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Sigmund Freud wrote much about sexual dreaming.

He believed that these type of dreams were associated with general sexual needs in waking life. In essence, he believed that any dream about sex was pure frustration in waking life. He also believed the type of sex in dreams is important.

Even in this modern world dreams of sex can leave us feeling worried in life. People often have the dreams when they are worried about something in life. If in the dream you have a sexual encounter Freud believed that this was simply a symbol of the force of life which is projected as the sexual aspects in the dream. The theory that Freud connected with such dreams is that one has what is known as a “psychic censor” that this internal censor occurs during one's sleep, thus it projected that sex in the dream was dumped down somewhat and that the desire was not present when the dreamer awoke. He believed the censor allows one to hide true feelings during the dream state. Therefore, if one dreams of an ex partner then in Freud's terms it is more about how you perceive that relationship. If we look at the great Carl Jung (dream psychologist) and his take on a sex dream he believed that the dream of sex is really something else which is hidden. There is focus on repressed feelings. He believed that one’s sex drive is focused on the archetype that is found in one's physical body and also the mind. They are interchangeable. Sex in dreams of this nature are powerful. Carl Jung felt that our bodies are strong and that the dreamer is simply playing out the desire for sex.

Now, we have briefly given the “expert” opinion on a dream of sex we can conclude that you encountered sexual feelings that is associated with the connection in the real world. What Jung and Freud did not analyze is when dreams of sex turn violent. Also the identity of the lovers having sex in a dream. It is popular to note that sometimes we dream of sex with a stranger that one does not recognize.

Going back to the theory of both psychologists when it comes to sex dreams they both agree that sex is associated with masculine and feminine energy from an archetypal perspective. To dream of strange sex dreams can indicate a damaged area of the mind of the dreamer. If one dreams of being homosexual this can sometimes associate with desire in life for the masculine energy we need. Sexual feelings as emotional connections in real life could yield such dreams. The dream of sex has been connected to the various stages of one’s relationship with their partner.

In your dream

  • You were having sex with your own partner in real life.
  • You were having sex with someone famous.
  • You had sex with a being (not human)
  • You were having sex with a person of the same sex as you.
  • You had sex with an ex partner.
  • You were having sex with a friend in your dream.
  • You were having disturbing dreams about sex.
  • The sex in the dream consisted of violent acts.
  • You were giving oral sex or receiving this in your dream.

As we have already concluded above sex in dreams can often be connected to our subconscious minds. Many of our dreams often have explicit content that you may find embarrassing upon awaking. In our mind we have dream about sex and normally have what Freud believed was called “censorship” which we mentioned in the introduction. This means that whatever we dream is often associated with being repressed. Thus, dreaming of sex from a Freud perspective indicates that one is often connected to themselves and through the dream they alter the reality.

Here are some specific dreams about the details of sex in ones dream

  • To dream that you are having or providing oral sex to a partner represents your willingness to give something back to others or receive a gift from others. If the sex dream involves giving oral sex to a male it is connected to your desire for lust in waking life. You have chosen the correct “career” path in life. If the oral sex did not satisfactory or does not go well then this is all about what your partner wants from you in life.
  • To see a mass orgy and people were performing oral sex denotes that you will always remain the same and your sex drive may have suffered in life. Do you feel there is a dis-connection in your love life? To dream that you are currently performing oral sex on your own represents your desire for intimacy.
  • To dream that you are having an orgasm is a strange dream to have. It means the end. Something has finished in real life. Did you have an orasum in real life too? What have you just completed on your life? This dream can also be associated with “worrying too much” To not reach orasum in the dream denotes that goals need to be met. To see other people's semen in a dream from a Freud perspective is associated with frustration in your life.
  • If an orgy or porn film is featured in a dream this represents the needs of passion in real life. To participate in an orgy is associated with one's sexuality. You need to experiment in life. Have adventure in your sex life! It may also mean there's much confusion about your sexual life. Do you yearn for multiple partners? Are you happy in your relationship?
  • To see an erect penis signifies sexual desire, happiness in relationships, control over others and fertility. To see more than one penis erect in a dream is connected to having sexual frustration in waking life. For the penis to be very small indicates helping people in waking life. To dream that someone looks at your penis usually means that you are currently dealing with some problem. To dream that your penis is chopped off implies a reduction of sexual contact. You believe you're losing an important part of your identity. If you dream that your penis is detachable, then your desire to remove yourself from the difficult commitments in life. Dreaming of seeing a penis of someone you know suggests a challenging situation with that particular person. A penis in a dream suggests doubts and anxieties about one's sex drive functionality and libido - it can also be linked to testosterone. A female dreaming of a penis is associated with desire for sex.
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