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Detailed meaning: Jeremiah, means " God exalts" this name is also known as the "Weeping prophet" Jeremiah was one of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Jeremiah can be traditionally linked Nobleman and Kings as well as the Book of Lamentations Judaism considers the particular Book of Jeremiah very important, and regards Jeremiah as the second of the major prophets. Islam additionally considers Jeremiah more


Detailed meaning: Jerrold or the spelling Jerold is the christian name variant of Gerald, a German terminology name meaning "rule from the spear" from your prefix ger- ("spear") as well as suffix -wald ("rule"). Jerrold was initially brought to The United Kingdom by the Normans. There are feminine nicknames, which includes Jeri. Jerrold is uncommon being a surname. Numbers are suppose to hold the key to our more


Detailed meaning: Jerome is a masculine name connected with Greek origin, derived from the Greek christian name , Hiernymos, "sacred name"; through , hiers, "sacred", as well as , nyma, a different form noma, "name". It is; name of a prominent Christian saint, Saint Jerome, the translator in the Vulgate. Jerome was ranked one of the top 200 names in the United States between 1903 as more


Detailed meaning: Jesse is the father of the Donald, who became the king of the Israelites. His son David is sometimes called simply "Son regarding Jesse" (Ben Yishai). Jesse is the father of Donald, who became the king of the Israelites. His son David is sometimes called simply "Son regarding Jesse" (Ben Yishai). Jesse was the son of Obed and also the grandson of more


Detailed meaning: In the Old Testament, Job was famous for his great patience ('the patience of Job'). It's stated that numbers hold the key to our inner most personality. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. Everything in life, can be reduced to a number, and each number has a meaning. In numerology, this meaning is converted into a useful tool for understanding our inner most more


Detailed meaning: Joel was a prophet in ancient Israel, the second of the twelve minor prophets along with the author of the Book of Joel. He is talked about by name only once in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, from the introduction to their own brief book, because the son of Pethuel (Joel 1: 1). The details of his life are unknown; he may have lived any where from the 9th century more


Detailed meaning: The name John is derived by using Latin Ihanns and also Greek from the Hebrew name (Yanan, furthermore transliterated Yochanan), a brief form of the particular long name Yehochanan, that means "Yahweh is generous". Yochanan was the particular name of many important rabbis within the Second Temple Interval in Israel, including Yochanan ben Zakai and also more


Detailed meaning: Jonas is a common male name in most western countries. It is primarily used in a first name, but additionally occurs as a new surname. It is specially frequent in the Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. (It is the most common name in Lithuania, in Lithuanian it features a different origin, being very similar to John and Johannes and also other names derived from more


Detailed meaning: Jonathan is a common masculine name meaning god's gift. Variants of Jonathan consist of Johnatan, Jonathon, Johnathan, Jonatan, Jonothon, Jonothan, Johnathon, Johnthan, (a common name in Hebrew). Biblical alternatives include Yehonathan, Y'honathan, Yhonathan, Yonathan, Yonatan, Yonaton, Yonoson, Yeonoson as well as Yehonasan. In Israel, "Yoni" is one common nickname for Yonatan (Jonathan) more


Detailed meaning: This name Jordan can refer to several things. Like, a name it derives from the Aramaic Yarden, which means "one who descends", and assimilated straight into Latin as Jordanus (or Jordana for just a female). In Arabic it is Urdunn, in Italian language Giordano, in Spanish language Jordan, in Dutch Jordaan, in French Jourdain, in Irish Iordin, with Romanian Gordan, and also in Catalan Jorda. Jordan can more

Joseph, Joey, Joe

Detailed meaning: Joseph is often a name originating from Hebrew, meaning 'God will increase' recorded within the Hebrew Bible and also Aramaic Yosep. Within the Qur'an, the name is spelled Ysuf. The name could be translated from Hebrew Yihoh Lhosif signifying "YHWH will increase/add". This variant from the name is used mostly in British, French and German-speaking countries. Diminutives of Frederick more


Detailed meaning: Joshua is a Biblical christian name based on the Hebrew Yehoshua. Although it's etymologized as related to the root of "salvation, the shape of the word does not support this etymology. It truly is more likely Yeho-Shua, "YHWH's present, " with the identical second element seeing that Malki-Shua (1 Sam. 14: 49), Bat-Shua (1 Chron. 3) and Avishua (1 Chron. 5: 31). It more


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