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Agrimony has long been noted as a domestic herb and is particularly popular with uncrossing work. It is used in protection mojo bags and to send back hexes. Throughout history, it has long been known to have significant health properties. Agrimony is also known as church steeples, cockeburr, sticklewort, and philanthropos. It is fairly abundant throughout the English countryside and can usually be found on hedge-banks and near fields. This plant has slender spikes of yellow flowers, which are small, numerous, egg-shaped and have a spicy odor similar to that of apricots. The body of the plant has a very attractive deep green color and is always covered in small hair-like fibers. It has a fRead More +


Alfalfa is flowering plant from the legume family. Its binomial name is Medigo Sativa, but a more common alias for it is Lucerne. It is very common in pastures seeing as it is grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and is harvested as hay. The crop itself is small and seeded. It grows slowly, but once mature is very resilient even in droughts.


Alkanet is a plant that is used to produce vibrant red dyes. It is part of the borage family, and is easily spotted in fields through its bright blue flowers, oblong leaves, and thick hairy stems which rise to a height of one to three feet. It is commonly grown in the southern and central parts Europe.

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Allspice berries

Allspice berries are a common spice derived from the unripe fruit of the Pimenta dioica tree, which is cultivated in many tropical countries all over the world. It is called allspice, because it allegedly has the combined flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Allspice is an important part of Jamaican cuisine, and is also commonly used in some European and Mediterranean dishes. It is a common ingredient in commercial sausages and curry powders. It is also a very indispensable spice in most Middle Eastern cuisines where it is often used as the sole spice ingredient. In Magick Allspice berries can be used to attract money.


Allspice berries wilRead More +

Aloe vera


Aloes are a harsh-tasting, moist, and tender herb. Due to its flavor, it is more commonly known as bitter Aloes. These herbs originate from the land of Egypt, where some religious groups still consider it a symbolic plant imbued with healing properties. Its formal name is Aloe Perryi or Aloe vera, while its Arabic name is Sabar.


Alones will help to...


Stop gossip. Help burns.


Medical uses...


Aloes are mostly used for medicinal purposes. While still fresh, the herb can be used to relieve pain from bodily buRead More +

Althaea plants

The Althaea plants are herbs commonly found throughout Europe and the western part of Asia. The herbs live for one or two years, and are commonly found on sandy soils near rivers and salt marshes.


The flowers and leaves of the herb are often used as ingredients in salads, or are simply prepared through boiling or frying them. The substance excreted by both the roots and the stems of the herb are also used in cosmetic treatments that are related to softening an individual’s skin.


Medical uses...


The herb has long been used throughout history for its medical and spiritual healing properties. Read More +

Angelica root

Angelica roots have long been praised through the centuries for their magical healing properties. In fact, that it has often been said that the Archangel Michael himself told people of its existence and use as a form of medicine. Angelica Archangelica is more commonly known as garden angelica, Holy Ghost plant, archangel root, wild celery, wild parsnip, dead nettle, masterwort, or simply just angelica root.


In northern Europe, festivities and celebrations are held on the feast day of the Archangel, when the use of the root was allegedly discovered or divulged to humaRead More +

Anise Seed

The Anise’s scientific name is Pimpinella Anisum, and is also called the aniseed. It is a flowering plant mostly found in its native habitat of the eastern Mediterranean and southwest Asia. It is roughly three feet high, and has white flowers produced in dense umbels.


The Anise is popular as an herb and flavoring in some dishes, drinks, and sweets worldwide. Its flavor is akin to that of liquorices, fennel, or tarragon, and has a very aromatic smell. The seeds, particularly, are used in numerous confections all over the world, and can even be used to aid digestion.   They are also used in several types of liquor and some root beers to give them a disRead More +

Arrow Root

Maranta Arundinacea is otherwise known as Bermuda arrowroot, araru, ararao, and more commonly obedience plant and Arrow root. It is a large herb mostly found in tropical countries and is cultivated for its rootstock. The Arrow root is an herb that grows to only two feet in height, and has small white flowers and fruits. The rootstock is approximately a foot in length and is of a yellowish-white color. It has a neutral taste and is usually processed to form foods such as biscuits, puddings, cakes, and jellies. It is also prized as a thickener and substitute for other starches such as wheat flour in baking.


Medical uses... The name Arrow roRead More +


Asafoetida is also known as Ferula Assafoetida. In hoodoo it is known as devil’s dung. It has been called stinking gum and the food of the Gods. As an powder, Asafoetida has both a bitter taste and foul smell. Due to these properties, Asafoetida has truly earned the name the nickname “devil’s dung”.

The herb originates from the Middle East and grows approximately six feet in length with bright yellow flowers, which clump together in clusters. The stem and roots are hollow and contain an organic liquid akin to sulfur. Although the herb may be used to spice some dishes and impart its distinct flavor, the herb itself cannot be eaten raw. Doing so is guaranteed to inducRead More +

Aspand Seed

Asphand (sometimes spelled as esphand or espand) is the common name for Peganum harmala, a plant that originated in the Middle East and Central Asia. In India and Pakistan, it is also commonly referred to as harmal, while in the West, it is usually known as the syrian rue. It has also been used as red or yellow dye, depending on the process. There are many uses for Asphand from a magical point of view.


Magical uses...



The ritual involving Asphand is an ancient and sacred Zoroastrian ritual. Ancient Zoroastrian belief ties Asphand to the female Archangel of earthly and motherly protection and isRead More +

Balm of Gilead

The Balm of Gilead is a balm that has been used in hoodoo to comfort those who have encountered disappointment in love. The balm encourages the reconciliation of two people who have lost the feeling of love. It can repair hearts, along with helping damaged relationships and friendships. The Balm of Gilead is also included in the Bible. It is said to be the same ancient trade item that was known as the Balsam of Mecca, which originated​ from Southern Arabia. This balm is a relative of the myrrh.

Magical uses...

The magical uses of this herb is to rekindle passion in difficult rRead More +


Barberry is a bushy shrub. It is ornamental in structure and is grown in European countries. It is also found in North Africa and some parts of Asia. There have been reports of this bush growing in North and South America. It has a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt, where it was used with Fennel to prevent the plague. Sometimes called Holly thorn, it is believed that it was part of the Crown of Thorns made for Jesus Christ. It also goes by the common name of Oregon grape, although it is not a kind of grape.


This herb is often mistaken for Bayberry, the money drawing herb. This bush is used as a Read More +

Basil Leaves

The basil herb originated in Asia. It is a well-known culinary ingredient, but more than that, it is also a magical and medicinal herb. For centuries, basil has had significant roles in rituals, superstition and healing. It is a known herbal remedy which has been used to cure diseases and soothe the digestive and nervous system. Basil is highly regarded in India (locally known as Tulsi), where Hinduism is widely practiced. In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva once described it as the holiest plant on earth. The Tulsi’s fragrance is said to spread with the wind, making the surrounding area smell truly beautiful. It brings blessingsRead More +

Bay leaves

The bay leaf is from the bay laurel tree, which has been cultivated since the beginning of history. The bay laurel tree was considered a symbol of honor in Greece and Rome. According to Greek mythology, the heartbroken Apollo made a crown from bay branches and wore it in honor of his love for Daphne, the nymph that turned into a bay laurel tree. In Rome, the herb was dedicated to Fides, the goddess of honor and fidelity. The Priestesses of the Delphic often chewed the leaves. This was to induce divinations and enhance communication with the divine.

