40 Good Luck Charms And Symbols

How to get good luck? My Good Luck Charms That Increases Your Luck

The Top 40 Good Luck Charms

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Good Luck Charms.

Hello. I have such incredible luck and I want to share with you why. When it comes to luck then there is a whole range of beliefs that can bring great luck to you. When I was a little girl I always use to see people carrying those lucky rabbit's foot. I always wondered why people carried around medallions, amulets and even coins.

Can these good luck charms really work? In order to answer this we must first look at what is Good Luck and how can you attract this into your life? This is the question I will answer. When I was going through my final university exams twenty years ago I was totally obsessed with increasing my luck.  I have, therefore, written below my top ways in which you can (hopefully) increase your luck through symbols and charms. Some of these ideas might yield great fortune, some might not. It is worth giving them a try. The other key ingredient with increasing your luck is to make sure you have a positive attitude of course. 

When we talk about good luck we also talk about being successful. There are so many ways that you can create luck in your life. There is real power in good luck charms there is a secret occult symbolism that we can adhere to each good luck charm in my list. That's why I decided to educate myself on charms and spend a bit of time understanding charms. For those interested in charms and their meaning then get the popcorn and sit down to read my lovely guide. Without further ado, let's jump into it!

Really... do these charms work?

So far, I discovered that some people swear by lucky charms while others think they're an absolute joke. However, regardless of whether you believe in their power or not, they can affect your mood. No person on earth would not feel special and happy by finding a clover with four leaves! I can remember when I was a little girl stumbling on a four leaf clover thinking wow look what I have found. Another good luck charm is to find a ladybug. Ladybugs also represent love, happiness, marriage, and joy.

Let's review some of the most popular good luck charms and learn more about their meaning.

Coins Lucky Charm

What are Good Luck Charms?

Over the years, many different theorists have tried to explain what good luck really is. Some people think that our fate as being determined by God or the universe. Ever heard of these sayings:

  • See a penny pick it up all day long you will have good luck.
  • Third time lucky.
  • Luck is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Are you pushing your luck?
  • Good luck starts at home
  • Unlucky in love

A professor known as Lysann Damisch of the University of Cologne did research into “superstitions” of athletes. He looked at not only luck but also confidence. He looked at if lucky charms helped Michael Jordon perform better. The result was that good luck charms create us feeling more confident. Also, what’s the history behind good luck? According to my research, some good luck charms originate from religion, legends, myths, superstitions, and folklore. Historically, most good luck symbols were put in place to protect people from the evil eye. If you have never heard of the evil eye, it’s considered that “people” can look in a certain way at another person and this causes harm.

What is the difference between a Good Luck Charm and an Amulet?

A charm is an object that has a “magical” power that is supposed to influence the universe into giving us luck. Some good luck charms are eaten or worn. An amulet, on the other hand, is often called a good luck charm but they are normally worn to protect against bad luck. No matter if it is decorating your bedroom with elephant wallpaper or carrying acorns to attract well-being, there are many symbols for attracting luck and of course, different ways to use them. 

Other good luck symbols, on the other hand, were used to boost one's fertility or lure the good fortune. Let’s review the most popular good luck charms.

1) Good Luck Omen - Don't put your bag or wallet on the floor

This is really my top tip of all time! According to old folklore to place, your bag and wallet on the floor is "disrespecting your money" I did not know this until a friend told me when I was 40 years old. As I always (use to!) put my bag on the floor! This superstition originated from Feng Shui and if you have a purse on the floor then it is suppose to imply your money will go out the door! 

2) A Horseshoe Is my 2nd Good Luck Charm - I have many!

Buying a horseshoe and placing this above your door is supposed to attract luck. Horseshoes are one of the most popular good luck charms across the world. Horseshoes have been hung above the door many countries to protect against evil. However, it’s also very popular in the USA. People view this symbol as a good luck charm. It’s believed that if you hand this symbol on your door, it will attract luck into your house or workplace and provide protection against evil and negativity. However, some people disagree about hanging it for attracting luck. It’s said that it needs to be face up in order to attract good luck, while others claim that it should face down to lure good luck. But where does it all come from? Horseshoes were first mentioned in a story about a blacksmith monk in 1871 when a book was written by Edward G Flight entitled “The True Legend of St Dunstan and the Devil. Legend stated that Dunstan asked a man to make some horseshoes but noticed that the man’s shoes were cloven-hoofed (like a horse) in fact it was the devil so it out the nails in the soft center to cause agony for the devil. The horseshoe is supposed to “protect” and bring good luck.  This symbol is popular in different cultures and religions including Egyptian and Islam.

