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Do you have the image of a vulture shadowing your thoughts? Have you seen Vultures recently?

The ancient Mayan culture considered the vulture as a symbol which cleans and renews the earth of the dead thereby transforming it. They also considered the vulture as a sign of rain and water, as rain stood for life and the drought stood for death. To see a vulture in the road is an omen that you must try to use the resources around you to make your dreams come true. If we look at the vulture, they do not use hunting methods. Instead they are natures “cleaners” they eat dead road kill. Thus, this omen is trying to let you know that you must try to use what you have built in your life. Have you go talents that you are not utilising? The vulture is an omen of a new way of doing things, having the control to use whatever resources that you already hold.



As the vultures feasted on the dead, they were considered to be fearless when confronted by death.


The vulture animal totem is extremely cleaver. The vulture totem teaches you to patiently think over everything in sight and be sure about decisions - before taking action. The vulture is patient while it coasts overhead for hours before deciding on the right time and place to swoop on their already dead prey.

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The way the vulture scavenges its food may remind you of how resourceful it is.


The symbolisms related to the vulture are…



  • A sense of allegiance.
  • Earnest.
  • Perfectly patient.
  • Highly tolerant.
  • Looking to renew everything.
  • Making everybody equal.
  • Cleaning the environment.
  • Acute perception.
  • Highly protective.
  • Immune to heat.
  • Out of the ordinary.
  • Overtly resourceful.

A vulture reminds you to grab an opportunity whenever it appears in life. This means that one should use their wisdom and resourcefulness as well as hard work. The vulture symbol in your thoughts signifies that you are as flexible and perceptive as  the vulture is and also that you are highly aware of the situation.


The heightened senses like sight and smell help the vulture to swoop in on fresh meat easily. The symbol tells you to use your keen eyesight to target the best. The renewal aspect of this symbol is the dawn of a new day.


As the dawn breaks, the vultures can be seen perched on trees and high ground with the wings spread wide. They try to dry their wings and cleanse themselves of the bacteria with the help of sunlight. They are welcoming the new day. So, for you, to see a vulture or to meet one in meditation means “Open your arms to welcome the new day” this is the symbolism it stands for. The use of sunlight is an indication of its resourcefulness. The vulture symbol reminds you to do smart work and not hard work. 


The vultures clean their feet of bacteria by urinating on them. This is also a sign of resourcefulness. The vulture shows extraordinary and imaginative use of opportunities and resources to get rid of bacteria. The symbolism indicates  that you  should take advantage of your resources to remove things that may harm you. The vulture is the majestic symbol of birds - with intelligence that does not conform to normal standards. 


The ancient Zoroastrian culture of Persia, presently Iran, and Buddhist culture of Tibet, used to leave dead relatives on platforms raised high above the ground so that vultures may feed on them. This was seen as an honourable way to replace the dead bodies with new ones.



Unlike most other birds, the vulture is protective of its babies and does not abandon them as early as most birds do.The Egyptian goddess Nekhbet and Mut, both of whom stand for protection of the weak, have a relationship with the vulture which is also seen as a protector.


The vulture is also related to the ancient gods in the Roman mythology. Saturn, the god of time, had the vulture as his steed. Mars, the god of war, and Apollo, god of the Sun, also have a connection with the vulture. This connection is that the vulture will fight to the end to protect others. The vultures are associated with “cleaning” life. The ancient culture of the native people of America used to interpret the flight patterns of the vulture to forecast the weather. They also related the dawn of the new day to be connected with the vulture.



The vulture can appear as a guide to you when....


  • You have lost focus.
  • You need to use your own “resources.”
  • You are unable to comprehend with others.
  • You are feeling impatient in life.
  • You are not sure how to finish a job.
  • You do not have any options.

Call on the vulture totem to help you when...


  • You are trying to analyze the incidents taking place around you.
  • You are trying to find a solution to each event.
  • You are trying to analyze every situation patiently.
  • You want to clear your mind of earlier circumstances.
  • You are trying to recreate your plan of action.

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