Bay leaves will...


ProteRead More +

Bearberry Leaf

The Bearberry leaf is otherwise known as Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. It is a common ingredient used by Native Americans in tobacco to make a smoking mix called Kinnikinnick. It may also be smoked on it's own. Also this leaf can be mixed with other herbs and is traditionally smoked in ceremonial pipes. The Native Americans, who smoked tobacco as an act of prayer believed that by smoking the leaves, a wish will be granted by the divine. It was also employed by tribes in the training of shamans in skills of divination and prophecy. Modern magic practitioners believe that Bearberry has the power to increase psychic awareness and deepen your connection to your spirit. This herb is consiRead More +

Black candle tobacco

Black candle tobacco is native to North America, it is not the ordinary tobacco used to make cigarettes. Tobacco in hoodoo draws it's origins through history. The tobacco plant was burned to attract spirits.  The slaves brought the deep spiritual connection of tobacco to America. Cigars were considered a superior tobacco, thus, this was burnt as an offering to an ancestor, and played a key part of the natural magick in shamanism. Tobacco has been found in many rituals to help spirit-contact, help in the courtroom, and dominate individuals as well as situations. 


The herb is mainly used by magicians and herbalists who deal with evil powers.&nbRead More +

Black Mustard Seed

There are several types of mustard plants and each of them bears unique seeds. However, they share several attributes such as size in which they measure a millimetre or two in diameter. They take up two colours, black or yellowish white. In hoodoo black mustard seeds are popular in court cases rituals. It is said that if mixed in a brown candle and attoned with success oil, it is thought to help win a court case.


The other name for Black Mustard seed is Semen Synapses, in some circumstances, it is referred to as Brown Mustard seed. The seed is native to the region to the South of the Mediterranean but it has been existent in several parts of the wRead More +

Black snake root

Black snake root also goes by the name Black cohosh, a plant native to Canada and the United States. It offers protection and inner guidance by connecting the body and the soul. It has been used by Native American Indians to ease the pain of childbirth and menstrual cramps. It is also used to relieve hot flashes during menopause and to relieve muscular aches and pains. It is considered sacred to some and an ally to women. 


Black snake root chips are believed to provide magical protection and strength to the weak, timid, afraid or shy. It protects against snake bites and prevents evil from entering the home. When carried around on the person, it brRead More +

Blackberry Leaves

Blackberry Leaves and berries are sacred to the goddess Brigit, the goddess of healing, poetry, sacred wells and witchcraft, and are typically used in invocations to the said goddess. Blackberry Leaves are typically used in magic to remove evil spirits from a home and to return evil to enemies and to protect against those doing you harm. Blackberries are also used in worship.


Certain conjures and root doctors who are well-versed in such matters have said that in order to send evil back to the sender, they would usually use a black figure made of porcelain. Alternatively, a black figure candle to resemble the enemy. This is laid on a red cloth covered in BlackbeRead More +

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle (Carduus benedictus) is known as a spiritual supernatural herb. It has other names including Holy Thistle, St benedict’s thistle, Our Lady’s Thistle, Cursed Thistle due to people stepping on its spiked plant in bare feet. Legend has it that Charlemagne had a vision of a way to cure his troops of the Plague, an Angel appeared and told him to throw his sword and it would land on the plant that would cure his troops. It landed on the Blessed Thistle. The thistle is sacred to the Scots as it is their national emblem. Lore suggests that the Scots use the thistle as a warning bell, spreading them around their camps to warn them of when the Danes were coming. When the DaRead More +

Blood Root

Blood root is an uncommon plant found in woods in native America. It was used by the population for red dye and red body paint, hence, the name. Many people believe that in relationships where there is a lack of faithfulness or if respect is lacking this is a great root to work with. This means a relationship is made permanent because of blood ties, blood root's may strengthen the relationship. This is also known as a good hex breaker. It protects marriage, promotes harmony with extended family members, especially in-laws, prevents people from interfering with your marriage, wards off evil in the home and brings better luck in family matters.

Get a red mojo bag, fill witRead More +

Blue Cohosh

Blue cohosh, is a woodland herb native to the United States and Canada. It is an herb that is assigned to the actual planetary powers of Jupiter and also Mars. Azure cohosh is considered good for protecting the young, especially babies.


Tea made from Blue cohosh root helps regulate difficulties in menstruation. It has also been traditionally used in baths to aid labour in pregnancy and as a natural treatment to deal with aching throats, as well as infant colic. Blue cohosh was used by the Iroquois. They used this to help with the symptoms of arthritis; by the Mohegan to treat urinary tract infections. NativeRead More +

Blue flag root

Blue flag root is also known as; water flag, snake lilly, flag lilly, fleur-de-lis and liver lily. It is a perennial herb native to North America and can sometimes be mistaken for an Iris. It usually found on the side of ponds, in swamps or in very shallow water. Its scientific name is Iris versicolor, in honor of the Greek goddess Iris, the goddess of the rainbow. According to Greek mythology, Iris led the souls of dead women to the Elysian Fields. The Greeks traditionally planted these on the grave of women believing that the goddess iris will guide the souls of the women.


Blue flag will...


Bo' Hog rootBo' Hog root is normally used​ for love spells. This root has been used for many years by the African Congo as a love charm to attract a lover. Ginger has often been added to this root to "heat up" the success of love. One method employed is to carry three slices of the root and grated ginger in a red small mojo bag together with Queen Elizabeth Root, Sampson Snake root and John the Conqueror root on your person.   Another name for the plant is Loveage root, and this plant grows naturRead More +
Boldo Leaf

This herb originates in Mexico that is considered valuable, this is popular along the texes boarder where brujeria and curandismo have mingled with hoodoo rootwork. It originated in Chile and Peru and evidence suggests that it has been used since about 10,000 years ago. According to myths, Boldo was accidentally discovered by a Chilean shepherd who found that his sheep were healthier after eating Boldo leaves. Since then, it has been used as an herbal medicine, especially in treating liver, bowel and gallbladder problems. It is also modernly used as a cooking spice.

It is commonly used in magic to repel and keep away evil spirits, bad customers, unruly people and even diseases.

Boneset Leaf

Boneset also goes by the name of white snake root. It is a perennial plant that is native to the Eastern United States and Canada. It usually found in low, wet areas as the plant thrives in damp to moist rich soil. Some may have the mistaken notion that it is used to mend broken bones, as what its name implies. Rather, its name was derived from break bone or dengue fever. The leaves were infused and used in small quantities as treatment for colds, fever and general debility. Usually, in treating colds, tea is made and drunk hot at night and cold in the morning. It has also been used to treat coughs.


