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One of the most iconic sounds of summer is the low hum of bees, droning from one flower to another. Spiritually, the iconic bees are furry-bodied and come with a spiritual message in our dreams, they are beautiful creative flying beasts – who work hard. The air is filled with magical opportunities when bees come into your dreams, the buzz opens the doors to new energy. Bees have a need to survive the winter frost and get to the summer months when the light shines down on the bee. What do you need to survive? How can you ensure the light is shining down at you? A new start is on the horizon. Did you know that Bees produce a third of our food, which is dependent on insect pollination? So I am here to answer the question of what it means if you dream of bees? I have produced a Youtube video and this informative article. Please scroll down to read your specific dream meaning and watch the video below in order to understand what this sacred bee means to you.

In this dream I will cover the following so please scroll down:

  • General dream meaning of a bee: It is a time for work, the buzz of life opens doors and I will share the secrets.
  • Attacked by a bee: Who are you running from? I will go over the importance of feeling attacked in the dream.
  • Bee sting: Mystical reason why you dream of a sting, life is about healing from the sting of others.
  • Beehive dreams and symbolism: Nesting your life, your time and above all I run over how this will affect you.  
  • Running away from a bee: Hide and seek with bees can be dangerous, so can ignoring this dream meaning.
  • Killing a bee, flying bees and dead bees: Death is about rebirth are you switched onto the real true meaning?
  • Being attacked by a swam: Overpowering of bees has spiritual significance I will run over this.
  • Chased by a bee: Running in dreams or being chased by a bee can be connected to a person in real life.
  • Spiritual meaning of the bee: A treasure trove of spiritual significance in this dream, learn by scrolling down.
  • Honeybees and dreams: Most people think they dream of honeybees is this really the case?
  • Beekeepers and honey: You will learn why this dream is special.
  • Black, white and yellow and black bees: Colors have a spiritual meaning to our soul.
  • Bees in your ear or hair: What are you hiding? Learn by scrolling down.
  • Large bees: Massive bees can sometimes appear and I also cover bees and wasps.

Surprising facts about your dream

To see bees in your dream symbolize work, material attainment, great luck, contentment, and creative ideas. You might be surprised to learn that bees in dreams can also signify patience and the fruits of your labour, and through this dream, there is a deep message that can help bring many things into your life. Bees are scared creators. In order to understand this dream, we need to look at what bees do. 

Bees are naturally connected to hard work and commerce. Think of the term "busy as a bee.” The key message is that by working hard you will reap the rewards. If bees sting then someone will be critical to you in the coming weeks – who can sting you? If the bees are chasing you in the dream this can indicate someone wants to hurt you and may also do so through words. 

Bees in dreams help us fall deeper into our own creative power. If you are creating something in life this is a sign that your inner dreams and your ideas may TURN into reality. This is a great time to tune into your own success and happiness in life. Bees are scared creators. In order to understand this dream, we need to look at what bees do. Bees pollinate plants so that plants can reproduce, and that really is the bottom line. Creation is the essence of what bees supply - as well of course - honey. When we think of honey spiritually this is sweet, sticky and a substance that enables us in life to get what we want. 

What is the general dream meaning of a bee?

In essence, bees show that life takes on new positive approaches based on how we respond to emotion. To dream of a flying bee shows that you can successfully express yourself in difficult situations. However, it can also mean that people perceive you in a negative manner. Growing and developing interpersonal skills within your life will help you. If you find yourself stung by a bee, this is possibly a warning that others may hurt your feelings. If you are attacked by a swarm of bees, this can indicate there is a situation that is out of your control. To be attacked by more than one bee is a dream associated with being suspicious. A swarm of bees (that are not attacking you) denotes a pleasant and great time with friends and social engagements. If a bee stings you in your dream, the omen is good, especially in business matters. If the emergence of the bees is from a cocoon or from hatching, then this dream is associated with trying to improve yourself.

