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dream meanings accuse


When you have a dream that you are accusing someone in the then the dream state this means that you will likely have quarrels with the people in the workplace or any other place where you show your leadership qualities. As the person in authority, you are prone to have several disagreements with others and therefore, this dream should be an indication that a serious misunderstanding may take place.

It can be in relation to a simple problem or something more complex. 



To dream that you are accused can mean that you may lose your dignity because of a bad deed. To be accused in court means a person seeks to destroy your name by spreading false information about you.


When you are the one being accused in the dream, then this indicates great danger and you will be accused of spreading a scandal in a malicious way. It also means that you will be accused of being sly and guilty. Watch out for being scandalous.

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There maybe rumours that everyone knows about in life, but because of your personality or your style of living, you may get accused of spreading rumours.


In your dream you may have…



  • Seen that your spouse is accusing you of cheating on him or her. This dream can mean that you may have some problems in the near future and your family may feel insecurity.
  • That you are wrongly judged and you start feeling guilty about a matter that you are actually aware of. This dream suggests that you should examine your deep inner self to find out what is disturbing you so much.
  • Being accused in a court of law -  this means one should tackle an issue in life and resolve it completely.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You have a dream that you are being accused of something wrong that you have not done but instead of blaming others as well you take up the accusation and start looking for a way of sorting out the issue. This can be a very positive dream as it can actually mean that you are very responsible in dealing with the problems that arises amongst people.



Detailed dream interpretation…


A dream about accuse can also be interpreted in different ways depending on the kind of dream that the dreamer had.


When you have a dream that you are accused of doing something wrong that you were not actually involved in, then the dream can mean that you need to be very careful about those people who flatter around you so that they can easily get your favour when they care little about you and about your life.



A dream about accusation can mean that you are having some feelings of guilt or you may be experiencing some difficulties in your relationships.


If you have a dream that you are the one being accused, then it means that you are feeling victimised by someone because of your past life. This dream can also mean that you are avoiding speaking the truth or being truthful.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of accuse...

Angry, disappointment, anxious, irritated, sad.

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