In magic, boneset leaves are typically used for protection, to Read More +

Borage flowers

Borage is a masculine plant, is associated with the power of the planet Jupiter, the zodiac sign Leo and the element Air. It is also known as Barrach, tailwort, bees brea and starflower. The origin of its name is a mystery, but some say that it was derived from the corruption of the word carago-courage, or translated as “I bring courage.” Some consider the flowers as the famous blue flower in the songs of the German Romantics, which is known as a symbol of infinite romantic longing.


Borage flowers are commonly used in magic to bring peace in the home, tranquillity in the family and calmness in domestic relationships. Adding Borage flowers to a salad and eating iRead More +

Broom straw

Broom straw is a shrub that is native to England. It has medicinal properties and is used as a tonic for the bladder and kidneys. It helps cleanse the urinary system and gives renewed energy. In magic, it is typically used to drive away witches and unwanted visitors and as a magical protection from evil. Broom's are known for their ability to cleanse and protect. They are one of the ingredients to Chinese Wash, a powerful spiritual house-cleansing product. One may make tea out of broom straw and use it in a cleansing bath rub to cleanse oneself. To get rid of bad conditions, wash yourself downwards. After which, throw your bath water to towards the East direction.  If you tie togetheRead More +

Buckeye nut

The buckeye tree is a relative of the chestnut and the horse-chestnut. Buckeye nuts are picked while these are still in its green spiny jacket. The jacket is peeled away to reveal the bare nut, which is then dried and oiled daily until it becomes a rich deep brown color. The buckeye nut is commonly used in magic to prevent rheumatism, arthritis and headaches. It is also used to enhance male potency and increase a man’s chances of seducing a woman. The shape of the nut itself resembles the firm testicles of a man. To achieve any of these purposes, the buckeye nut is usually carried in the front pocket and frequently oiled to keep smooth and shiny.


Others believe itRead More +

Burdock Weed

Burdock also goes by the name of bat weed. It is a biennial plant that is native to some parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, but it can also be found in some parts of North America. Though considered a weed by most, it is a useful healing plant and is even used in cooking. Burdock is associated with the power of the planet Venus, the zodiac signs Libra and Sagittarius and the element Water. It has been used as a fasting tea in some Indian traditions and as an aphrodisiac in China.


Burdock is considered a powerful herb. 


It is best known for its cleansing, protective and uncrossing powers. It was used to protect homes and stables and is saidRead More +

Calamus root chips

Calamus root is also known as sweet flag root. It is a perennial herb that grows in some parts of Europe, Asia and North America. Mentioned in the book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible, it is one of the ingredients in the ritual incense ketoret. The Bible also mentions about the root’s stimulating and visionary effect. This visionary effect was also recognized by the Native Americans, who considered the herb sacred. The Ancient Chinese believed that Calamus put one’s energy into balance, allowing one to resonate as a whole. Chew on Calamus root while breathing deeply, fully and slowly to make anxiety and panic subside.

Calamus root is a strong and powerful herb in magic. It is Read More +

Calendula flowers

Calendula flowers are widely considered lucky. Though it is often referred to as Pot Marigold, Calendula is not a marigold at all. Its other names are gold's, ruddes, bride of the sun and summer’s bride.


It is suggested that this flower be picked at noon or during the time when the sun is at its strongest. Flowers picked during this time are believed to be very effective in bringing you luck. Increase your chance of luck by following this simple and no-risk tip.


Cardamom is a perennial herb that is a member of the ginger family and is a native to some parts of Asia. The plant is feminine and is associated with the powers of the planeRead More +

Caraway seed

The caraway plant is a biennial herb that grows throughout Central Europe and Asia. It is a masculine plant and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury and with the element Air. It is also a popular spice in some parts of Europe and has been used in cooking since the Stone Age.


Caraway seeds are typically used as a protective and healing curio. It is a powerful herb and keeps young children safe from illness and harm. It is used by many people to ward off the Evil Eye, which may harm babies. It also brings good luck to children’s health.  Its other powers are that it ensures fidelity, repels negativity, improve memory, protects, attracts love, Read More +

Cardamom seed

Cardamom is a perennial herb that is a member of the ginger family and is a native to some parts of Asia. The plant is feminine and is associated with the powers of the planet Venus and the element Water. It is an expensive spice that is used in cooking, especially Indian and Arabic cuisine. Cardamom is a stimulating herb and relaxes the body and clarifies the mind. It is considered an aphrodisiac in some countries and the seeds are edible.


Magical uses...


​Cardamom seeds are typically used in magic spells that intend to bring about lust, passion and love. It has a widely-held reputation as an object that brings goodRead More +


Catnip is known as Catmint, Catrup or Catswort. It is a perennial herb of the mint family. It is feminine in gender and associated with the power of the planet Venus and water. It is used in worship rituals or prayers to the god of love, Aengus Og (for happiness and love) and to the goddess Aine (for beauty and clarity). It was traditionally used for medicinal purposes as a treatment for upset stomach, colic, spasms, flatulency, acid, chronic bronchitis and diarrhea.


It may also be used as an enema. In modern times, however, it is more popular because of its effect on cats. It is said to emit a substance that mimics pheromones in cats. Catnip is usually used toRead More +


Celandine is a poisonous herb that also goes by the name of Celydoyne, Chelidonium, Devil’s Milk, Greater Celandine, Kenning Wort, Swallow Herb, Swallow-Wort and Tetterwort. It is a native of Europe and a member of the Poppy family and is considered of masculine gender and associated with the power of the Sun and the element of Fire. The origin of its name is said to come from the Greek word “chelidon” which means swallow because people believed that it flourished with the bird’s arrival and withered when it departed. It should not be confused with the Lesser Celandine, which is a different plant that belongs to the Buttercup family.


Celery Seed

It's popularity in conjure work is that relating to enhancing clairvoyant powers and allowing prophetic visions, and thus, it is an ingredient in psychic oil. Celery is a biennial herb that is a native of Southern Europe, Asia and Africa. It also goes by the name smallage and usually grows in marshes and wet soil. It is associated with the power of the planet Mercury and the element Earth. It has traditionally been used as a flavoring in cooking and as a diuretic. This herb is used to treat gout, edema and dropsy. In addition, the Greeks and Romans believed that Celery was an aphrodisiac.


In ancient times celery seed had enchanting qualities. It was&nRead More +

Chamomile flowers (Manzanilla)

The chamomile flowers is an ingreient in teas for a relaxing and stress reducing effect. The plant is associated with the power of the Sun and the element Water. Chamomile flowers are known to be a lucky herb and is usually used in gambling spells and washes, as well as for uncrossing and unhexing. It is also known to attract money, wealth, and prosperity and for love, peace, tranquillity and purification.


Chamomile flowers will:


·      Help gambling.

·      Bring luck.


Many people use Chamomile flowers to bring luck gambling an inRead More +

Chaney root

Chaney root, which also goes by the name of Jamaican Sarsaparilla, Chainey Winder, Prickly green brier, saw brier and Chaney vine, is perennial vine that is native to South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. It was found by the Spanish conquerors that the natives were taking beverages made with Chaney root and believed it to be a general health tonic.