To see working bees in your dreams indicates continued success and a happy state. Fatalities are intimated if you see them in profusion. To see bees simulating death or dying, foretells unhappiness caused by illness. To kill a bee means an alarming, but not fatal illness or accident. Dreaming of honey indicates that you need to sort yourself out and make sure you are heard by others. If you can see honey in your dream, then this shows sweetness, happiness, and joy.

If a healthy person dreams that he or she is harvesting honey, it is a symbol of financial gain. The dream featuring a quiet bee in the sense that you are not stung by the bee indicates that you will be lucky in business and you will get wealthy. A girl or woman dreaming of bees will have luck in love, as the dream foretells a man bringing a lot of joy and doing you much good. Dreaming of bees could have negative meanings if the bees sting you, as this indicates conflict with people around you.


There are sparkles in the air during the whispers of your sleep, an underlining buzz reminding you of your timelines, forever in the breeze. As you breathe in the air and the illusion of time collapses it is time to let go of the fear of the sting and dance with your bee as your dream meaning now unfolds.


If you dream of bees, in general, this indicates prosperity obtained by hard work, success, gain, profit, and wealth, but bees in your dream can also foretell unhappiness and lost hopes in regard to a person you love. If you see a bee sitting on a flower, this means pleasure in love, or love coming your way very soon. A stinging bee is a sign of failure and quarrel, and if the bee stings you, you might discover an enemy. Bees making honey in your dream foretell success and luck. A honeycomb predicts that you will find out things you want to know. Angry bees mean failure and conflict at work.

Dreaming of a beehive with lots of bees is a sign of abundance in your house, a united family, and a fruitful and fertile year ahead. A beehive is a sign of substantial income growth. Seeing bees surrounding a beehive is a sign of happiness in love, and luck in business. To dream of a beehive means you will overcome current troubles. If you dream that you are working in the hive, and the bees come out of it, then there are some problems you are struggling to solve. Dreams featuring a beehive in full activity predict good business, wealth, and a good gain.

Dreaming about a swarm of bees could be symbolic of hard work or having too much on your hands to do. If you dream about a queen bee, it could be symbolic of a controlling or dominant woman. In a dream, if a bee stings you, it could be an indicator of hurtful words that someone made to you in your waking life. In case of an accident and the queen dies, the workers will select one of the new breeds and feed it with special food, the royal jelly. This will enable the larva to develop into a fertile queen.

A swarm of bees means happiness, but if the bees are hiving around the beehive, it suggests prudence. Swarming bees mean richness, gain and luck in many of the things you do. Seeing flying bees could mean troubles, but if the bees are flying around you, this foretells happiness, luck in love, and overcoming your difficulties. Listed below include an overview of these symbols:

Honey: Honey is an organic sweetener, this is the product of the bees' work. Honey originates from plant pollen that bees gather and take to the hive. Dreaming of honey could be considered a symbol of maybe even a goal and changing the situation into something better. Honey may also signify an incentive with regard to your work. You may be rewarded for your efforts.

Favors for others: Honey in symbolic terms represent favors for others. Bees are famously known for producing honey and the reason why they do so is, to make food stores for hives during winter.  They produce more than they require and that is what makes it possible for us to enjoy the honey.

What does being attacked by a bee mean in a dream?

As long as civilisation has existed, people have dreamed of being attacked. Dreams of bees attacking us often reflect our relationship with others, highlighting self-doubt and self-criticism. For us to avoid falling prey to the bee attack symbolically, we must think about the dream significance, we must silence our minds and not perceive ourselves as under attack in waking life. Bees are territorial and can often be found near human habitation in waking life. What is interesting is if they feel threatened, bees will often sting to defend their nests, especially if people are close to their hive. In dreams, this does not occur as it does in reality. The scene could be similar to a movie scene where you run from a swarm of bees or see yourself getting stung by them. First of all, it is rare for people to die from a swam of bee attacks in the real world, but in the dream world, anything is possible. Think about syrup and water and how sweet it tastes. Do you need sweetening right now? Ideas could be constantly coming into your life. We must choose the right path. If you escape the bee attack remember that anything is possible. This is the best time to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want. You can meditate on your goals. This will help you tune in to your higher self and give you all the guidance that you need to get there. 

