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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln.

If you dream of Abraham Lincoln, it is related to one's character and ability. To dream of a person in a dream whom is related to Abraham Lincoln then this is associated with one's identity and personality.

To dream of a state figure, such as this president signifies authority and control.We must now move onto this dream meaning.


To see Abraham Lincoln in your dream speaks of your admiration for your own qualities. Your dream characterizes your desire to become assertive and highly intellectual - just like he was. The intentions may not to be just like Abraham Lincoln but there is a desire to have strong personality. Your subconscious is telling you that you are capable of making life better.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen Abraham Lincoln.
  • Talking to Abraham Lincoln.
  • Utmost admiration to Abraham Lincoln.
  • Seen and admired the works of Abraham Lincoln.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You dream of Abraham Lincoln.
  • You see in your dream that you are personally conversing with Abraham Lincoln.
  • You feel your utmost admiration to Abraham Lincoln.

Detailed dream interpretation…

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To see Abraham Lincoln in a dream tells you of a strong character and leadership capability. As he is a famous leader, dreams of this nature are reminders of our own qualities.

Abraham Lincoln is a man who gave great value to his subconscious mind. To talk to him in the dream state is a reflection of how you handle your inner self. The subconscious mind may also be submerged in activities. There is unexplained behaviour that only one's subconscious mind will know the answer.

Dreaming of Abraham Lincoln tells you to trust yourself. Make way to let your capabilities come out from its shell. You can be more than who you are now. You can have more than what you presently have. It is all a matter of believing in your own capabilities.

In your dream, you may be having conversations with Abraham Lincoln. What is the message in talking to a dead man? In this dream, you were not only talking to anybody. You were talking to a Statesman. Your dream stands for your admiration to his work even if he is already dead. You may have not known him. To dream about his work stands for your desire to succeed. Dreaming of his work meant desire to possess the same ability. In your own way, you desire to accomplish things on your own. Let your talent come out from within and it will lead you to victory.


Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of Abraham Lincoln...

Courage, skilful, strong leadership, assertive, strong willed, retrospective, high regard to inner self, value history and culture.

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