It is believed to be an aphrodisiac. This herb is said to increase or improve libido and sexual appetite. Its medicinal use involves making tonics out of Chaney root to be used as a hepatic, analgesic and alterative. It is rich in iron and has been used to treat anaemia, syphilis, arthritis anRead More +

Cherry bark

The cherry bark is considered by many individuals for being efficacious in, romance, sexual attraction, and conjugal relations. The bark can help attract luck in matters of the heart. Cherry is a feminine plant and is associated with the power of the planet Venus. It is native to several parts of North America and has been traditionally used by Native Americans in herbal medicine as a treatment for coughs. It is a Druid sacred tree and in Celtic festivals, chips of the wood or bark were burned.


Cherry bark will:


Bring a lover. ImRead More +
Chia Seed

Chia seed comes from the sage plant. It is popular in Mexico. The chia seed is used in stop gossip spells. It is part of the mint family. A method for stopping gossip and slander involves burning either a “San Ramon Nonato” (St. Raymond Nonnatus - a 13th century saint usually petitioned to silence gossip and slander) candle or a “Tapa Boca” (Shut Mouth) candle. Use a sachet powder which contains powdered Slippery Elm Bark, Cloves and Chia seeds and mixed with alum powder. Write “All those who maliciously gossip about me” on a slip of paper and write either “San Ramon Nonanto” (usually written nine times) or “Tapa Boca” (usually written seven times). Cross it and sRead More +

Cinnamon chips

Cinnamon is also known as Sweet Wood and Ceylon Cinnamon. It is a masculine plant and is associated with the power of the Sun and Mars and the element of Fire. It was traditionally burnt as a spiritual offering in Eastern temples. It is believed to sanctify the area, clearing all negativity away. Cinnamon chips have also been used in rituals during the ancient ages. Hebrews believed Cinnamon oil should be used an ingredient in their holy oil. The Egyptians used Cinnamon oil during mummification. The Romans wrapped Cinnamon leaves into wreathes and used it to decorate their temples.


Cinnamon chips will:


Heat up spells oRead More +
Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder is known for attracting love. It is usually sprinkled to also attract luck. It brings good fortune in enterprise, money making endeavors and betting. Shop-keepers usually mix nutmeg powder then sprinkle this around the front door-step, to attract business.


Cinnamon chips will:


·Heat up spells of gambling.

·Improve luck.


Gamblers believe that Cinnamon powder brings in winnings. They typically add it to money sachets to increase its power. To make a money drawing potion then mix the following herbs in a Muslim bag: Chamomile flower, whole Nutmeg,  Cinnamon,Read More +

Clover flowers, red

Red clovers are perennial herbs which belong to the pea family. It grows all over Europe and North America and is also known as Cow Clover, purple Clover and Bee-Bread. This clover is considered as one of the world’s oldest weed, it has been used as a religious and magic symbol.


Clover flowers will:


Ensure a happy marriage. Improve love.


The ancient Greeks and Romans believe that there are three leaves that symbolize the Triple Goddess; the Celts believed it symbolized the Sun; and Christians believed it symbolized the Holy Trinity. Sometimes a clover wiRead More +

Clover flowers, white

White Clover is an herb that is part of the pea family. It also goes by the name Shamrock, St. Patrick’s Herb, Trefoil, Three-Leaved Grass, and Rabbit-Foot Clover. It is considered a male plant and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury, the element Air and the Dieties Artemis and Rowan. White Clovers typically have leaves bunched in threes. However, there are instances when there are more than three leaves bunched together. It is believed that a four leafed Clover is a sign of good luck and is used as a charm against snakes. Others say it gives the gift of second sight and aids in communicating with fairies. A five leafed clover is a sign of a good marriage.


Cloves, whole

The name of the plant is "Eugenia caryophyllata." Cloves are native to the Molucca Islands, which is a part of Indonesia. It has been traditionally used as a breath sweetener. Natives of Molucca planted a clove tree for every child that is born, believing that the fate of the child is linked to the fate of the tree. It is also used as a cooking spice. Clover is one of the finest herbs to work with


as an incense ingredient, cloves give warmth but also a great grandeur scent. Magically, this hRead More +

Coltsfoot herb

Coltsfoot, also called Coughwort, it is a member of the Composite or Daisy family. The common Coltsfoot should not be confused with the Western Coltsfoot, which has a higher level of potentially toxic alkaloids. It was smoked as a remedy for wet cough. and was used to treat lung ailments. This herb has received controversial press because their was an attempt for this herb to be banned d​ue to the herb containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which is harmful to the liver.  It is a female plant and is associated with the planet Venus, the zodiac Taurus, the element Water and the Deities Chiron and Venus. 


Coltsfoot is one of the first flowRead More +

Comfrey leaf

Comfrey leaf is a perennial herb that originated in Europe and North America and grows in moist soil. It is also commonly known as Blackwort, Bruisewort, Knitbone, Slippery root and Wallwort. It is of feminine gender and is associated with the powers of the planet Saturn and the element Water. The Celtics use Comfrey when calling on their gods Lir, Manannan Mac Lir and Aine. Comfrey leaves have been used in medicine to aid in healing wounds, rashes and broken bones.


Comfrey leaf will:


Heal a broken heart. Give safety in a trip.


Comfrey Root

Comfrey is a perennial herb that originated in Europe and North America and grows in moist soil. It is a member of the Borage family. It is also commonly known as Blackwort, Bruisewort, Knitbone, Slippery Root and Wallwort. It is of feminine gender and is associated with the powers of the planet Saturn and the element Water. The Celtics would usually use Comfrey when calling on their gods Lir, Manannan Mac Lir and Aine. Comfrey. It is one of the ingredients in a herbal medicine first aid kit. Current studies have shown that ingestion of Comfrey roots is unsafe and Comfrey roots are no longer used to treat stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome or piles. Comfrey leaves are used to treat Read More +

Coreopsis flowers

 is also known as wild Calliopsis, Flax, and golden Tickseed and is a native to North America. It is considered a relative of the sunflower. The plant was used by the Cherokee, Zune and Apache Indians. When picking Coreopsis flowers, prayers were said and pollen was applied as a sort of blessing or sacrifice to the plant. The Zuni Indians also believed that infusing the leaves and flowers as tea would ensure female children. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, Coreopsis flowers meant love at first sight. 

The Coreopsis verticillata is a hardy, perennial, herbaceous plant, a native of North-America; producing its blossoms, which are uncommonly shewy, from JuRead More +

Coriander seeds

Coriander are also known as Cilantro. They are associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire. According to Chinese folklore, eating Coriander seeds while pregnant will make the baby a genius.


Coriander seeds are used to draw love, to stimulate passion and to keep a lover faithful because it is believed to be lucky in Drawing New Love and bringing about Fidelity in Marriage. It is also used as a charm against illnesses. Mix Coriander food with love herbs and place in a red mojo bag and include the name of the person you wish to attract to harness its Love-Drawing ability. It is said that when mixed with Cumin Seeds, Periwinkle LeavesRead More +

Cubeb berries

Cubeb is widely used within Morocco, North Africa. It is an ingredient in gin. The mature, unripe dried fruit of a perennial vine is gathered and carefully dried. It is also called tailed pepper because it is similar in appearance to black pepper, but with stalks attached. Pepper berries from Indonesia were imported to England in the thirteenth century. It is associated with the power of the planet Mercury or Mars and the element fire.


