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Aches and pains in dreams


To see someone else have ache's in one's dream suggests that you are paying atten­tion to new ideas, and making changes in the way you think and feel. It may also refer to the need to take note of the details of a certain situation in your life.

When you dream of suffering from aches then it means that you are risking things in business. This dream can also mean that your opponents in business or other people are the ones who are profiting from your creative ideas while you are relaxing so much.


You may have a great mind and profiting business ideas but you are very reluctant to put these ideas into action, instead you tell other people about your ideas and they just make use of them. Even profit from them!

When you have a dream that you are suffering from heartache and you are a young woman (under the age of 30) then this dream means that you will have some minor distress in your life because of the way your lover is treating you.

This dream can also show that your lover may be having a possible affair.

In your dream you may have…

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  • Strong backache and you feel pain. This is an indication that you will get an illness because you may be carelessly exposing yourself to bad situation or unfamiliar conditions.
  • Seen that you are having a headache.
  • This dream can mean that you have decided to take risks because you want to get rid of rivalry in life.
  • Ache in the leg, this means that the decision that you are about to make involves the use of your mind.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You have a dream that your body is aching all over. This is a very positive dream. It means people will benefit from the ideas that you give them. These ideas will flourish their businesses.

Detailed dream interpretation…

A dream about aches holds many interpretations. This is because of the specific aches that a person suffers in the dream. It also depends on the person who is having the dream.

When a woman has a dream that that she is having a backache, then this dream can mean that this woman may fall ill and that sickness may cause some problems to her in her family and in her whole life.


Such a dream can be somewhat negative, although it is rather uncommon to have. It is advisable, if you have a dream of an ache then try to be careful with whom you involve yourself with. These dreams can at time suggest an illness if the ache is felt in real life. Try to take it seriously and act accordingly.

When you have a dream of suffering from a headache then it means that there might be something that is disturbing you in real life. A headache has a lot to do with self-expression, and what you are thinking about and how painful the headache is, are important.


If you are painting a minia­ture, perhaps you need to concentrate on small details. If you are painting a nature scene, perhaps you need to spend more time in the fresh air. If you are painting larger pictures, perhaps you need to see the larger picture. The actual details of one's dream is important.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of aches...


Unhappiness, discomfort, uncomfortable, irritated, anxious.

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