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I am going to cover two things here. Firstly, having a dream during the afternoon and secondly dreaming the time is in the afternoon. There was a study by Levitan and he compared morning and afternoon naps with 22 lucid dreamers. The afternoon nap participants went to bed for approximately 90 minutes to understand the effect on their dreams. The afternoon dreams were lucid dreams. This means they are more vivid than normal. Dream experiments more


Age can crop up many times in a dream. Many of you have contacted me specifically about how age has featured in your dreams. I am here to help you! To dream you are a specific age can have a deep meaning. Seeing yourself old in a dream? Dream of being younger? Dream of a specific age in a dream. I am going to cover all these possibilities. I remember a few weeks ago I had a dream of my grandparent who celebrated birthday parties more

1111 Angel Number

Angel numbers can come to us in all shapes and sizes. 1111 angel number is very powerful and I am here to help you understand what it means if you keep seeing this number. My grandmother always made me make a wish when the clock turned 11:11 am. She said, quick make a wish. I heard this many times when I was a little girl. So as an adult, I continued the tradition. Most of the time my wish came true but of more


To dream of an erotic captivating scene involving a gigolo / male escort in a dream can be quite liberating. It was only a few weeks ago I had a dream of a gigolo. After I had this dream it was revealed that a friend was false. I do think the spiritual meaning of this dream is to be wary of false people around you. To see either of these indicates that you need security going forward and a possible false friend. While we sleep we more

Dreams Of Glitter

Glitter in your dreams? Sparkle on your brain? I love glitter! I am here to help you decode your glittery dream. Glitter comes from the middle English term giltered which is 30,000 years old and glitter was first discovered when "mica flakes" were found in cave paintings to give them a "shiny" look. Yes, glitter originates from prehistoric times and was also found in make-up, the Egyptians used crushed beetles to more

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