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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreadlocks

A long time ago when I was a teenager I decided one morning that I was no longer going to cut my hair. The year was 1995, dreadlocks were in fashion! I decided that I was going to grow dreadlocks. I read about it in a magazine called smash hits and it was clear that all I had to do was wash my hair but not comb or brush it. Easy right! At this point, I was actually looking for an excuse not to cut my hair. That is when more

Hazmat Suit

For most emergency services and doctors it is not uncommon for them to wear protective clothing such as Hazmat suits. Sometimes these appear in a dream and I am here to help you decode what that means. Firefighters often wear hazmat suits and there are essential three layers: an outer shell, a moisture barrier and finally a thermal barrier. Typically, this suit is often accompanied with boots and a jacket. There is also two hazmat more

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