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Right eye twitching shows the evil eye picture

Right Eye Twitching.

Last week for about four days straight my right eye kept on twitching. It was driving me mad. It was not constant, just every so often I would feel the flicker. As a medium, I decided to turn to my spiritual books for an explanation. I was so shocked to read in the book, (The Frank C Brown Collection of NC Folklore Vol. VII) that a twitching eye spiritually means death!

Well… a week later I am still here! I don’t think having a twitchy eye will mean you will drop dead in the next half an hour.I thought it was because I played too many video games but when I researched my spiritual books I realized that the meaning took on a whole new spiritual front! If you have suffered from a terrible week-long eye twitch then read on.

What causes right eye twitching?

When we have something slightly worrying we run straight into the arms of Google. Most of the time there is a reasonable explanation as to why our eye keeps on twitching. And, the first immediate reaction is that our eyes are tired and that you need more sleep. I do feel that there is some truth in this. Because, when one does get a good night's sleep, or even an afternoon nap the twitch normally goes. But, there have been (very rarely) occasions that I have read, where it does not go.

Here are the superstitions:

  • If the right eye twitches someone is walking on the place where you are about to be buried.(The Frank C Brown Collection of NC Folklore Vol. VII)
  • To feel the left-hand eye jumping indicates that your brother or sister will suffer an illness. (London Press vol 3)
  • When the lower part of the right eye twitches indicates that happiness will be yours. (London Press vol 3)
  • To feel your left eye twitching means people will be jealous.(Beware the Evil Eye Volume 4: The Evil Eye in the Bible)

Martin of London, Oxford University Press, 1930 stated the following on this topic:

  • If the left eye twitches then this can indicate great news.
  • If the left eye twitches this might mean negative news.
  • If the right eye waters it can mean gossip.
  • If the left eye waters then people are talking great things about you.
  • The lower bottom right eye jumping can indicate that you will see an old friend.
  • The top lid of the eye jumping indicates that you may be in trouble at work.

In addition, American Indians thought that if the eye twitches involuntarily, the person will weep, and, if the right eyelid twitches you will soon strike a deal with what someone or you may become angry. If you are superstitions and do not baselife on specific facts, then I feel it might be a sign that you need to protect yourself.

I must say, there seems a lot of contradictions between the meanings of a twitchy right eye from my bullet points above. But what does it really mean? Personally, I feel that having the right itchy eye indicates that you need to protect yourself against envy. The reason I say this is because In the seventeenth century there was a sinister superstition about the fact that we hold an “evil eye” and everyone has the power to send "negative vibes" from a glare.

This superstition is still retained today and more prominent in certain parts of the world - such as Greece. What is fascinating is that in a book I read a few weeks ago (the evil eye: The Classic Account of an ancient superstition) there was a paragraph where it stated that the twitching of one's eye could be the result of someone being jealous of you! There is a distant belief in society that there is a power of evil working and if someone looks at you in a certain way they can cause illness, loss and destroy one from a powerful glance. In Greek, this is known as “fascination.” On a more modern front, I do sort of agree. We can all send negative energy in some way or another. I will urge you to try to do some protection shielding if you are finding that you have experienced excessive right eye twitching.

Where does the right eye twitching superstition come from?

The likely origin of the superstition is from Sumer 3000 BCE and the early“evil eye” references come from Egypt. The superstition made its way to Europe and the evil eye geographically spread. The biblical meaning of the evil eye is seen in both the old and new testaments (Matt 6:22-23 and Luke 11:33-36). The elaboration of the superstition of the eye twitching reflects the belief in other supernatural forces at work such as illness and death.

The belief in the power of superstitions around the "eye in general" dates back to early civilizations. There is so much reference to this through Egyptian, Greek, and Roman philosophers and aristophanes in my books. The main superstitions around the eyes is that they carry a jealous spirit on our glare that can curse one another. Biblically, superstitions around eyes exist in many proverbs. Such as 23:6 states “Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meat.” Interestingly, the older superstitions around the eye “in general” denote that the left eye is the eye of the beholder of good fortune and the right eye is the glare that can cause envy.

Thus, the right-hand eye is associated with attracting the evil eye in many different countries. I also wanted to mention that young children are supposed to be “more” at risk than adults. The only way to protect against the evil eye is to touch the child in order to remove the curse. Just tap on the head will do. In Bangladesh, they normally place a black kohl mark behind their child’s ear to protect them from the ill effect of the glare. In the eastern tradition and some Mediterranean countries, many people carry the glass blue eyes (see my picture above) in order to repel the eye's power. In Jewish culture they tie a red string around the children's wrists and in Italy seeing a twitchy eye can mean that one might experience impotence (Old fashioned suppositions by Chloe Rhodes). So there you go!

In summary, I hope you have enjoyed reading about these cool superstitions. And, you are not too annoyed about your right eye twitching! It is said that eye twitching is normally caused by the muscle spasms within the eyelid. I have said above it could be that these spasms are medically bought on my stress or straining of the eyes. There are various bodily sensations, such as twitching or jumping eye that can last days or weeks. When I read the article in Mayo Clinic the crazy eye twitching can mean that you need to get some sleep or stop over-consumption of caffeine, I do think there is some truth in this. But, if you are still feeling that the eye is twitching then I do feel it means something more spiritual. I will say again, try to get a good night's sleep but make sure you do your protection meditations.

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