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A marlin is a fish that comes from the family of Istiophoridae.  It has a long body with a snout that resembles a spear and a long sturdy dorsal fin.    They are agile swimmers that reach the speed of approximately 110kph.

Marlin family also includes the Atlantic Blue marlin that can grow up to 5 m. in length and weighs at around 818 kg.  Marlins can be seen on a rare occasion on the house table, mostly only fine dine in restaurant are offering this authentic dish.  Sport fisherman who catches a marlin often releases them after removing from the hook.

Ernest Hemmingway, a Nobel prize winner, wrote the novel The Old Man and the Sea, the story is about an old fisherman and the marlin.  The story revolves around the struggle of the old man and the creature.


Marlin people are loners, they love being alone not because they fear the company of others but because they are a lot more comfortable on their own.  They feel confident that they can do everything on their own and only weak people need the help of others.  Marlins are proud and sometimes result to a bad decision due to their being stubborn.  They won’t ask for your help, they won’t thank you either if you lend a help.  But do not worry cause they appreciate everything you did to them, they simply do not show it.


He is sensitive with his surroundings that enable him to move in a precise way on full speed.  Before someone makes a decision, they are observing their surroundings and using it to their advantage.  Recent events can help your plan succeed you just need a perfect timing to implement your ideas.  Be aware of the things that happen in your environment and see how it can benefit you.


Marlin also shows that playing of words is important in our life.  The power of words cannot be underestimated; history proves that a simple conversation can end a war.  A flick of a tongue can destroy a relationship, and a simple word can cure the loneliest heart.  When you want to learn the art of speech call on Marlin and he will provide you with the wisdom to speak what is necessary.  If you want people to listen to you or If you want people to take your side, a marlin is a good totem spirit for you.


Marlin also found a balance between night and day.  Their balance does not mean a harmony with nature; their balance is about the good and the bad.  There are downsides in being so good and also on being so dark.  One has to seek steadiness between the two attributes and he will gain respect from his surroundings.


Marlin shows as an animal spirit when...


  • When you need to be alone.
  • We are losing confidence.
  • You need to notice your surroundings in order to create an accurate plan.
  • One needs to use the art of speech in order to resolve a conflict.
  • One is seeking to find a balance.


Call on Marlin as an animal spirit when...


  • When you need to concentrate.
  • When we want to uplift our self esteem.
  • We need to weigh on things before performing our plans.
  • One wants to learn how to use words properly.
  • We want to be in a state of nirvana.

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