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In dreams, we sometimes find that we do not like someone or something, a complete sense of abhorrence.

To interpret this dream we need to assume that you felt a sense of "negativity" in the dream state. Basically, this dream may occur if you need to open your eyes to other people's behavior. Maybe you hate somebody or a situation you experience in the dream state. It is not uncommon for the dream to occur when you are encountering nightmare. You may feel in your dream an intense dislike towards somebody or someone annoys you in the dream. 


In your dream…

  • You feel hate towards someone.
  • You are annoyed at someone.
  • Annoyed at a friend.
  • Dislike a friend in your dream.
  • A friend dislikes you in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning…

This dream is associated with feeling dishonesty in waking life. If you dream of somebody you know in waking life and feel hatred towards them in a dream this indicates that you should not trust them. Basically, your dream state is recording what you really feel inside.

If other people feel abhorrence towards in you in your dream state this indicates that you may feel that someone is being selfish in life. You need to have good intentions for others and this is a dream where you need to be more kind to others too.

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To dream that you abhor a friend in the dream state indicates you need to be more honest about your feelings towards. To find something terrible and worrying can indicate problems and difficult times ahead. You are worrying in life. To be abhorred by a ground of women indicates that other people will see you as being rather selfish in life. What are you doing to create this?

If in the dream state you are showing an abhorrence towards people whom you love in real life suggests that you need to work on your desires in life.

Feelings encountered when dreaming…

Worried that people don’t like you. The problem approaching others. Worried about the fact you disliked people in your dream.


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