


A dream of an acquaintance can have several interpretations depending on the nature of this dream.Sometimes when you have a dream about many acquaintances, you may end up meeting many people in real life situation.


A dream about acquaintances can also symbolise peace and harmony in your life, this will be true for your family and everyone else around you. Just as friends are peaceful, this dream denotes that there will be little misunderstandings in your family and you may not experience conflict or family disputes. You are going to be successful, especially if in one's dream you are speaking happily with your acquaintance. If the dream was adverse in nature then this is a warning to not trust anyone in life.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of acquaintance...

Happy, joyous, anxious, excited.


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