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The human hands are representative of a number of different things, varying from right to left.  A few examples follow:  the left hand corresponds with the lunar sphere, symbolic of the feminine, emotion, receiving, unconscious, justice and passivity. The right hand corresponds with the solar sphere, symbolic of the masculine, logic, giving, conscious, mercy and assertiveness.  Hands may be symbolic of protection, blessing, healing, threatening, injuring, etc.  Two hands placed together palm to palm is symbolic of prayer.  Two right hands clasped together might symbolize friendship, unity or agreement.  In the US oaths of honesty are sworn with the left hand on the Holy Bible and the right hand raised.  There is no doubt that hand symbolism is both wide spread and wildly varied. 
The hand is believed to possess a lot of power and role to perform as they are the most active physical organs that are involved in most vigorous physical activity in human beings. There was the belief that if it ever happened that somebody’s left pals was itching, and then it was a sign that that person could receive money soon thereafter. However if that happened to the right hand, it meant the contrary, in that that person would soon lose any amount of money that was held in hand. As a result when the left palm was itching, one had to scratch their hand against wood and it was an assurance that that person would actually receive that money. On the other hand however their right hand itched and then tried to scratch it, was an assurance that that person could actually lose money soon.
In relation to bad and good luck, it was believed that if somebody’s left hand was itching and then that person rubbed it against brass then ones good luck would elude .Moreover, if the right hand itched and then stopped scratching it, then ones luck of getting money would definitely elude. During the ancient periods, it was generally believed that by passing a cup of water or tea to someone next to you using the left hand; it was a sign of bad luck to whoever received that cup of water or tea. Moreover it was considered a sign of a curse if one tried to give a loaf of bread to those they were serving. In the field of sewing, it was believed that if a dressmaker fixed the left sleeve before doing the right one first, then it was a sign of bad luck to the person that would wear that dress.
The right hand according to the bible was regarded as a sign of a God’s mighty. On the other hand Satan was treated as belonging to the left hand or anything that was perceived to be evil. That is why the scripture says that the goats shall be put on the left hand side while the sheep will be on the right hand of God. The ancient Romans believed that the devil always resided on the left shoulder of one’s life. As a result, people believed that by throwing salt by the left shoulder that would .end the devil powerless in affecting or causing harm to one’s life. The ancient Romans believed that by wearing a wedding ring on the left finger, it was meant to ward off any evil plans that were associated with the devil in relation to the left hand.

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