If you have encountered a bee attack during a dream then this can indicate a powerful symbol. The spritely bee in your dream can be an answer to your calls for a new direction in life. The bee attacking is connected to escaping change in waking life. Are you escaping change? A bee attack is often connected to the end of something, and new things are coming in your life. When we dream our own internal will is often suspended and I speak about this quite a bit in my dream meanings, therefore, making the mind vulnerable to its own imagination. Unbridled imagination can make the mind look like a monstrous shark, even the slightest attack in real life can bring about the fear of being stung or attacked by bees in the dream state.

In waking life, a bee can be seen and dodged and they rarely attack. In sleep, the mind may lose the internal will or reason. One might say, are more supersensitive to hidden perceptions which are awakened. The sound of a kettle whistling can be magnified to become a bee buzzing as the mind regains consciousness. The waking mind can see hours ahead of the sleeping mind and is extremely sensitive to external sounds and light.

What I am not saying here is that this dream of being attacked by a bee is about you hearing things in your sleep but it could have been triggered by this. If we turn to the older dream books being attacked by bees in ancient times was associated with being attacked in business or a work situation. As bees represent work this is a plausible meaning. If you are afraid of the bees if they are attacking is in 1930s dream dictionaries connected to a journey or that you may find yourself in trouble with an enterprise. To dream of seeing another person being attacked by bees is connected to your own internal thoughts and self-doubt which can lead to a destructive mindset, especially if you allow these feelings to stay in your mind for too long. What is this dream telling you? It is important to push negative thoughts from your waking mind and replace them with positive ones.

What does it mean to dream of a bee sting or being stung by a bee?

If you get stung during your dream it could possibly symbolize your stinging emotions or perhaps your current subconscious mind. You could possibly think that a partnership at work is not going well. The bee in a destructive mode, such as stinging you or others in often connected to a work situation, which has left a person feeling 'stung'. To dream of bees biting you signifies action. Although a bee stinging you might be unpleasant for you, the bee will eventually die due to the sting. In this capacity, the bee might stand for sacrificing oneself regarding an item you treasure.

What does a Beehive mean in a dream?

As outlined already, the bee often represents hard work. Having dreams about bees working in the beehive signifies productivity and problems at work that needs time and patience in order to solve. Bees work in full cooperation, working with each other so that their own hive continues to be undamaged and also successful. Bees might point to working in a team in order to be successful.

Many of you have contacted me about what bees mean in your dream. Bees are related to ants and wasps and we all know they sting and fly. They are so busy, especially when it comes to pollination, the production of beeswax and honey. Before I analyze dreams about bees, let's relate some interesting symbols about bees.

What are the details of your bee dream?

During pollination, the bees are in a way, helping other plants to grow as they transfer pollen between the female and male parts of the plant, allowing them to produce fruits and seeds. Symbolically this can mean that you may train someone in the future.

The other important element of this dream is what type of bee you could see. For example, bees live in colonies or hives and are available in three types:

  • Drones: Drones refer to the male bees and they mate with the queen. Each hive has several of them during summer and spring. During winter, there is change of mode in the hive and that is when the drones are not allowed to be in the hive.
  • Queen: The queen is the boss who runs the hive. It is the duty of the queen to lay eggs that will produce the next generation of bees. She also produces chemicals to altar the behaviour of the other bees in the hive.
  • Workers: The workers refer to the female bees whose main work is to forage for food that is nectar from flowers and pollen, she protects and builds the hive, and circulates and cleans the air via beating her wings. The bees you see flying outside the hive are normally the workers.

What do bees mean in terms of symbolism?

Throughout history, bees have been symbolized in various ways by different cultures. The queen or mother bee is believed to be worshipped by other bees in the hive and many cultures across the world believe bees represent hard work. In ancient times, priests were referred to as bees due to their impact on other people, thus resembling the queen.