3) A Rabbit’s foot Is A Good Luck Charm

A worldwide popular symbol that you may have heard of is the Rabbit’s foot. To buy one and carry it on your person is super lucky. It stands for luck, health, and well-being. Countries such as China, Spain, and England acknowledge and accept this item as their lucky charm. It originates from the Celtics. Allegedly, they believed that rabbits have the ability to talk to God since they reside so deep underground. In North America, on the other hand, a rabbit must be killed on a new moon in a graveyard in order to attract good luck. I have no idea how killing rabbits lures luck, but there you go.

4) Acorns Are Good Luck Charms

Keep an acorn in your wallet or handbag and I have done this for years. The Egyptians considered acorns lucky and often buried the dead with one in their hand. Acorns have long been connected to witches and magic. Allegedly, witches would pass them to each other when entering the woods for recognition of their witchy status. This was the perfect way that witches would reveal themselves as being a witch - and feel more comfortable in each other’s presence. 

In Welsh folklore, the acorn symbol is connected to protecting one’s health. It’s believed that if you carry an acorn, you’ll be protected from viruses, diseases, and other physical or emotional pains. Also, if you’re particularly sick, it’s believed that acorns have the “power” to boost one's healing process and help you overcome the sickness.

5) Black Cats Are Good Luck Charms

If you see a black cat then pet it! Cats are considered good luck. And, having cats around you is super lucky. Pets cats can be comforting and also bring good fortune. An old saying from welsh folklore is “that a black cat crossing your path is good luck.” Black is connected to rebirth and control. 

fish good lucj

6) The Carp Fish Is a Good Luck Charm

Go and cook yourself some Carp it is super lucky! Carp is a lovely fish to eat, but in old folklore it’s scales are a luck symbol that will attract luck in your life. Normally eaten at Christmas carp is associated with good luck. This belief is very common in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Also, it’s believed that in order to attract good luck in your family, you need to keep the carp in your bathtub until the time comes when you have to prepare it as a meal for your family. I honestly don’t know how killing something innocent can help you attract good luck but it’s what people actually believe that works. I forgot to mention that after you eat it, you need to hide a few scales in your wallet to attract money. Folks, if you’re a lazy ass, just let the fish do the job for you.

7) Cornicello Is a Good Luck Charm

To try to gain more luck think about wearing a lucky charm. The Cornicello is an Italian horn that has been used since the Egyptian times to keep one protected from the evil eye. It was believed that pregnant women and nursing mothers need to wear the “horn” it in order to attract good luck or stay protected from evil spirits and negative influence. Also, it’s believed that the horn attracts love and happiness in marriage. I personally don’t believe in this because you cannot force someone to love you in my view. However, I understand people who desperately look for ways that will keep their marriage going instead of putting an end to it and finding someone new and worthy and the horn is normally worn to keep a marriage on even keel.

8) Dala horse Is a Good Luck Charm

Purchase a dala horse so you can place this near the entrance of your house. Dalecarlin often referred to as Dala horse was carved centuries ago as a Swedish pastime. Back in time, this animal was considered sacred. Swedish people would carve horses and decorate their homes with horse figurines. Today, the charm of this animal is still considered as a stroke of good luck if you wear this as a necklace. It’s a common belief that horses symbolize dignity, pride, strength, and attract good luck all around the world.

9) A General Horse Shoe Is a Famous Good Luck Charm

A horseshoe charm is one of the most popular symbols of luck with different legends associated to give it mystical power. It's believed that horseshoes attract and symbolize luck because they were initially created of iron which would give them the power to fight against fairies. Allegedly, bad fairies couldn't stand the iron on the horseshoe - so they stayed away from homes that were protected with it. Different legends circle around this lucky charm.  The horse-shoe is connected with a historical character, Saint Dunstan. Allegedly, he was a blacksmith who died in 988 AD. Legend has it that he was commanded by Satan to shoe his horse. However, instead of preparing his horse, Dunstan nailed a horseshoe to Satan's foot. He then refused to remove the horseshoe and ease Satan's pain until he got a promise.