Cubeb berries are well-known by many people to bring about fortune in the ventures of love and lust. The first use of Cubeb was to help aid the male reproductive system if any difficulties were apparentRead More +

Cumin seeds

Cumin, is part of the parsley family. It's part of the family calle Apiaceae which is a plant found in the eastern Mediterranean. The Greeks kept Cumin within the dining room table like we do with our salt and pepper. Cumin is of masculine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire. Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism and Anti-Theft are claimed to be its powers.

Cumin​ will:


Bring fortune. Protection. Sexual appetite.


Cumin seeds are known to bring good fortune and luck. First, it is claimed to protect one from evil by pushing misforRead More +


Damiana is a special yet a rare plant. It is an aromatic, shrubby perennial plant. It has light green leaves and long yellow-orange flowers. It is said to be an aphrodisiac. It is used internally for anxiety, depression, impotence and premature ejaculation. Damiana as a sexual stimulant causes increased blood flow towards on one’s genitals. The increased blood flow causes increased circulation. Thus, it will cause stimulation and excitement in the genital area of the user. This has been the primary use of the herb in many cultures.


Damiana​ will:


Bring Love. Help Lust. Read More +
Dandelion root, whole

Dandelion is known as a weed. The first documented use of dandelion was by the Chinese in the 7th century. In medicine, Dandelions are rich sources of vitamins. Dandelion is great ingredient for detoxification. The plant belongs to Hecate, and the underworld.


Dandelion is used as a tea ingredient. As claimed, drinking the tea has desired magical and medicinal effects. Dandelion is also used to bring about fortune. Dandelion is claimed to help in enhancing one’s psychic gifts and in granting one’s wishes. 


Children are made to blow the little Dandelion puff-ball during wishing time. To help in bringing one’s dreams into reality Read More +

Deer’s tongue

The Deer’s tongue herb is used to catch a new lover, to increase hunger for sex, to bring back a straying love, or increase the chance of a happy married life. In magick this herb is commonly used in spells to ensoure that a lover stays faithful . Similarly, it is used in spells to encourage a happy marriage. Deer’s tongue is a sweet smelling herb. It is like Vanilla, or Tonka Beans.


This is a herbaceous perennial plant. The leaves of the stem clasp at base. The leaves are also used to flavor tobacco. Its natural origin is North America. However, it is numerously cultivated in England.It belongs to the family Orchidaceae. The deer’Read More +

Devil’s shoe strings

Devil’s shoe string is a collective common name for several plants that commonly grow in North America. These plant's belong to the honeysuckle family. In Hoodoo magic, the Viburnum variety is typically used.  Devil’s shoe strings are used for protection from hexes. This herb is also used to prevent people from gossiping. This herb has the power to protect against negative energy. Devil’s shoe string supposedly “trips” the Devil so he can’t get into the house. It is also used to attract luck when gambling and as an aid in securing employment.


This herb will help with:


Dill leaf

Dill is a member of the parsley family and also goes by the name Aneton, Dill weed, Dilly and Garden Dill. It is masculine in gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury and with the element Fire. It is a popular culinary ingredient where it is usually used as flavoring, especially in fish dishes. Dill represents wealth in ancient Greece and this herb has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The Romans considered Dill as a good luck cham. It was used to stimulate and strengthen gladiators. In the Middle Ages, aside from being used as a charm against witchcraft, Dill was burned to clear thunderstorms.


Dill leaf

Dittany of Crete

Dittany of Crete is also known as Hop Marjoram and Eronda (local name) it is a member of the mint family and is closely related to Oregano and Marjoram. Magically, their uses differ greatly. It is feminine in gender and associated with the power of the planet Venus, the zodiac Libra and Gemini and the element Water. This herb grows in Crete in the Aegean, which is also considered in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Zeus.

Dittany of Crete will:


Help you loose weight. Associated with the underworld. Helping with seeing the third eye. Astral projection.


IRead More +

Earth smoke

Earth smoke is an annual plant abundantly present practically everywhere on land. It is commonly found in between crops and plants. It belongs to the family Fumariaceae. It is also known as Beggarry, common fumitory, and fumus. Its natural habitat is Wastelands and fields. It is native in Britain and Europe. In medicine, it has diuretic and laxative properties. It is used to help the liver and also for gallbladder difficulties.


Earth smoke will:


Help clear away bad vibrations. Clear away negative energy. Aid use in ritual spells.



In largeRead More +

Elder flowers

Elder is also known as Ellhorn, Elderberry, Lady Elder and black berried Elder. It is a Druid Sacred Tree. It is also known as the “country medicine chest” because it has numerous health uses. Traditionally, the flowers of the elder tree were used to make a tea that is good for treating coughs and irritable throats. It also used as an ingredient in making a skin cleanser and lotion.


Elder flowers will:


Help clear away bad vibrations. Clear away negative energy. Aid use in ritual spells.


The dried flowers of Elder are used for Protection and to ward ofRead More +


This herb is common in England, part of the daisy family and used as a wine ingredient. It is a large herb. It's part of the composite family. It has large sunflower blossoms, and is a real eye catcher. This herb is also a typical garden herb.  


Elecampane will:  

     Help with luck.      Times of need.



This herb is a famous magical love herb. It is used in love spells. It brings fortune in oRead More +


Eucalyptus, also known as blue gum tree and stringy bark tree, is associated with the power of the Moon and the element Water. Traditionally, Eucalyptus has been used to repel fleas and other pests and this seems to have extended into its use in magic. Eucalyptus is used for protection, purification and health. It is believed that Eucalyptus can remove evil in your home or at work.



Eucalyptus will:


·      Remove evil in your home.

·      Brings luck.


Pour boiling water over Eucalyptus leaves and let it steep until Read More +

Fennel seeds

Fennel, also known as large Fennel, sweet Fennel and wild Fennel, is a biennial or perennial herb that can be found in the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, the United States and Europe. It is used in cooking as a seasoning. It originated in the Mediterranean and was used by the ancient Egyptians.


Fennel seeds will:


·      Help with overcoming addiction

·      Times of need.

·      Breaking bad habits

·      Communication

·      Clairvoyance work

Read More +
Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek, also known as Bird’s Foot, Greek Hayseed, Watu, Methi and Hilba, is a native to the Middle East and is considered as one of the oldest medicinal plants. The plant is of masculine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury, the element Air and the deity Apollo. The seeds are a popular ingredient in the kitchen, especially in curry dishes. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to treat bronchial infections and tuberculosis, as well as cuts, wounds, sores and skin irritations. Fenugreek has also been used to induce childbirth. Fenugreek is an ingredient of an ancient oil that is believed to transform on old man into a young man.



Ferns were considered by the Druids as sacred trees and is one of the most magical herbs there are. They usually grow in the shady areas of the garden and in the house.  It is considered of masculine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Mercury, the element Air and the deities Puck and Laka. The Druids gathered the uncurled fronds of male fern during Midsummer and dried them for good luck. They also added the roots to love potions and ate the fronds when embarking on love quests.


