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Often a bicycle appears in a dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations or you are striving to get to a destination in real life. This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation, you probably need to look at balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering a people. Human beings have invented many different items over time and the bike is what I believe a true great invention. Maybe more


Birds are also associated with peace, messages, communication, freedom and spiritual connections, they also symbolize ideas. To dream of beautiful birds with colorful plumage in dream lore is a sign of a marriage. I just love birds and dream wise I will explore what they mean. In dream lore, birds represent the direction that we are heading in life and the spiritual power which is connected to the fact they fly high in the sky. Birds more


Bread can crop up in our dreams when we are feeling that we need our basic levels of shelter and food are at risk. Spiritually, the more bread you eat, the luckier you will be, and the more profit you will gain. Hi and welcome to my dream meanings. I'm Flo and will help you understand what bread means in your dream. What is the general meaning of bread in a dream? If you dream of eating bread, you more


Dreams are connected to our own subconscious mind sometimes our spirit guides from above contact us through the dream process. What a wonderful dream! There has been much folklore about how butterflies are a sign from a loved one who has passed on. Additionally, there are accounts the butterfly is sent to you for comfort. Butterflies in regards to symbols in dreams are connected to the following traits: rebirth, cycles, renewals more


A single car often represents how we control our lives. Most people experience a dream about their car at some point. This dream meaning is about a single car. I have covered the dream meaning of cars just click here. I wanted to segment these two dreams because I feel that a single car in a dream holds a slightly different meaning. Dreaming more

Yes or No love spell

Before carrying out any spell consult the tarot cards and pull out one card for guidance. Meditate on this card for five minutes. This is a simple but powerful spell to find out if someone loves you. Sometimes it is a difficult to know if someone loves you or not. This spell is an easy way to ask for spirit guidance to discover the truth. You need the following: Two beeswax candles - pink, lilac or plain white, more


If we look at Haitian voodoo we can conclude that this originates from Africa. Voodoo was later mixed with customs from Indian tribes found in South and Central America. It is considered a satan practice. If we look into Voodoo further it is associated with a religion and rituals that can last several days. A Voodoo practitioner is known as a boker, they only use spiritual powers and potions in order to harm people. Voodoo is more


A baboon featured in your dream, suggests that you may need to be honest about your feelings inside. The other meaning of this dream is to be direct with what you are trying to say. To dream of a baboon wandering around a zoo, is significant to other peoples feelings. Do you think before you speak? To see them otherwise, denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth. If a baboon strokes you, beware that enemies do not get more


To be chased in a dream is extremely common. This dream may include being chased by a person, shadow, shark, fox, dog, rabbit, another person or any other strange object. In addition, you may have had a dream where a group of people or zombies are chasing you. Being chased in your dream signifies worry. Whatever is pursing you in your dream is your unconscious mind letting you know that you need to face responsibilities. This dream more

Color / Colours

When we are awake in life many different colors can affect our mood and emotions, but what does it mean to dream of color? Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist from the 1930s believed that colors represent the following: Black is connected to our unconscious, white or light colors signify our conscious mind. Yellow represents our intuition, blue our thinking, more


Cooking is an ideal skill for anybody wishing to start a family or run a household. The ideal partner is often someone who is able to cook well and to plan creative meals. The cook is the most important member of any restaurant and one of the most important members of the family since this person provides the nutrition and comfort needed to survive. Dreaming about cooking can symbolize creativity or the way we nurture and comfort others. more


A crocodile in a dream foretells deceit. It is associated with hidden enemies and changes in life. There are many different descriptions that we can use in order to describe the dream interpretation of the crocodile. These are wisdom, deceit, strength, control and also power. As a crocodile is adaptable in the wild the dream is connected to being flexible in life. Is there something threatening your lifestyle? This dream more

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