According to the mythology in Greece, the Homeric Hymn bees were given as an offering/gift to Apollo. The Greek god of bees was known as Aristaeus. Turning to the Egyptians, the bees were connected to kingship with honey bees connected to eternal life and immortality. The bees and beehives are a metaphor of the human race and that is why there is a long history connected to the amazing insects.

What does it imply to dream about being running away from a bee?

A dream where you see yourself running away from bees is quite straightforward. It means running away from hard work, maybe you have faced a dead end and it is a sign that you are going to get a breakthrough in the coming days. Running dreams are normally about us running away from areas of life, all our dreams have a purpose and meaning for each person. If you dream of running from bees can be connected to letting go of others. This dream can mean that someone may upset you but does not have any intention of hurting you, it is important to understand that your dreams don’t necessarily have to relate to your real life, that you are not running away in life. Dreams of running from bees are all about expressing your feelings and fears, exploring an issue, looking for advice, and finding out how you are going to run towards your goals.

What does it imply when you dream about killing a bee?

To dream of killing a bee, consider it a sign of a new career. The bee being divine and beneficial, seeing yourself killing it in your dream means that you will encounter new challenges.

What does it mean to dream about a beehive?

I know I have covered this, but I want to cover this again. This is a positive dream, a beehive, it is a great dream omen. It means that you are currently satisfied with the life you are leading. It could be that the salary you earn is greater and thus, it is manifesting itself in the dream. Everything in your life is going in the right direction and you are pleased with everything.

What does it imply if you dream of bees trying to hurt you?

Bees trying to hurt you in your dream could imply that you have enemies and you are currently on the wrong side of action and thus, there is a possibility that they are going to move forward quickly in life.

What does it imply to dream about bees flying?

Bees flying in your dream could denote that, you are going to encounter happiness in the coming days. If they were flying around you, then take it to be a positive sign indicating that you are going to overcome obstacles and have happiness in love. If you are the bee in a dream it can mean hard work is coming.

What does it imply to dream of bees flying in the garden?

A dream where you see bees flying in the garden can mean that you are on top of your game and thus, it is very hard for something to come between your goals and success.

What does it imply to dream about dead bees?

To kill a bee or see dead bees in your dream, implies that some negativity will be overcome. According to ancient dream lore, income and money challenges are coming into your life in the coming days. All you need to do is pay attention to some duties which you have neglected of late to avoid it becoming disastrous.

What does it imply to dream about being attacked by several bees?

A dream of being attacked by several bees in your dream is a sign that you are being suspicious about something in your waking life. I know it can be quite worrying to see many bees coming after you but this does mean that you will overcome problems.

What does it imply to dream about being chased by a bee or a swarm of bees?

When you have a dream where you are being chased by a bee or a swarm of bees, it means that your memories are being disturbed by unsettling news. If possible, try and deal with the issues before they get out of control, and for you to get peace of mind.

What do bees represent in a dream?

I have already covered this above, but there is one more thing I wish to mention. Bees have a special organ in their brains that’s called the “homing bundle”. This organ plays a big part in helping bees find their way back to their hives. In life, we can sometimes feel like we’re lost. We might feel as though we’re not on the right path or we don’t know where we’re going. This can make us feel helpless and hopeless. However, this feeling doesn’t have to last forever. Are you feeling lost right now?

What is the dream meaning of bees?

Think about the possibilities and the sweetness that can enter your life. To see a honey bee flying suggests you have an under-estimated hidden danger. If we look at the miracle of flight, the honey bee often moves from flower to flower. The magical difference is that the bees represents joy and positivity in life. The questions you need to ask yourself: Are you having too much of a certain trait, or that you could benefit by being less aggressive. To be stung by a bees is associated with aggression in waking life. You could encounter an event, situation, or threat. For more clues, pay attention to what the bee was doing in the dream state, or a characteristic that stood out.

