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Schools, Colleges and Universities

The meaning of this dream is clear: you need to move forward in your life, to learn new abilities and skills that will help you grow as an adult. If you see an image of a school or you are involved in school life, this indicates that you may be learning how to handle the people around you in the waking life. Generally, a school often appears when you are contemplating whether to take a course of action. In your dream more

Six hours sleep

According to a study by Warwick University in the United Kingdom if you sleep for less than six hours a night then this is bad for your body, it increases the possibility of an early death. In a study research uncovered that if people get less than the suggested six to eight hours sleep each night were 12% more likely to die early! The research also found 25% of people get around only four to five hours' sleep a night, which is clearly more


So you had a dream of advertisements? Wondering what it means? To dream of advertisements shows that it is time for you to make sure that you know your future goals. There is a need to test you against others. Yes, I know does not sound good right! If you are aware of an advert and its slogan, then you must look into the dream deeper - what does the slogan mean? Try to remember the words. My name is Flo and I am a psychic if you have more


To dream of bigamy, is by Association representative of dishonesty in the waking world the factors note here where there you were actually married to a bigamist or you were carrying out a bigamy yourself. This dream should not be interpreted in its literal sense, it would be much better and wiser to interpret this dream as a soft warning that some time' is that we have inside generally become reality if we order these events in our lives. This more


What does it mean to dream of a snake? Sigmund Freud stated in his famous book that the snake is connected to our sexual energy. Feud identified that a person's dreams are connected to their subconscious mind. So we can conclude that according to Freud the presence of a snake or serpent in your dream indicates that you need to have sex! I have a whole other article about the psychotherapist theories if you want to also open more

Temporary buildings

If you dream of a mobile home, caravan, tent or any other temporary accommodation then this dream clearly shows that it is time for you to take a handle on your living accommodation. Such a dream can indicate that you need to feel more comfortable considering your in your environment. Seeing a temporary building can be the omen of instability ahead according to old dream lore. If you dream of a mobile home, caravan, tent or any other more


Maybe you cannot wait to find out about what this dream means. I cant help feeling rather inspired writing this dream meaning. I bet you were utterly captivated when in this dream, we all love winning in life! This dream of winning is rooted in our own subconscious mind. Now in life, sometimes we do not recognize the smaller achievements or successes and this dream is then rather symbolic. In terms of our dreams we need to understand more

The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands in your reading indicates that you have gone the distance and have found your reward. The cards of the Tarot tell a story and where the Two of Wands was indicating a need for planning before the adventure begins, the Three of Wands indicates that you are closer to your destination and that the end is in sight. Often it will represent being at the last leg of a journey in your life or completing something and now being more

The Fool

The Fool is the card of wild abandon and new beginnings. In the life cycle of the Tarot, the Fool is the start of the story. He represents our childlike selves or the beginning of a cycle. The Fool is often depicted as a young person, with a knapsack in hand who is going places. And what will be the final destination? No one knows, but it does not matter. For the Fool, the lesson is in the movement, in the adventure of Chance. The Fool more

The Magician

The first numeric card in the tarot deck is the Magician card. In the story of the Tarot, the Magician is the progressed form of the Fool after having gathered all the knowledge and wisdom of the road. Now in this aspect, the Magician knows that he is in charge of his reality. You are moving in a positive direction so do not hesitate. The keyword for the Magician is I will, expressing that the sheer force of his will makes him capable more


The Death card is the card that fills most people with dread, fear or regret. Death symbolizes a level of permanence that many of us have a hard time dealing with. But what this card really represents is the end of a cycle, coming to the point of making a large transition or change in your life rather than true or physical death. If the Death card is prominent in your reading you will find that there is a large amount of change coming more

The Tower

When the Tower shows itself in your reading, consider it as a blessing in disguise. Change, albeit forceful change is being thrust upon you now and though it may feel like it is happening against your will you need to remember that this is for your own good. Often this card comes up when change has been in the works for some time and you have resisted or ignored it. There have been small problems that are increasing and situations are more

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