Satan had to promise him that he would stay away from all the homes with a horseshoe on the door. It's also believed horseshoe attracts luck, happiness, and compromise. Creepy right! But that is the story!

10) A Dream Catcher Is A Good Luck Charm 

This is my favourite lucky charm. I love dreamcatchers. A few months ago, my friend bought me a dream catcher for my birthday, which is hung up above my bed. That’s when I first started pondering over the meaning of this symbol. Dream catchers can come in different colors and are a nice decoration. However, it is really a good luck charm? Why is it called “dream catcher”. According to my research, dream catchers come from Native Americans who believed that they can help you with nightmares and sleeping issues. 

They look so beautiful and mysterious. According to my research, they come from Native American myths. It looks like a net stretched over a loop and embellished with feathers and bright beads, it's said to trap nightmares and negative dreams as they enter your home. Hanging up a dream catch means that you will be happier, luckier, and more balanced. Also, it makes a nice decoration in your bedroom. Many people hang inside their offices window to chase away bad luck and evil spirits. A dreamcatcher makes a great gift for your best friend, partner or relative as well.

Today, we use pills to deal with insomnia. However, back in ancient times, Native Americans believed that having a dream catcher by your side while you sleep can help you trap your nightmares and boost pleasant dreams - while chasing away the bad ones. According to the legend, at sunrise, the nightmares caught in the dream catcher will dissolve because they cannot withstand daylight. This practice is associated with the Spider Woman, a children's caretaker from Ojibwa legend also known as the Asibikaashi.

11) The Elephant Is A Good Luck Symbol

Do you wonder why elephants are sometimes placed in a row in shops, hair salons, and other new-open businesses? Well, It’s believed that this animal attracts luck in Asia and Thailand and basically, all over the world. It’s believed that elephants symbolize wisdom, stability, longevity, power, strength, understanding and finally great success.

Many people believe that hanging an “elephant symbol” on your front door will attract good luck into your home, workplace or shop. It’s often believed that the elephant’s trunk specifically attracts attract good luck. If it’s down, it’s believed that it lures bad luck and misfortune. However, it’s also said that if the trunk faces the ground, it will attract good luck not just for the owner but other people including their friends and family as well.

Four Leaf Clover

12) Four-leaf clover is A Good Luck Charm

As a child, I was told that discovering a four-leaf clover in the grass will bring me good luck, fortune, and love. However, the chance of finding it is 1 in 10,000 which is why people consider it lucky. It’s believed that each side stands for different things including love, luck, hope, and faith. If you find a four-leaf clover, you will probably have a lucky time in life. So go out to a field and try to find a four-leaf clover.

I have written at length about clovers. These are an old Irish symbolism of luck. The Celts believed that a clover with four leaves could help people see fairies and save themselves from their bad influence. Also, they believed that a clover with 4 leaves attracts luck. The fairies, on the other hand, represented bad luck. The 4 leaves were believed to have mystical powers.

If you put a four-leaf clover (you have found) in a book to press gives even more luck.  This will provide luck, love, hope, and faith. According to another myth, a clover with four leaves is a symbol of faithful love, health, and fame. The reason why people believe that a clover with four leaves is special is that it's rare. Did you know that only one in 10,000 plants carry the four lucky leaves.

I forgot to mention that there’s a legend associated with this symbol. Allegedly, the famous Eve found a four-leaf clover and took it with her on Earth after being chased away from the Garden of Eden in order to have something to remind her of Heaven. However, there was nothing in the bible about this. The number four is associated with masculinity and people associate it with the four sides of Jesus’s cross. I have written a separate article on the four leaf clover which you can find here.

13) Did you know Number Seven is a Good Luck Charm

I love the number 7. It is my favorite number. I'm pretty sure that growing up, older people said to you that seven is a lucky number if not the luckiest. However, did they tell you why this number is considered lucky? This number has been associated with perfection, luck, gaining knowledge and, wisdom in many cultures during history. Some say it's because of the special mathematical properties.