You probably don’t recall the type of bee in your dream but there are 27 different types of bees, there is no point going through all of these but I am sure that you have probably dreamed of the honeybee. The tip of the bee’s abdomen is rather pointed. Bees are not overly aggressive when protecting their nest. However, both will readily sting to defend themselves or their colony. The primary difference in their stinging behaviour relates to the greater number of honeybees sting when compared to other bees.

Did you know that a honey bee only stings once, other bees can sting multiple times. To see the queen bees in dreams is a positive omen, this indicates a new start in life, especially if you notice a swam of queens. The honeybee queen and her offspring live in the hive all year round. The queen may survive for three or more years. Why is this significant in your dream? It means that you are likely to have a start in many years to come if you see a honeybee.

Bees typically make their nest underground, but some species will nest above ground if you see an underground nest I associate this with hidden feelings that will need to come to the surface. To dream of a bees, colony shows an obstruction in life. We can connect this to your own growth. You may be hesitant in reaching a conclusion in life. Don’t worry this is not associated with anything negative you will just be worried about reaching a conclusion.

Why are bees important to human beings?

Governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars, pounds, and euros annually to protect bees, research, and bumble beekeeping subsidies. Purely, due to the fact bees help our environment. In dreams, bees can appear in all shapes and forms. If you have awoken from this dream I am here to help you define the spiritual meaning and this will helpfully aid your life, and perspective and help push forward your creative dreams.

What is the spiritual dream interpretation of a bee?

Every bee from a spiritual context has the inner power to evoke strong feelings and associations in people during the dream state. Think about it! These associations are natural and universal, and they often go beyond the literal meaning of an actual bees symbol. For example, the colour black and yellow is associated with darkness, nature, spring, fertility, and growth. Similarly, the black face of a bees denotes deep symbolic meaning that goes beyond its literal appearance. The almond-shaped body with fur usually symbolizes youth, happiness,  innocence, and an optimistic approach to life. An almond-shaped insect symbolizes wisdom and wisdom gained through experience.

Bees possess wonderful working traits along with a great need to protect the hive. Historical Egyptians associated the bee with knowledge, regeneration, and working to rule. Bees are also a symbol of royal families, the Merovingian monarchs have been laid to rest with golden bees put into their coffins. The freemasons use the bee and the beehive among it's designs. This is associated with freemasonry being the queen bee and the workers creating a hive through hard work. Napoleon associated the bee with regeneration.

There is no question that bees have a firm place in the spiritual world. In reality, it isn't just the bee that may turn up in dreams but you could see a beehive, honey, or the actual honeycomb. The bee from a spiritual perspective represents rebirth and order within your life. To witness a swarm of bees represents the importance of power over relationships of the heart. This dream symbolizes your work situation and the balance between your job and your relationships of the heart. The additional symbols within this dream often indicate that you have been trying to balance these two key areas of your life. If the queen is featured in your dream, this demonstrates the need to feel freedom, such as freedom of choice and freedom of expression.

What does bee aggression mean in dreams?

Bullying is the first resort in bees which are less socially advanced and have a clear correlation between increased aggression and ovarian development. This can indicate that you have people around you that are maybe bullying you, which could symbolically sting you. The queen bee in particular is connected to the act of aggression. To dream a queen chases toward you is interesting dream symbolism, the queen bees are naturally aggressive fertile workers in an attempt to force them to lay eggs. Honeybee queen bees release a hormone that inhibits worker ovarian growth. Therefore, aggression towards honeybees is only an option. The queen bee is a bully and makes her workers work through bullying. Can this be connected to a workplace problem for you? Once the nest reaches a certain number of workers, the queen is unable to bully all of them at once. Some of the larger workers get ovaries and start laying eggs. The queen responds by spending time in the beehive - searching for eggs she didn't lay and then eating them, not a very nice thing to do of the queen bee!

What does it mean if bees are stinging during your dream?

Protecting yourself from stings has been a defence mechanism for millions of years. Although it's not possible to properly describe bee poison, it is clear and odourless. It also contains around 88% water which I guess you did not even know. The bees venom compound encompasses complicated chemistry. In total, there are at least 18 pharmacologically relevant components, including many enzymes, peptides, and amines. In dreams, bee stings can at times represent that you will be “shocked” into creative focus.

