Laguz Rune Stone

What does the Laguz rune stone mean?

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Laguz rune stone

Laguz represents our own emotions and brings a lesson to look within ourselves for answers or reflections on our lives.

What does Laguz rune mean?  This rune stone represents our inner emotions, water, fertility and how we grow in life. As the moon itself is connected to water when drawn this rune predicts success in life. If I translate the word “laguz” it means a leaking water. This rune encompasses not only our emotions but also the healing that we need spiritually in life. Often when this rule is cast one must focus on the psychic self, imagination, and growth and also the possibility of loss, but this will be minor. I will now summarize the key elements of this rune:  travel, associated success, psychic energies, growth, healing, fertility, and happiness.

What does it mean to cast Laguz in a relationship question? In relationships, this rune represents that you just need to let go and focus on making the relationship work. It can sometimes suggest other people’s troubles and thoughts. The good news is that this rune represents balance in relationships. Even though there is some indication of loss the rune itself is the universal ocean of emotions. As the water is connected to our deep emotions can signify that growth in energy relationship will be stronger going forward.

What does it mean to cast Laguz in a career or money question?  if you are asking questions regarding your career money then the Laguz rune stone does, in fact, are present results, movement and possible travel.  therefore you may find that you are travelling for work. As growth and energy surround this rune it can mean that you may wish to develop yourself further in a work situation.

What does Laguz rune mean reversed?  When this rune’s reversed it can represent a difficult period of time. There is an association between avoidance, mental conflict and also oppression. 

Key concepts: Energy within, deep sexual emotions, changes, help from others, a period of focus and creativity.

Psi: focus on the astral plane, loving another, dreaming about moving on, inner deep emotions and processes.

Mundane: turning to occult work, dreaming, helping others and showing emotions.

Divinations: this rune materializes when we need to think about our future, our inner energy, birth and spiritual existence. 

Rules: Here are the main rules to consider when drawing this rune stone.

  • Emotions are strong when this rune is drawn.
  • Unwanted behavior.
  • Awareness spiritually.
  • Creativity and helping others.

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