For instance, Ancient Greeks believed that number 7 is the perfect number because it's a result of 4 and 3. The number 4 represents a square while the number 3 symbolizes a triangle. They're ideal forms. It's also believed that seven is a lucky number because there are 7 days of the week. Also, there are 7 colours in the rainbow and 7 planets we can see with a bare eye. I always think number seven is super spiritual and can mean that you need to pick this as a lucky number.

Some people collect seven ladybug charms or seven crystals to invite luck into their home. Seven is also a winning roll in different games of luck. What's your opinion on this number?

14) Number eight is a good luck charm

If you were born in China, you probably know that people respect the number 8. It's because the name of this number sounds very similar to their word for prosperity. It's also associated with the balance due to the curves. Harmony and balance are important ingredients for a happy life. If you don't like number 7, maybe number 8 would fit you better. To improve your good luck further, you can also collect eight ladybugs or crystals to attract prosperity, balance, and harmony. This number also symbolizes infinity because its shape is very similar to the symbol of infinity.

15) Rabbit foot is a good luck charm

Ok, I mentioned that many people took rabbit feet with them when they went out and about when I was younger. Whether faux or real, rabbit foot keychains, are popular lucky charms. What's interesting about them is the fact that they come from hoodoo magic. The initial legend says that the left hind foot of a rabbit that's captured at night in a cemetery can chase away evil spirits and attract good luck and happiness.

However, don't even think about going to the cemetery at night chasing for rabbits to cut off their feet. Instead, buy a fake rabbit's foot and hang it on your keys – for extra good luck.

16) Animal lucky charms

The rabbit isn't the only animal that's considered as lucky. Other animals are said to attract prosperity and luck. For instance, goldfish is a symbol of luck in Feng Shui. Horses and dragons are also considered lucky. In Germany, people see pigs as a symbol of luck. They're often gifted as tokens to wish family and friends a lucky and happy New Year.

Tortoises and turtles are also associated with luck and longevity because of their long lifespans. Ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle is a lucky creature that attracts happiness. In Korea, because of the cool story of Heungbu and Nolbu, in this story a snake swallowed a bird (the swallow bird) therefore, is believed to be a symbol of fortune and good luck. The swallow is a symbol of prosperity, according to the story.

With such a broad range of options, it's easy to find a favourite furry friend to serve as your lucky charm. What's your favourite animal? Share your lucky charm in the comments below.

17) Seeing a Rainbow is Considered a Good Luck Omen

I love seeing rainbows! And, in terms of lucky omens seeing a rainbow is also considered lucky because of the legend that says that if someone digs at the end of a rainbow, they will find gold. A rainbow is an ideal lucky symbol for sweepstakes fans. They have a great background story but they're also cherry and beautiful.  If you need something to keep you inspired and motivated to enter sweepstakes, what could be better than a colourful and bright rainbow?

18) The Gris-gris Is Good Luck

Although this symbol originates from Ghana it’s spread to all parts of the world - including North America. In the 50s it was introduced in Louisiana as a symbol that attracts good luck and keeps evil away. In North America, Gris Gris is used for different things including attracting money, love, maintaining good well-being, and they can be worn to put an end to gossip. At first, they were presented as images or dolls of gods but as time passed by, they evolved into tiny bags containing the 4 elements of life: water, incense, salt, and fire. The fire was replaced by a candle. Also, components must have strange numbers but they should not go beyond 13. In hoodoo they are called mojo bags. Normally, you can carry out a spell and hold the bag under your hand or on your person to attract great luck.

19) The Hamsa Hand Is A Good Luck Charm

Khamsa is also known as Hamsa Hand is popular in both Muslim and Jewish communities. It symbolizes luck and abundance. Amazon sell loads of them as charms and you can wear it with the hand facing down or up. It’s believed that this symbol can protect people from evil, negativity and attract happiness into the life of the owner. But the charm is dependent on community and culture, the hand symbolizes different things. For example, the name of the symbol stands for number 5 in Hebrew. It’s believed that it represents the 5 books of the Torah while in Islam culture, it stands for the 5 Pillars of Islam. The eye in the middle of the hand means that nothing can slip your sight because you see it all.

