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Dream dictionary meaning Abortion


The termination of a baby within your dream indicates that you no longer want something in your life.

This dream also represents feeling of loneliness, guilt, sensitivity and possibly anxiety. There is a positive aspect of this dream in that you are looking to new beginnings and new directions in regards to business venture. The key message of this dream is to understand to overcome trouble events in your life. Pregnancy is an enjoyable time in terms of waiting for a child. This dream shows that it is important that we don't give up enjoyable times, this is very much connected to how you release emotions within. This is also a healing dream. You may be working toward acceptance and resolving your unconscious feelings.


If a man is having this dream it usually means he is experiencing guilty feelings and he may be anticipating failure in love or money. It may be a warning about your health or it may indicate that your feeling significant anxiety about your current endeavors.

You may have...

  • Encountered an abortion.
  • Encountered a termination or witnessed this.
  • Considered an abortion.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The overall conditions within your dream were positive in nature.
  • The experience within your dream was happy / contentment.
  • It was important for you to have the termination to fulfill areas within your life e.g. to move on to happy times.
  • In the end the termination did not go ahead.
  • You were in complete control of the situations within your dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream…

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  • You experienced any type of emotional pain in your dream.
  • The dream involved feeling emotionally upset.
  • That you have surgery within your dream.

Areas of your life that this dream is connected with…

  • New beginnings are on the cards.
  • You have been feeling trapped by your emotions.

Detailed dream interpretation...

You have been seeking a resolution in regards to moving forward. You may need to be able to recognize that an event or an emotion should be rejected in some way. This dream is wake-up call in that you need to have the ability to look clearly at your life around you. What is negative? You may have encountered difficulties in making plans for the future and this dream can mean that you are looking for freedom in order to make those decisions or difficult choices.

There is a danger that your going to be setback spiritually and to recognize that this dream indicates your ability to be totally focused on your actions in your life.


You are capable of taking in new ideas and concepts. Perhaps you are traveling into a new beginning and that this dream indicates that your emotions need to be released in order to enjoy the experience going forward. If you have had a baby in waking life this dream indicates that a decision will soon come about and it is time for you to actually take the time to make this happen.

This dream shows that we may be forced to give up a great idea in favor of something else that is much better.

If your dream involves more than one termination this can symbolize you have become quite emotional.

This dream demonstrates that you need to review recent decisions, to make sure your protected from the possibility of adverse situations that may come into your life in the near future. There could be a need to review areas in your life to make them better.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an abortion…


Unsettled. Sensitivity. Rejection. Anxiety. Overcoming any trouble or difficult times ahead. No way out. Absence. Openness in a situation. Inability to understand why this is happening to you. Unhappy. Problems. Issues that seem to be hindering your progress in life. Painful experience. Emotional pressure. Inability to understand why you have seen this element in your dream. Feeling cheated. Scared. Sad. Unable to face reality. Scared. Painful. Worried about your health. Freedom. Being pregnant.

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