Fennel seeds will:


·      Help with Money

·      Times ofRead More +

Fever few

Feverfew, also called Featherfoil, Rainfam, wild Quinine, Featherfoil, Bachelor's Button and Flirtwort, is an herbal medicine that has a reputation for magic. It originated in Eurasia and is now widely grown in Europe, North America, the Mediterranean and Chile.


It is of feminine gender and is associated with the power of the planet Venus and with the element Water. Feverfew is considered a powerful protection herb and is known for preventing accidents. Mix the leaves and flowers with Hyssop and Rosemary, put this into a flannel bag for this purpose.


Fennel seeds will:


·   &nbRead More +

Five Finger grass

Five Finger grass, which also goes by the name Silverweed, Torementil and Cinequefoil. It has a leaf that is divided into five segments and resembles a human hand. Five Finger grass is a popular magical ingredient and is believed to ward of evil and bring luck in matters of money and love. It is also used to ensure your lucky. Gamblers typically combine Five Finger grass with ginger root because they believe that it helps their skill, as long as it is something that the five fingers is capable of doing. It is one of the ingredients of Crown of Success oil and the Lucky gamblers hand-wash. For good luck, Five Finger grass oil may be made with three large Five Finger grass plant's, a fRead More +

Flax seed

Flax is a poisonous herb and also goes by the name Linseed. It is used in rituals to the Teutonic goddess Hulda who is believed to have taught man to cultivate Flax by weaving it into cloth.


Flax seeds will:


Protect babies. Love, money, peace and healing.


Magical uses...


Mix flax and mustard seeds and place this mixture next to your bed while sleeping for protection. A pan of cold water must also be placed on the opposite side of the bed. Flax seeds are also used for money, beauty, peace and healing.


Read More +
Garlic cloves (Ajo Japones)

Garlic is an edible herb and a common culinary ingredient. It is believed to have originated from Siberia, and then spread to the Mediterranean, Rome, Greece and Egypt. Garlic has been known for centuries as an herb that helps ward off evil. It was popular in European witchcraft and has made considerable inroads in the African-American community. Garlic is associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.


Garlic will help to:


Protect against visitors. Increase speed, strength and getting things done. Cleanse the blood. Aid in health. Reduce swelling aRead More +
Gentian root chips

Gentian is an herb that grows in mountainous regions. There is documentary evidence to show that this herb has been used for over 2,000 years primarily in digestive bitters and teas.

Gentian also goes by the name Bitter Root, yellow Gentian and Hochwurzel. It is considered a masculine plant and has been associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.


Gentian will:


Help with your love life.


Gentian is known for its love drawing quality. It may be added to love baths and sachets.


Some people will make a teaRead More +

Ginger root (Jamaica Ginger)

Ginger root is used to bring good luck. Ginger is also an ingredient in some spells for success.


Ginger root will:


Attract money. Heat up love spells.


Magical uses...


Ginger root’s essential oil is also used in attracting blends for sexuality, love, courage and money. Some believe that eating Ginger before performing a spell will increase your power as you have already been “heated up” by it. Plant whole Ginger roots or sprinkle Ginger into your pockets or on your money to attract Read More +

Gravel root chips

The other name for the Gravel root is “Joe Pye weed’, this is a perennial herb which is abundant in most of North America’s moist areas. The herb has been associated with both medicinal and magical cures.



Gravel root chips will help to...

Get work Get favor from the boss




Medical uses... The plant has several medicinal uses, some of them are; the treatment of various kidney ailmentRead More +

Hawthorn berries, whole

The Hawthorn berries have the power to offer protection for your home and bring you joy. It is one of the best decorations for a maypole. It is considered essential in the improvement of fertility and is common in ritual groves, wedding events and celebrations for the May Day.  



Hawthorn berries will help to...

Protect the home. Personal protection. Increase blood flow to major body organs including brain and heart.
Holly Leaves

Most of the former occupants of Europe considered the tree sacred. In the modern day England, the tree maintains its fresh green color amidst the white field that result from frost and snow. The tree creates beautiful scenery due to its smooth, fresh green, healthy and shiny leaves. The plant is known by various names, for instance, the residents of Norfolk refer to it as Hulver, and those in Dartmoor and Devon-Holme refer to it as Holmes Chase while some refer to it as Christ’s thorn.  



Holly leaves will help to...

ProRead More +
Honeysuckle flowers

The Honeysuckle flower can also be referred to as Woodbine or Goat’s leafs. It grows naturally in the Northern Hemisphere and has a vine that twins to other plants, its flowers have a nice scent and exude sugary nectar. The scent has been widely used in the manufacture of perfumes since time immemorial. The flower’s gender is male; it is closely related to the power of planets such as Earth and Jupiter.  



Honeysuckle flowers help to...

Fulfilment of wishes. Offering protection.
Hops flowers, whole

The Hops flower can alternatively be referred to as Beer flowers as they are used in that brewing of beer as flavoring that gives beer a bitter and tangy taste, another use is in magic. This is a plant of the vine family which grows tall as the season goes on. The origin has been traced back to the 8th or 9th century on which it was extensively cultivated in various places in Europe and Bohemia. The herb is perennial and has been closely linked to planet Mars’ power, Hypno, deities Thoth , Hygeia and Isis.



Hop flowers help to...


It can also be called Soldier’s tea, Horehound or Houndsbane. The Horehound is just one of the wide varieties of Mint Family that are planted all over North America and Europe.  



Horehound helps to...

To treat various throat conditions Keeping of animals from the compound Protecting the home Guarding against spells and magic Healing, creativity and balance

 Read More +

Huckleberry leaves

The plant has several other names that include Airelle, Whinberry, Biliary Bark, Bleaberry and Whortleberry. The plant is part of the Vacciniaceae family which is closely related to White Heather. It naturally grows as a bush in Europe, North America and Asia. This is a female plant that is closely related to element water and Venus, the planet.  



Huckleberry leaves will help you to...

Bringing good luck in dreams. Making some dreams come real. Read More +

This is among the many members of the mint family. The color of hyssop shrub is green while the leaves are aromatic. Hyssop has been referenced in the Bible as a cleansing plant. In hoodoo after any adverse magical spell hyssop can be used as a herbal bath to purify the body.  



Hyssop will help to...

Making liquors. Enhancing taste if dishes. Improves digestion of animal fats. Spiritual bath.
Irish moss

The Irish moss can also be referred to as Carrageen. It is a real moss has a structure resembling a dry leaf such as that of common seaweed in the north known as Chondrus crispus. The Irish moss is quite common in parts of North America and Europe that border the Atlantic Ocean. The plant’s gender is taken as female and closely linked to power planet Saturn and the moon as well as element water.



Irish moss will help to...


Enhance health as a food supplement. Bringing luck to gamblers. AttractiRead More +
Garlic cloves (Ajo Japones)

Garlic is an edible herb and a common culinary ingredient. It is believed to have originated from Siberia, and then spread to the Mediterranean, Rome, Greece and Egypt. Garlic has been known for centuries as an herb that helps ward off evil. It was popular in European witchcraft and has made considerable inroads in the African-American community. Garlic is associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.