20) The Jin Chan Is a Good Luck Symbol

Jin Chan is a popular Feng Shui good luck symbol often referred to as “Golden Toad”. It’s super popular in China and considered a symbol of success and great luck. Apparently, frogs appear during a full moon and bring fortune and protect against evil. However, a three-legged frog in a pile of money with a coin in its mouth originated from Chinese legends. According to legends, God met a fog that he wanted to save. However, the frog turned into a woman who helped him develop into a God. God then used the frog's great power and consequently become a symbol of good luck and love.

21) Keys Are Good Luck Charms

It is believed to place a set of keys under the doormat to show that your doors always open and to attract communication. I would recommend fake keys (not your actual doorkey). Keys are a symbol of liberation and fortune all across the world. Keys are used in ceremonies and societies. For example, the Pope in the Catholic faith uses a “2 diagonally crossed keys”, one gold signifying the great power of Heaven and God and the other silver representing the spiritual authority of the Pope. 

Also, there is a Jewish legend that if you give a pregnant woman at birth a key will help her “unlock” her child and ensure a less painful and safe birth. Today, people associate keys with freedom and door openings. However, it is also popular to give a key to someone you’re romantically involved with. This symbolizes an open heart.

22) The Smiling Buddha Is a Good Luck Charm

In my garden I always have the budda in the back right hand corner. This is to attract wealth. The sculpture of Buddha laughing is popular all around the world. However, it’s most popular in Thailand and India. Apparently, this symbol stands for abundance and happiness because it’s never unhappy, and therefore, it attracts smiling and success. That is why most people bring this sculpture into their home or workplace. An interesting belief is that rubbing the Laughing Buddha’s belly is what attracts happiness in the first place. Some people believe that the actual statue of laughing Buddha has five kids surrounding him.

23) Maneki Neko Is A Good Luck Charm

I have this little golden cat in the corner (north-facting) side of my bedroom to attract wealth. Neko stands for “cat” in Japanese and Maneki represents “beckoning”. This statue is best-known for its waving paw. If the cat’s left paw is raised, it’s believed that the statue will attract good luck, customers and business success. However, if the other paw is raised, people believe that the cat statue will attract prosperity and money. It comes in different colors and symbolizes different things in different cultures.

24) Mano Figa Is Great For Conception

When I was trying for a baby I had this symbol on a necklace and wore this until I became pregnant. This symbol originated in Italy. However, it’s most popular in Peru and Brazil. It is believed that this lucky charm boosts fertility but other cultures have different meanings of this symbol and connect all different things with it. It’s usually used as an amulet against evil in Christianity. It’s believed that Mano Figa has the power to distract the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and other evil forces from taking over your being.

25) Milagros Are Good Luck

Any piece of jewlery that has crosses on is lucky. Milagros stands for “miracles” in Spanish. It represents tiny lucky charms portraying crosses, legs, arms, and crosses. Usually, these things are nailed to a cross or some other religious item. Some people carry milagros in their pocket to attract luck. 

26) Nazar The Evil Eye

I have this in my car in order to remove bad luck. Also known as the evil eye, Nazar represents a lucky charm, amulet or symbol for protection against evil people with bad intentions. This symbol originated in Turkey and the surrounding states. However, it has no religious importance, unlike other good luck charms. That is why it’s so popular in different countries around the world. I find it mystical and elegant. It is often sold as a blue jewel with an eye in the middle.

27) Nenette and Rintintin Dolls Are Good Luck Charms

I don't have one of these anymore but I did when I was growing up as it denoted good luck. They are little French dolls that originated in 1913 and are the colors of the french flag: blue, white and red. The symbol represents Parisian yarn dolls associated with different origin stories. Some of them began during the WW1. Rintintin was the female doll while the Nenette was the male doll. They were given to soldiers for attracting good luck or worn by women in Paris in order to attract protection during the war. It’s believed that breaking this doll (male or female) attracts bad luck. Also, you should never purchase this symbol but get it as a gift from someone. Otherwise, it will lose its protective power and will no longer lure the luck.

