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Dreams Meanings Bees


Bees possess wonderful working traits along with a great need to protect the hive. Historical Egyptians associated the bee with knowledge, regeneration, and working to rule.

Bees are also a symbol of royal families, the Merovingian monarchs have been laid to rest with golden bees put into their coffin's. The freemasons use the bee and the beehive among it's designs. This is associated with freemasonry being the queen bee and the workers creating a hive through hard work. Napoleon associated the bee with regeneration.


There is no question that bees have a firm place in the spiritual world. In reality, it isn't just the bee which may turn up within dreams but you could see a beehive, honey, or the actual honey comb. The bee from a spiritual perspective represents rebirth and order within your life. To witness a swarm of bees represents the importance of power over relationships of the heart. This dream symbolizes your work situation and the balance between your job and your relationships of the heart. The additional symbols within this dream often indicate that you have been trying to balance these two key areas of your life. If the queen is featured in your dream, this demonstrates the need to feel freedom, such as freedom of choice and freedom of expression.

In your dream you may have...

  • Seen a bee on a flower.
  • Bees were dying.
  • Seen a stinging bee.
  • Had a bee sting you.
  • Encountered bees that were making honey.
  • Seen the queen bee.
  • Seen only the beehive.
  • Been surrounded by angry bees.
  • Seen bees in a beehive.
  • Seen only a dead bee.
  • Encountered a swarm of bees.
  • Seen bees pollinating.
  • Seen bees flying around the beehive.
  • Seen bees flying randomly.
  • Had bees flying around you.
  • Seen working bees.
  • Seen honey or a honey bottle with bees on it.
  • Seen a honey comb.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You dreamed of the queen bee.
  • The bees were working.
  • The bees went about with their business despite your disturbance.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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In essence, bees show that life takes on new positive approaches based upon how we respond to emotion. To dream of a flying bee shows that you can successfully express yourself in difficult situations. However, it can also mean that people perceive you in a negative manner. Growing and developing interpersonal skills within your life will help you. If you find yourself stung by a bee, this is possibly a warning that others may hurt your feelings. If you are attacked by a swarm of bees, this can indicate there is a situation which is out of your control. To be attacked by more than one bee is a dream associated with being suspicious. A swarm of bees (that are not attacking you) denote a pleasant and great time with friends and social engagements. If a bee stings you in your dream, the omen is good especially in business matters. If the emergence of the bees is from a cocoon or from hatching, then this dream is associated with trying to improve yourself.

To see working bees in your dreams indicates continued success and a happy state. Fatalities are intimated if you see them in profusion. To see bees simulating death or dying, foretells unhappiness caused by illness. To kill a bee means an alarming, but not fatal illness or accident. Dreaming of honey indicates that you need to sort yourself out and make sure you are heard by others. If you can see honey in your dream, then this shows sweetness, happiness, and joy.

If a healthy person dreams that he or she is harvesting honey, it is a symbol of financial gain. The dream featuring a quiet bee in the sense that you are not stung by the bee indicates that you will be lucky in business and you will get wealthy. A girl or woman dreaming of bees will have luck in love, as the dream foretells a man bringing a lot of joy and doing you much good. Dreaming of bees could have negative meanings if the bees sting you, as this indicates conflict with people around you.

If you dream of bees in general this indicates prosperity obtained by hard work, success, gain, profit, and wealth, but bees in your dream can also foretell unhappiness and lost hopes in regard to a person you love. If you see a bee sitting on a flower, this means pleasure in love, or love coming your way very soon. A stinging bee is a sign of failure and quarrel, and if the bee stings you, you might discover an enemy. Bees making honey in your dream foretell success and luck. A honeycomb predicts that you will find out things you want to know. Angry bees mean failure and conflict at work.


Dreaming of a beehive with lots of bees is a sign of abundance in your house, a united family, and a fruitful and fertile year ahead. A beehive is a sign of a substantial income growth. Seeing bees surrounding a beehive is a sign of happiness in love, and luck in business. To dream of a beehive means you will overcome current troubles. If you dream that you are working in the hive, and the bees come out of it, then there are some problems you are struggling to solve. Dreams featuring a beehive in full activity predict good business, wealth, and a good gain.

A swarm of bees means happiness, but if the bees are hiving around the beehive, it suggests prudence. Swarming bees mean richness, gain and luck in many of the things you do. Seeing flying bees could mean troubles, but if the bees are flying around you, this foretells happiness, luck in love, and overcoming your difficulties. Listed below include an overview of these symbols:


Honey is an organic sweetener, this is the product of the bees' work. Honey originates from plant pollen that bees gather and take to the hive. Dreaming of honey could be considered a symbol of involving change for better, or associated with alchemy--taking something--a relationship, a project, work objective, or maybe even a goal and changing the situation into something better. Honey may also signify an incentive with regard to your work. You may be rewarded for your efforts.

Bee Sting...


If you get stung during your dream it could possibly symbolize your stinging emotions or perhaps your current subconscious mind. You could possibly think that a partnership at work is not going well. The bee in a destructive mode, such as stinging you or others in often connected to a work situation, which has left a person feeling 'stung'. To dream of bees biting you signifies action. Although a bee stinging you might be unpleasant for you, the bee will eventually dies due to the sting. In this capacity, the bee might stand for sacrificing oneself regarding a an item you treasure.


As outlined already, the bee often represents hard work. Having dreams about bees working in the beehive signify productivity and problem's at work that need time and patience in order solve. Bees work in full cooperation, working with each other so that their own hive continues to be undamaged and also successful. Bees might point to working in a team in order to be successful.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bees and beehives...

Bewildered. Scared. Terrified. Worried. In control. Upset. Anxious. Confused. Charmed.


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