Garlic will help to:


Protect against visitors. Increase speed, strength and getting things done. Cleanse the blood. Aid in health. Reduce swelling aRead More +
Gentian root chips

Gentian is an herb that grows in mountainous regions. There is documentary evidence to show that this herb has been used for over 2,000 years primarily in digestive bitters and teas.

Gentian also goes by the name Bitter Root, yellow Gentian and Hochwurzel. It is considered a masculine plant and has been associated with the power of the planet Mars and the element Fire.


Gentian will:


Help with your love life.


Gentian is known for its love drawing quality. It may be added to love baths and sachets.


Some people will make a teaRead More +

Ginger root (Jamaica Ginger)

Ginger root is used to bring good luck. Ginger is also an ingredient in some spells for success.


Ginger root will:


Attract money. Heat up love spells.


Magical uses...


Ginger root’s essential oil is also used in attracting blends for sexuality, love, courage and money. Some believe that eating Ginger before performing a spell will increase your power as you have already been “heated up” by it. Plant whole Ginger roots or sprinkle Ginger into your pockets or on your money to attract Read More +

Gravel root chips

The other name for the Gravel root is “Joe Pye weed’, this is a perennial herb which is abundant in most of North America’s moist areas. The herb has been associated with both medicinal and magical cures.



Gravel root chips will help to...

Get work Get favor from the boss




Medical uses... The plant has several medicinal uses, some of them are; the treatment of various kidney ailmentRead More +

Knots weed

This is a weed that grows naturally in many parts of Southern America. It is a perennial grass that is female in gender and linked to planet Saturn.  



Knots weed helps to...

Treat nosebleeds. Relieve from infections in the urinary tract. Bring relief from sore throats. Treat vaginal inflammations. Reduce mucus membrane inflammation (Intestinal) Reduce of flatulence and gastrointestinal discomfort.




Medical uses... This is a natural medicinRead More +

Lavender flowers

Lavender has several identities including Nardus, Elf leaf and Nard. Lavender originated in Mediterranean regions and has become a much liked herb due to its nice scent. The flowers of holy essence, in the medieval ages



Lavender flower help to...

Promote love and related issues Draw potential lovers closer Bring faithfulness into the marriage Maintain peace in the home



Lemon grass leaves

Lemongrass has a fragrance that resembles a lemon’s; however, it does not have any genetic relationship with the lemon. Most of the Asian countries use it to cook meals for special occasion and as a medicine. There are others who make use of the plant in improving their love. The plant is hardy enough too grown in all soil types.



Lemon grass will help you to...

Get protection. Repel evil powers. Improve your divine abilities and psychic abilities.
Lemon leaves

The origin of lemon plants is not known, but, they are native to Asia. It is demanded for both non-culinary and culinary purposes. The plant is used as food in which it is considered important in the cure of several diseases and also in magic. Lemon has antiseptic properties and this has made it a very popular antiseptic in some parts of Asia, in addition to that, it has got antidotes that detoxify some poisons. The plant has always been associated with element water and the moon’s power.



Lemon leaves will help to...

Get a new loveRead More +
Lemon mint (Bergamot mint)

The lemon is also called the Bergamot mint or false lemon balm; it has the fragrance of a lemon. The use of the herb has been traced back to the Parts of Southern and central Europe. However, now it is grown abundantly in the North West parts of the United States. Note that, this lemon mint is not identical to the bergamot that is found in the Earl Grey Tea which belongs to the citrus family. But their scent is somehow similar



Lemon mint will help to...

Give encouragement. Balance the spirit.
Lemon verbena

The Lemon Verbena has several names that include Cedron, Yerba Louisa and Lemon Beebrush. The herb belongs to the family Verbena which originate in various parts of South America including Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The herb has various uses including being a culinary ingredient for bringing that lemon flavouring to various foods especially the beverages. In Morocco, a special tea is prepared while including the Lemon verbena leaves in order to give lemon flavour. The herb is a common additive to the herbal medicines that are used to cure various diseases due to its antioxidant qualities. Lemon verbena is male and has always beeRead More +

Life Everlasting, yellow

This herb is known by several names, some of them include White Balsam, Chafe Weed, Pearly Everlasting and Indian Posy.  The name is used to refer to plants that make up a plant family known as the Daisy family; their major characteristic is stiff and long lasting flower bracts. The herb originates in the United States but has now become common all over the world. It has been in use for both medicinal and Magical uses.... A community of Indians known as Potawatomi Indians used to burn and smoke the flowers to send off the evil spirits.



Life EvRead More +

Liquorice root

The herb is considered to both an herb and plant. It’s commonly used in the flavoring of foods but there are other people who use it as an herbal drug and for magic cures. The root of Licorice tree must be used in dried form. The first candies were made using Licorice. The process was quite simple then, simply boiling the Licorice and then adding some sugar and anise oil after a while. Note that, the announce oil is added to improve the taste of the licorice root since its original taste is quite delicate. For people with sweet tooth, they may ease the condition by chewing the Licorice root.



Read More +
Little John to Chew

The powder can also be referred to as Chewing John or Galangal, its origins have been traced to java and China. The plant is part of the common ginger family and its main uses include ease of stomach pains and improving digestion. It resembles the low John Root and High John Root but its main distinguishing feature is the sweet gingerly taste that is equally considered to have magical powers, you chew the herb and swallow the juices. In the past, people used to believe it is aphrodisiac while in India; it was used as a powerful perfume for various occasions. This is a pants gender is male and has the power of planet mars as well as elemeRead More +

Little John to Chew - powder

This is a member of the larger ginger family


The other name for the herb is Galangal and Chewing John.  John to chew belongs to the family of ginger. The mains use of the herb in offsetting the various stomach conditions and improve digestion.  There is a difference between Little John to chew and Low Root John or High John Root. Its taste is gingerly which is believed to have charm. One chews Little John and swallows the juice in order to get the magical powers. The plant has various attributes in various parts of the world where some of consider it aphrodisiac. The IndiaRead More +

Lotus root

This is a water lily which has for long time been used for sacred purposes in parts of Asia. The root is quite common among the Hindu believers who say it is linked to many of their goddesses. One of the goddesses is known as Lakshmi, she is the goddess that is associated with wealth and the goddess associated to wisdom and the art of music that is better known as Saraswati. The Buddhists have named the Lotus Sutra in honor of the plant. In the ancient Egypt, the lotus plant used to be planted in shrine gardens. Lotus is a water plant and this is the reason why it has been linked to water magic as well as planet Venus and the moon. When Read More +

Lovage root (Bo’ Hog root)

Bo’ Hog root is a herb that and grows naturally in various parts of Asia and Europe, this herb is also known as Lovage root. The root is used as an additive to various drugs. The name of the root “Lovage” has been said to have evolved from the name “love-ache.” The root has been in use for the treatment of various conditions in the body for quite a long time. It has successfully treated various conditions of the skin, reduction of fever as well as reduction of the problems that arise during menstruation.


This root has been used as a love charm for a long time. For instanceRead More +

Lucky green rice

Rice has for a long time been associated with happiness in many parts of the world. This is evident from the past practice in which rice was thrown after wedding, this was meant to bring good luck for the bride & groom.