28) Pigs Are Good Luck Symbols

Yes, pigs are super lucky. I have a few pig pictures in my kitchen to gain a bit of luck. “Glücksschwein” stands for “lucky pig” in German. In this country, it’s believed that pigs attract luck and boost fertility. If you ever visit Germany, you will notice pigs on thank you cards and best wishes cards in the period around New Year. You can also notice pig candy and treats all around Northern Europe. It’s a common belief that pigs attract wealth too. You can notice this by the famous piggy bank we all know.

29) Pysanka Eggs Are Lucky

I ordered a pystanka in order to put this in my lucky corner. Since I have had this it has yielded luck. A Prysanka represents an Ukrainian Easter egg embellished with beautiful designs using a wax-resistant practice. It’s said that eggs decorated in this way symbolize wealth, love, fertility, and health. They’re most popular in Ukraine where people have been decorating them for years. However, over time, their décor has transformed in a better way and they are simply studding. Adding a cross and fish symbolizes Christianity. Did you know that the fish symbol can indicate a fruitful catch? This occurred when people started associating fish with Jesus Christ, the fisher of people.

Scarab beetle

30) Scarab Beetle Is a Good Luck Charm

I have not got this as a charm but I have heard that it brings great things if you have this symbol in your house. An interesting fact that amazed me is that the scarab beetle has been considered as a lucky charm since 2345 B.C. How cool is that? It stands for eternal life, new creation, and luck. However, people usually linked it to Khepri, the Egyptian God of the Rising Sun. It originated in Ancient Egypt and was associated with the sun’s spinning across the sky. A mind-blowing fact you didn’t know about these beetles is that they lay eggs inside the bodies of dead people. Egyptians thought that life starts with death because of this!

31) Tumi Good Luck Charm

This can be worn as a piece of jewelry or can be hang on the wall. A Tumi represents an ornate ax. It was often used in rituals such as religious sacrifices. However, today, it’s the national symbol of Peru. Historically speaking, priests used this symbol to cut off hearts of Llama as a sacrifice for the sun priest in order to help predict the future. The tumi was also used for trepanation, an ancient type of surgery. It involved taking out a piece of your skull. However, today, except for being the national symbol, most people hang it on their walls because they believe that it attracts wealth and luck.

32) Worry dolls Are Good Luck Charms

Buy or make yourself a worry doll to encourage luck while you sleep. If you can’t beat insomnia or just need some lucky ideas in your dreams, buy a worry doll. If you have never heard of this symbol before, it’s known for solving sleep issues. If you have trouble sleeping, legend has it that keeping dolls by your bed can help you sleep calm and eliminate nightmares. The worry doll concept originates from Guatemala and make a fab gift for people with anxiety.

In the past, worry dolls made a nice gift idea for children. They were told to believe that worry dolls can protect them from nightmares and prevent pleasant dreams. A popular way of using a worry doll with a child is holding the doll while sharing your thoughts and troubles. It was believed that a worry doll has the power of attracting worries and giving you peace of mind before going to sleep. However, some people believed that in order for this to work, you have to have a different worry doll for different worries.

Coins lucky

33) Coins Are Lucky Charms

I do feel leaving a coin on the floor for someone else to pick up is suppose to be lucky. I mentioned this rhyme in the opening paragraph “see a penny pick it up all day long you have good luck.” Strangely the rhyme originally features pins not pennies. This is because pins were thought to remove any spells that a witch might have cast. Pins were used in hexes against witches and it was believed a pin could reverse the effects of a spell. This superstition was popular in America and it was believed the “quarters” rather than pennies found on the floor is a token of luck from the universe.

Coins are considered lucky all around the world. If you leave a coin on the streets, you will end up feeling miserable and very unhappy according to legend. This is a popular superstition that many people find accurate and truthful. However, you need to pay attention to the coin before you pick it up. If it’s faced down, some people believe that it’s better to leave it on the streets. If it’s damaged or has holes in it, you will experience great happiness and luck. Once you find a lucky coin, it’s recommended that you hang it around your neck or put it in your pocket. Have you heard of the popular saying: "Find a penny, pick it up and all that day you will experience good luck"? Some even say that the coin has to be found face-up to attract luck. In my opinion, any free coin that you find on the streets is lucky. Since covid-19 remember to always wash the coin! Another interesting fact is that pennies aren't the only lucky money. Chinese I-Ching coins attract luck as well.

