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Dreams About Needles In Your Mouth

Seeing needles in your mouth indicates pressure in your life. Especially around communication. Sorry to say, the dream is generally quite negative if you see needles stuck in your skin or coming out of your body. The needle can mean you are experiencing problems in your life, and the stress and pressure of daily life have resulted in such a dream. After this encounter during your sleep, you will need to learn the art of delegating. more

Purple Butterfly Dream Meaning

Dreams of a purple butterfly is a great omen signifying happiness, delight, prosperity and wealth. I have been e-mailed many times about the symbol of a purple butterfly so I thought I would give you a summary. Butterflies can be associated with metamorphosis - the transformation stages in life. For example, one day you are a boring caterpillar, then you retreat (cocoon phase) to eventually become a beautiful butterfly. We all wish to more

Dream Of Butterfly Landing On Me

Butterflies landing on you in a dream can be quite interesting. If we look at the butterfly in its simplest form it denotes transformation, changes and also beauty. The butterfly is extremely symbolic and in many superstition books denotes personal change, especially when it lands on your body. To dream of the butterfly landing you can represent many different facets of your life. When the butterfly lands on your more

Moth Tattoo Meaning

My friend who is getting a moth tattoo that is three dimensional asked me to write about what moth tattoos, and what they mean from a spiritual perspective. They definitely stand out from normal tattoos. Of course, if you decide to get a moth tattoo it is important to understand the meaning. If you ask a tattoo artist, they generally tell you that all butterfly tattoos have a similar symbolism. Tattoos have become to a dun thing. This more

Dreams About Horse Racing

The other night I had a dream about horse racing which was so vivid this led me to write about the meaning. In my dream I was watching horses running around the race track. Dreams are funny things and sometimes watching horse racing may have influenced your dream. There are many different aspects or symbols that can appear in your dream connected to horse racing. In your dream you could have found yourself betting on a certain successful more

The Biblical Meaning Of Colors

In our current world we live with endless vibrant colors. Think about it! LEDs, lasers, the internet, cosmetics we are all bombarded with various types of bright colors. When we look at the biblical meaning of colors it interesting to turn to the ancient world. In this world multi-colored richness was not so vibrant. Most of the artistic tones consisted of dull beige, browns and also blacks, colors that are found in the more

Spiritual Meaning Of A Double Egg Yolk

Have you just cracked open an egg and found a double yolk? Cracking open eggs that have double yolks is a great feeling! You are normally left with the question of why? What is the significance? There are many superstitions surrounding double yolks. In ancient folklore it was believed that double egg yolks were connected to the following: Possible birth of twins: In ancient folklore, the double eggs are likely to be connected more


I am going to cover two things here. Firstly, having a dream during the afternoon and secondly dreaming the time is in the afternoon. There was a study by Levitan and he compared morning and afternoon naps with 22 lucid dreamers. The afternoon nap participants went to bed for approximately 90 minutes to understand the effect on their dreams. The afternoon dreams were lucid dreams. This means they are more vivid than normal. Dream experiments more


Age can crop up many times in a dream. Many of you have contacted me specifically about how age has featured in your dreams. I am here to help you! To dream you are a specific age can have a deep meaning. Seeing yourself old in a dream? Dream of being younger? Dream of a specific age in a dream. I am going to cover all these possibilities. I remember a few weeks ago I had a dream of my grandparent who celebrated birthday parties more

1111 Make A Wish

My grandmother always made me make a wish when the clock turned 11:11 am. She said, quick make a wish. I heard this many times when I was a little girl. So as an adult, I continued the tradition. Most of the time my wish came true but of course, this seem rather barmy! I looked into this whole 1111 connection to understand the epiphany. The most famous time prompt is 11:11 am and it has been connected to portals, more


To dream of an erotic captivating scene involving a gigolo / male escort in a dream can be quite liberating. It was only a few weeks ago I had a dream of a gigolo. After I had this dream it was revealed that a friend was false. I do think the spiritual meaning of this dream is to be wary of false people around you. To see either of these indicates that you need security going forward and a possible false friend. While we sleep we more

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