I’ve read many people’s dreams whereby bees stinging have chased or followed them. In the bee venom one of the small proteins, melittin, accounts for about half the venom's dried weight in the venom, in turn, this hydrolyzes cell membranes and causes changes in permeability. So, when we are stung this is responsible for the pain. However, other components work with it. Hyaluronidase is a component that causes cell membrane changes and allows the venom spread easily. Anaphylactic shock can be caused by other components in the sting victim, ultimately, this is why most deaths from bee stings occur in hypersensitive people. 

I know this might not be too connected to your sting bee dream but it is important to understand what happens in waking life. In essence, a single sting is usually enough to cause death and happens within an hour. If you die in the dream from a bee sting (or someone else) it is normally a spiritual sign that someone will cause challenges in the coming months. To dream of carrying an epi-pen then denotes you are looking for a way out of a problem as if you “magically” want a solution. If you think about it, an epi-pen, which is a drug injector, can automatically inject epinephrine into your body, saving your life. 

What does it mean to dream of a honeybee?

As I have already mentioned there are around 27 types of bees. In your dream you could have seen any one of these, it is normally impossible to know which bees you have seen during your dream - as they all look similar. The Western Honeybee (Apis Mellifera) is perhaps the best-known bee and many people have contacted me with dreams of the honeybee and often confuse the honeybee with bees. So if you believe that the honeybee is the bee you had seen in your dream then this is a positive omen. Most people don't know much about how socially-connected the honeybee is, and this is the key branch of meaning connected with your dream.

This bee is one of the few semi-domesticated insects, the history of the honeybee can be applied to this dream meaning. If you think about the honeybee we can incorporate the elements that may be present in this dream: honey, beeswax, crop pollination and rejuvenation. Turning to older historic meanings of the honeybee we should turn to old rock paintings, dating back to around 8000 BC in Spain, which show a honey bee on a cliff. In addition, a chemical analysis of prehistoric pottery shows that beeswax was used across Europe at least 6600 BC. Turning back to Babylonian and Egyptian times honeybees were important. One of the Pharaoh's titles was "King of Bees", and beekeeping is documented in temples and tombs dating back to 2300 BC. The earliest known honey sample dates back to 1000 BC and was actually found in an Egyptian tomb. It was supposedly still edible thousands of years later, having been kept in darkness in the tomb. So why is this important? It can indicate that this is an ancient symbol of bringing sweetness to life. 

What does it mean to dream of a swarm of bees?

In waking life, a large number of bees can lead to poisoning, which can result in death for non-hypersensitive people. This would require between 500 and 1500 stings to cause the poisoning. Bee venom (in small quantities) is safe for humans. Apitherapists say that bee venom can treat the following chronic injuries: Bursitis, tendinitis, and tendinitis. Others have used the venom for bee stings to help with hypertension, asthma, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and scar tissue removal, eczema, and other skin conditions. Although there isn't any scientific evidence that bee venom can treat these conditions, there are still some benefits to using it. There is another important spiritual message in this dream and that is - mindfulness which has a theoretical influence on your bee dream. This is because mindfulness mimics emotions if you dream of being attacked by the bees.

How do I know if I dream of a honeybee?

They are colored in yellow, orange, and black. We can easily see their wings since they are darkish. The tip of their abdomen is rounded. Honeybees are more slender in body appearance and have fewer body hairs and wings that are more translucent. So use this guide if you can to identify the correct bee in your dream.

What does it mean to kill bees in your dream?

To see bees killed in your dream is symbolic of distress and coming problems. First, to answer the dream meaning of a bee we need to review bees and the honeybee. So what is the difference between bees and a honeybee? Bees are slightly larger and have more hairs on their bodies.

What does it mean to dream of bees flying?

