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This dream can indicate a new change is on the horizon.

If you absorbed drugs during the dream state this can indicate that briefly encounter a situation that requires care and a different approach. If you carried out any scientific experiments in your dream and notice materials will be solved suggests that somebody is going to approach you with a resolution to a problem. To absorb something through the skin in the dream suggests that this you're not sure the path in your current life. If you absorb sound waves or music in your dream this is a positive omen. It combines happiness and contentment going forward.


In your dream state...

  • Two things move into one.
  • Absorbing energy.
  • Absorb drugs in the dream,
  • Absorb something through your skin.
  • A white light absorbs your body.
  • Light absorbs your body.
  • The body is absorbing something.
  • Being absorbed into something.

This dream of indicates that you have seen two things drawn together. This may be for example white light absorbing your body. Alternatively, this could also mean that the dreams of two things coming together. In essence, a dream of absorbing something can indicate that you are subconsciously thinking about different ways to approach a problem.

It can suggest that life is moving on that you do not know exactly what you want. In your dream, you could have seen a plant absorbing water or alternatively energy being absorbed this means you need to step back a problem or situation in order to find a resolution.

If you see two things coming together in your dream it can suggest that you need to think about your future and also how other people view you. The dream is very much focused on your identity as a person. It is important that you don't let people down. To see a tree absorb water suggests that growth is required in your current life. To see a sponge absorb water in your dream can suggest that you need to prepare more in order to accept the thoughts and feelings of others. If you are washing with a sponge in a dream it can indicate that new projects will come to the surface.

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Feelings encountered when dreaming of absorb...

Happiness. Contentment. Spiritual enlightenment. Connecting with inner guides in order to find the direction of life.

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