They're usually given as gifts on Chinese New Year. People also give them at weddings to help the couple attract good luck, compromise, and harmony into their new life together.

34) Triangles Are Good Luck Symbols

Plant some flowers in the shape of a triangle in the garden to attract luck. Triangles represent the most powerful form of structure. Ancient religions practitioners believe that a triangle is a mystical and strong structure. It’s believed that triangles symbolize the cycle of life including birth, development, and death.

Also, it’s believed that triangles represent the connection we have with gods since it has an ideal shape.  Ancient Egyptians believe that triangles attract good luck. That’s why they used this structure to create their pyramids. It’s believed that those who made the pyramids combined four triangles to indicate the unity of heavenly and earthly forces. 

35) Wheels Are Good Luck Charms

Buy a circle-shaped keyring in order to attract better luck. Wheels symbolize good luck and eternity in many cultures. Did you know that the Indian flag contains the Buddha’s Wheel of Life? Allegedly, Buddha drew a wheel with rice to teach people that everything is just a perfect unbreakable cycle of causes and effects moving one after the other like the moving of a wheel. There was a superstition in Scotland which stated that if you carry a wheel around with you on your keyring you will be lucky.

36) Use And Find A Lucky Number

Try to find a number that gives you luck. Audrey Hepburn who was the iconic screen legend was obsessed with the number 55. She always requested the number 55 as her room and considered this her lucky number. The way to do this is written number 1-100 on paper. With the pen, hover this over the paper, close your eyes and you will naturally pick a number. This is your lucky number!  Any method of divination from throwing coins or sticks which help you tap into the spiritual world.

37) Good Luck Charm of Lucky dice

Many games of luck are played with dice. It's no surprise that dice became a symbol of good fortune and luck, especially fuzzy dice that some people find in cars. They're the most popular and commonly used. During WW2, fighter pilots would fly missions with bad odds of returning home again so they started to bring their lucky charms to keep them safe and trick luck in their favour. They would hang gambling items such as playing cards and dice in the hopes of tipping the chances of a safe return to their favour. Knowing this tradition, Deccofelt Corp began advertising fuzzy dice to hang in the cars back in 1959, and that's how people learned about their magical power.

38) Food And Good Luck Charms

There are some people who believe that they have lucky goods and often eat them before an exam or a big event. The welsh had to eat certain herbs on their holidays to bring luck. In some parts of Mexico certain alcoholic drinks are drunk in order to encourage luck. Scared foods such as red wine are used as the body and blood of Christ in Holy Communion. This is symbolic.

I hope that some of these “tactics” will help you bring luck. Luck is all around us and for decades there have been specific ways in which we can increase our luck. Most of us believe that some people are luckier than others. I do feel that we have to control our own luck through (as I have said before) positive thinking but also divination and lucky charms. There has been much scientific research on how people can increase their luck.

39) Tortoise Shell Cat Is A Good Luck Charm

In many cultures, the tortoiseshell cat is considered to be a super lucky omen. The colors are often defined in both red and black and the cat can be a chocolate color. In folklore seeing a tortoiseshell cat is supposed to bring the bearer good luck. This dates back to the Victorian ages. There was an interesting study by the University of Medicine teaching that showed that 1200 tortoiseshell colored cat owners were happier owners and had great luck.


40) Salut when seeing a Magpie Removes the Bad Luck

My final entry into the top 40 good luck symbolism is connected to preventing bad luck. When I was a little girl my great-grandmother always told me to salute when I saw one magpie. It wasn't until my 20s that I realized that seeing one magpie would result in bad luck. Therefore, when you see only one magpie make sure you salute! This will cancel out any bad luck!

The conclusion to my top 40 Lucky Charms

In summary, these are my top 40 good luck charms I hope you enjoyed reading my article. In science, we have theories that are associated with lucky charms and scientific laws and theories that try to prove these lucky charms work and don’t. These top 40 lucky charms have been tested and I can say in most cases they have bought me good luck. People need to make up their own choices and if you are psychic these lucky charms will help you further.  

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