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An acorn represents that situations are going to get better in your life. There is a need of reorganization that you must apply in your life. Make sure your dreams are defined so you can work towards them. This dream also shows the need to give someone a gift of something of relevance, whether that is financial or just emotional support. If you dream of acorns in general, there is a possibility that you are going to grow spiritually. In more


The general concept in any type of dream involving music is that if the sound is pleasant then the dream is positive and if the music is harsh or unpleasant then your life will involve a period of settlement. If you see a bagpipe player at a wedding in your dream, then this symbolizes a period of transformation and is symbolic of our desire for a happy and content relationship. If you are playing the bagpipe in this suggests exploring more


Flying dreams are very interesting and as with airplane dreams - flying is very common. It is common to "remember" that you are in a dream because flying is unnatural in waking life and you might feel strange. Turning to dream psychologist the dream meaning is largely associated with our relationships in life. Flying means you normally feel unhappy in waking life and that you are totally out of control. Dreaming of flying in the more

Forest or Wood

When you find yourself walking through a forest in your dream, this symbolizes that you are trying to hold onto something which has been lost. The reason your subconscious mind moves through landscapes in your dream generally means that you are feeling unsettled and insecure. In regards to the spiritual meaning of this dream a forest often symbolizes spiritual enlightenment as your soul is entering areas more

Mind Reading

A telepathic communication between two people has received the name of Mind Reading and by some has been regarded as something not quite within the class of real telepathy. This has been heightened by the fact that we have seen many spectacular exhibitions of pseudo mind-reading, on the TV and on the stage. It is true to say that imitation or counterfeit mind-reading, in some cases the result has been obtained by trickery, more


It is estimated that we have over 100,000 dreams in our life, at least one will be about kissing someone. So you kissed someone in your dream last night? And, you thought you would look up what it means? You are in the right place! Lets start with the experts so you can uncover the official meaning of kissing in your dream. Sigmund Freud was a famous dream psychologist in the 1920s who decoded many different types of dreams. more


A lion in your dream shows propitious circumstances and in some cases strength and porousness in your life. If your dream is about the lion becoming domestic or wild shows that you feel some predestined guilt. If the lion was man-eating or you were in safari then this shows that your dream is connected with a risk of taking chances gambling - therefore prevent trying to gamble for the next few months. A lion in a dream may be calling more


When we think about it, lizards in dreams can be somewhat a bizarre symbol. Often dreams can be emotional, worrying, abstract and also include various dramas that unfold. The dream itself was obviously powerful enough for you to look up the meaning. I can assume the lizard in your dream has affected you on a deep emotional level. Over the years, I have analyzed thousands of dreams. This is because most of my dreams actually come true, more

Lots of things about your dreams...

Before the dawn of history mankind was engaged in the study of dreaming. The wise man among the ancients was preeminently the interpreter of dreams. The ability to interpret successfully or plausibly was the quickest road to royal favor, as Joseph and Daniel found it to be; failure to give satisfaction in this respect led to banishment from court or death. For we know that the study of the stars, though undertaken for selfish more

Lucid Dreams

What does a lucid dream mean? To understand what a lucid dream means we have to answer a number of questions! So hold your horses we will need to get a lot of questions answered. I know you are thinking what is lucid dreaming and is it scientifically proven? Is it possible to learn lucid dreaming on demand or what can make it possible for you to become a lucid dreamer? Lucid dreaming allows you to actually experience a more

Major Disaster

If you have seen a major disaster in your dream, such as a plane crash, earthquake or hurricane then this shows that you are caught up in a situation that you must try to get yourself out of. This reminds us that we cannot just sail through life and not understand what is going on.The more comfortable that we become in our own world the more violently we are in the real world. This dream will eventually force us to make a decision more

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