Review of Live Readings on Oranum - is it worth it?

Over the last two years, I have been testing the oranum network and during these tests I have pretended to be a normal customer, obviously, as a psychic myself I was able to ask leading questions in the "free chat" facility. I urge you to use this tool to gain the one piece of information that you need to confirm that they are truly psychic. Can they give you one “personal” piece of information about you? Even something you are feeling? Two of these readers knew the names of my grandmother - who’s in the spirit world. The things they said were things I could understand. I am going to draw up a table of all the psychics I had a reading with and those that predictions that came true and those that did not. Over my testing period, I did find psychics that did not seem to be on the same wavelength. In that case, most of these readers have only been working for the Oranum network for a short-time so I urge you to go with a “long standing” psychic. If you have a positive experience then mail me. Below are some profiles of some amazing psychics so just go ahead and have a free chat - you never know what you will find! and you will know if you can connect to them!

Only for 3.99 credits/min
12 years