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Egg Divination is called Oomancy, it is a method derived from spiritual cleansing and used to detect the outcome of a situation. When egg divination is used to predict the effect of an evil eye on a person, a raw egg is first rolled over the body of the person from head to waist, on both arms from shoulder to finger tips, and on both legs from the lower waist to the toes. After this, either the egg is placed under the bed of the person for the night and then broken open into a bowl of water, or opened immediately and then the pattern is examined for readings. If the egg is used for spiritual cleaning and the patterns formed do not give a clear reading, then the process is repeated several times until correct readings are not obtained, thus completing the spiritual cleansing.

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Water is the symbol of life. In spiritual work water has the capacity to cleanse us to remove spiritual blocks and negative energy. Spiritual bathing has been a popular hoodoo ritual and is paramount in many rituals and spells. The division of the waters mentioned in Genesis 1:6 reveals a concept that ancient scholars tell us that bathing was considered cleansing of god. In ancient Babylonia water was known as EA-AK. In modern English, we call them fresh (or sweet) water and salt water. Sea water, for Christians and Moslem's alike, has been associated with removing all the evils of the earth, this is suppose to remove negative energy. On the other hand, fresh water gives us what we need to sustain life on earth. Baths taken to remove negative influences should contain both water and salt, if not sea water. Baths intended to assist or to sustain us on earth should be made with fresh water. Christian holy water is made of blessed or consecrated salt and water. This combination is used to keep adverse influences away from one’s life. One of the most efficacious baths is that wRead More +

What the daisy means...


Daisy symbolizes innocence, purity, gentleness, and loyal love. Being perennial bloomers, they are associated with new beginnings, and are synonymous with eternal and everlasting. Daisy is the April birth flower, and its peak blooming season is the summer. The fact that it blooms in thundershowers during summer, and that they thrive in all types of trampled, mown or grazed grasslands without being bothered by insects or diseases truly epitomizes the everlasting qualities of Daisy.


The Daisy plant has been revered by the Church as Virgin Mary’s flower, and it is also a symbol of fertility in both Christian and Pagan traditions. Till today, Daisy flowers are used to express the language of innocence and love in a special way, and are a common ingredient in any bouquet or floral decoration.


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The Arabian square is an ancient oracle which is used by the ancient Arabs. The squares are mysterious in origin. They are used as a form of consultation. The square was used to aid divination between the spirit gods and mankind. The Arabian square is made up of a sequence of letters organized inside a square, each letter hides a secret message. In ancient times this square was adequately termed a magic square. You'll find many various kinds of magic squares in mathematics, but this oracle is devoted principally to the Egyptian square known as “Zairgeh.” The origin of this square is attributed to Patriarch Enoch. There were many Arabian squares that formed complex astrological calculations in consulting them. Go here to consult.

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