We all know that a bumble flies, and often in dreams this is what occurs, that the bee is flying around in our inner consciousness. The bees due to the nature and patterns of work normally represent, working with others, industriousness, hard work, and patience. The bees is also known for collecting and storing honey for the winter, which represents self-sufficiency and the ability to save money. Translating these two elements clearly seeing a bumble flying in a dream is about moving away from difficulties, and becoming more hard-working and for this to result in being self-sufficient.

What does it mean to be a bees in a dream?

Bees, being content with little, harmonious, and balanced, exemplify these are important elements for you if you are actually the bee in the dream. We can find in our dream that we can be anything: tiny, crawling, or scuttling insects, which can be nuisances around the garden. If, though you dream of being the bees then things are different. Bees are a favourite insect and actually have a creative purpose in life. They are also attractive. They have large, furry bodies and low-droning sounds and are unaggressive. The decline of bees is a major environmental problem. So what does this translate to you?

Dreams of being the bee can show that you may feel you want to hide away from feeling tense, if you are struggling and there are some tough times it can mean that you want to work hard but find it difficult. The spiritual message here is to keep working hard, and wealth will come to you. Remember, if you don’t set goals it is hard to achieve anything. Today, think about your goals, what you want is the bees can suggest that you are in control of your own destiny.

What does it mean to dream of a beekeeper?

The beekeeper has been a part of our world since Egyptian times. Thousands of years ago, many cultures believed that the bee had a powerful influence on our health and it was considered lucky to be a beekeeper – the keeper and producer of honey. If you are the beekeeper in the dream this is associated with protection, if we even look at the outfit a beekeeper wears. If you see yourself in the clothes of a beekeeper, it can mean you wish to protect yourself from others. To see a beekeeper is a message to keep things to yourself or someone may sting you.

What does it mean to see bees flying or collecting honey in dreams?

Flowers are the source of nectar for bees. You may have seen these in your dream bees buzzing around the flowers or the sky in the dream - and it is such a beautiful sight. When we see a bee in real life flying around flowers - they are hovering with their wings at a near-vertical angle. Because of their wings and their body shape, they can collect the nectar from the flowers with very little effort. When humans decide to collect a lot of nectar, they know they can gain a lot of honey without actually doing a hard job. Think about this for a moment.

This dream of seeing bees in their natural habitat is about collecting what you need in life. Similarly, when we decide to dream bigger and bigger, we are actually collecting a lot of honey without having to exert any effort at all. The honey in this case is what goals you have in life. We all need to think of our goals and how we can use these to become better people. Also, I believe dreams can be a place to connect with the spirits of those who have passed on. No matter how close we were in our lives, dreaming about those who have died is always powerful. Do we feel nostalgic or longing for them? Or are they trying to tell us something? Are they trying to tell us something? Is it just a way for them to say they are there? Are they trying to comfort us? Warn us? Connecting is the next step in understanding our dreams.

What does dreaming of a yellow and black bee mean?

When we think of bees we often see yellow and black and traditionally this is the color of creation, happiness against darker times in a spiritual sense. Bees are distinctively patterned yellow and black and brightly coloured, making them stand out from the rest. They are equipped with venomous stings and use the yellow and black warning colours rather than camouflage to avoid danger. What does this mean in your dream? It means you trust your natural enemies to know that people can sometimes be dangerous. It is in essence a time when you need to believe and have courage against the opposition. You have to chase what you want, just like the bee chases pollen. Sometimes, it takes courage to pursue what you want. Fear of failure can be a result of doing so. This is a problem you may struggle with. If so, you should work harder in life.

What does dreaming of a black bee mean?

A black bee is normally alone in real life. They are often found in firewood, or deep wholes, dreaming of a black bee is quite rare. Black bees are often carpenter bees. A carpenter bee can sometimes be black and seeing these bees are common in Arizona. A completely black bee seen in dreams can be connected to building something in life that is important and moving away from the difficulties in life.

Black bees are connected to our own hidden and dark thoughts from a symbolic perspective. Black is the color associated with half the bee color (the other half being yellow) so seeing a solid black bee is quite uncommon in dreams. Black is connected to the underworld and associated to the planetary energies in life. The underworld and shadow side of the things are associated with darker shades of the bee, and if this bee attacked then the dream can indicate that you need to deal with dark thoughts. If we investigate the bee can suggest that you need to not play hide and seek.

What does dreaming of a white bee mean?

At times bumblebees are not the traditional yellow and black and you may find that they appear white during the dream. In fact, there is a bumblebee called the “white-tailed bee” Your dream may not obviously map out that a bee exists but some people have e-mailed me about a white bumblebee. What does it mean? When we associate bees with work and the color white this is connected to a spiritual time.

What does dreaming of bees and wasps mean?

At times our dreams can show a variety of insects as well as the bee. Wasps are naturally the closest to a bumblebee. Wasps normally have yellow and black colours and can mean that you need to think about how you can be stung by others. The wasps are connected to being connected to a crisis or other issue. To see a swam of bees and wasps or just the two together in dreams can suggest it is a good opportunity to focus on your goals and work harder.

What does it mean to dream of bees in your hair?

I remember not long ago, I received an e-mail about a lady who dreamed of bees in her hair. This is an interesting dream. Hair in dreams is about growth and bees are about work, therefore a great opportunity to review working plans. You can probably make some career changes now. It is clearly, a time to go over your ideas. No matter what your plans are for long-term goals, this is the best time to create momentum. If your hair is long in your dream this is about growth. What if your plans aren't yet in place? It's okay. It's a great time to make new plans.

What does it mean to dream of bees in your ear or face?

Bees in your ear or face can suggest that you will never forget. Ears in dreams present what we cannot hear. The biblical meaning of ears is about prophets warning to listen better in life, therefore the bees in dreams can indicate that you are fascinating and that you have a real buzz in your ears. This dream echoes that you need to accept what people are telling you are that this will help make life uncomplicated. In your dream, if you are feeling fearful of the bee or shocked this can suggest that you need to release something in life.

What does it mean to dream of large bees?

Large bees can be associated with one's will in life. And, we must realise that the will is temporarily suspended in sleep. Basically, the dream mind is more susceptible to excitability than its waking counterpart. The hidden spiritual message is that you can only understand yourself if you act according to your true will.  It is essential that you accept the existence of your own will within yourself. Your true will is where you meet your destiny and your free will. When images of bees are projected large onto the dream vision, they are often distorted into horrendous malformations that fill it up with fear and excitement, if you feared the bee then this dream can indicate that times may change depending on your will. Your free will.

Summary of your bees dream

Sleep is often viewed as a state of complete disconnect from the outside world. We have proven that our senses still function while we sleep and that they provide the outline or at least the point of departure for almost all of our dreams. According to older dream dictionaries to dream of bees is to put an end to all our higher mental faculties, and allow us to create something from the work we do in life.

This is also referred to as creating energy for our higher centres. There is much culture and folklore around bees which in this dream meaning is probably not worth covering, as at the end of the day you just need the meaning. Remember, that we as human beings can dream without being unable to think, but we can't help but become indifferent to logic. Dreams can be filled with symbols such as bees that allow us to reason with accuracy and even subtlety in life.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a bee on a flower.
  • Bees were dying.
  • Seen a stinging bee.
  • Had a bee sting you.
  • Encountered bees that were making honey.
  • Seen the queen bee.
  • Seen only the beehive.
  • Been surrounded by angry bees.
  • Seen bees in a beehive.
  • Seen only a dead bee.
  • Encountered a swarm of bees.
  • Seen bees pollinating.
  • Seen bees flying around the beehive.
  • Seen bees flying randomly.
  • Had bees flying around you.
  • Seen working bees.
  • Seen honey or a honey bottle with bees on it.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dreamed of the queen bee.
  • The bees were working.
  • The bees went about with their business despite your disturbance.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bees

Bewildered. Scared. Terrified. Worried. In control. Upset. Anxious. Confused. Charmed.

By Flo Saul
Oct 4, 2012