Lucky green rice will help to...

Attract luck in all aspects of life Increase customers Increase sales Attract money to your wallet




MRead More +

Magnolia leaves

This is tree that grows naturally in various parts of North America and has been adapted and grown in many parts of the world. Magnolia is closely linked to the powers of planet Venus which is beauty; it has also been closely linked to element earth.



Magnolia will help to...

Enhance faithfulness in marriage Protect your house Purify your house




Magical uses...

Mandrake root (Maypops)

They are of two types, the Atropa genus which originates from Europe and the Podophyllum genus which is a native in the Americas. The mandrake has always been associated with European witchcraft form the middle ages up to the modern period. When the root is plucked from the ground, it makes a scream like sound. The traditions hold that any person who hears the scream like sound it makes on getting plucked, they will die. This has the many people believe that the mandrake is indeed holy. In some past time, the harvesters used trained the dogs to uproot the Mandrake roots form the soil to spare them from the unexpected death that is associRead More +


The scientific name for the herb is Origanum majorana, the herb has been named various good names most of them after the pleasure of mountains, winter sweet. This plant has high sensitivity during the cold weather seasons. The Marjoram has two major flavors namely its pine flavors and citrus. The plant grows in the regions that surround the Mediterranean, it is also found in other areas such as the Middle East. Many people cultivate the Marjoram for culinary uses and this mostly uses the Marjoram leaves regardless whether they are raw or dried. The Marjoram leaves and flowers are also used in thyme production of on oil with a yellow color when still fresh and become darker as its age progRead More +

Master of the Woods

Another name for the herb is Asperula Odorata. However, it has several regional names such as Woodward, sweet woodruff, woodruff and waldmeister. This plant is grown can grow up to a height of 15 inches; furthermore, it grows in clumps. It has flowers that produce an aroma resembling that of hay, it grows much stronger as the flowers dry up. The goodness is, the aroma will last for many years. The main distinguishing feature is the small white flowers, green leaves and thin stalk. These give it an appearance similar to that of the stars. The Master of the woods grows in only shaded areas of the forest.


Master Root Pieces

This root has several names such as Imperatoria ostruthium and Peucedanum ostruthium. The most common name for the herb however is masterwort. The plant grows best in the meadows and several parts of the semi  arid regions. The plant is mainly used for culinary purposes, it this case it is used to flavour several liquors and bitter drinks. The Master Root pieces have several other properties that have not been highlighted here


The plant is very common in Europe where it is identified through the spiky blooms and small star shaped flowers. However, there are instances that the fRead More +


This is a flowering plant that is mostly grown for its aromatic qualities. Mint does not mean one plant but rather a genus of flowering plants which are grown in various parts of the globe including Australia, Europe, Africa, North America as well as Asia. They are quite distinct from the rest of the plants as they have leaves that spread out widely, additionally; they have strong stems which take a square shape. They have leaves that grow that take up an opposite pattern on the stems and then take up various colors such as yellowish, purplish, greenish-grey and dark green. The flower’s hue ranges from purple to white. They grow up to Read More +


In the past, the name used to make reference to santalaceae and European mistletoe which were the only species Europe. A type of mistletoe known as Viscum album has oval green leaves that have a smooth edge which grow in pairs all over the stem, and sticky berries that grow in clusters of around six. Mistletoe is a name that defines hemi parasitic plants which is in contrary to the personality that has been attributed to the traditional associated with iRead More +

Mojo Beans (Saint Joseph Beans)

There are some people who have the belief that the beans make peoples wishes come true. This is the reason why they are also called the African wishing beans. They are fava beans, broad beans, for short. In Sicilian Culture in New Orleans, USA and various parts of the world, the beans are placed in their personal altars during Saint Joseph’s feast day. As Saint Joseph is associated with helping one sell a home. It is recommended that the beans are placed on the two corners of one's entrance. This will help aid the sale of the home. The beans are a gift from god. There is a secret Roman Catholic custom that has is closely related to Saint Joseph altar. On annual basis, the SiciRead More +


Another formal name for Motherwort is Leonurus cardiaca. However, it has several informal names that include Lion’s tail, Throw-wort and Lion’s ear. The plant has various features that will help in you distinguish it from the rest of the plants. For instance, it’s stem is square and the leaves are opposite each other  and have got saw-like edges, as well they have long petioles and are palmately lobed.


The flowers grow on the leaves that are on the plant’s upper part in specific times of the year, August and June. They are small in size and are coloured pink or lilac and have fRead More +

Mugwort (Artemisia) herb

This herb is native to the Britons, Asians, North Africans, Alaskans and some Europeans especially those who live in temperate climates. It grows to a height of 0.9meters, has dark-green leaves and purple stalks. It has an erect stem with purplish-red tinge. The flowers are quite small measuring just half a centimetre long and dark-red or yellowish petals. The flowers are symmetrical and numerous, spreading out.


The herb has various names such as Old Man, Felon Herb, Sailor’s Tobacco, Wild Wormwood Artemisia vulgaris and Common Mugwort.  


The scientific name for Mullein is Verbascum thapsus, the herb has been used in Europe since time immemorial but the use has been adopted by residents of Australia and America. The plant grows to a height of more than two meters. The flowers are small and grow in large numbers on the leaves of the plant which sprout from all over the stem. The plant grows in various habitats.






Mullein has does well in all soils and its requirements can be met quite easily, for instance, it does well in areas that have been affected bRead More +


Nettle can also be called stinging nettle or Urtica dioica. It is a perennial herb the bear’s flower and is native to North America, North Africa, Europe and Asia; it is among the most common members of genus Urtica which features nettles. The nettle has hairs on its stems and leaves that produce a painful sting when they get in contact with the human and animal skin. The stings then inject some substance that creates a stinging sensation which makes one really uncomfortable.


Nettle will help to...

Treat muscles and joints.
Nutmeg, whole

The name Nutmeg is also used when making reference to the nutmeg tree’s seeds. It is quite easy to identify the seed in that it is oval shaped but more like the hen’s eggs, it has dimensions of two to three centimetres in length and 1.5 to 1,8 centimetres in width. The seed is quite heavy when compared to ordinary seeds as it weighs five to ten grams when dry.



The scientific name for Oregano is Origanum vulgare. This is a well known species that belongs to genus Origanum and mint family. The herb is native to Eurasia and the surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea. This is perennial plant which grows up to 0.8 meter tall. The leaves are thick and slightly oval with a length of 9cm, most of the time; they are look like the human heart and are kind of hairy with saw like margins. Oregano has purple flowers that with a length of approximately 4 cm. They have sharp spikes. The calyx has the shape of a bell with a smooth throat, two lips where the one on the top has an oval shape and Read More +

Passion flower


The scientific name for this plant is Passiflora incarnata. This is a real passion flower, wild passion vine and wild apricot with a quick growing vine that intertwines to other plants for support as it has very weak stems. It has big flowers that have prominent stamens and styles. In the US it’s among the most common plants.


In South America, passion flower is native, in Europe, it has been introduced and farmers can now cultivate it freely. The plant is perennial and clings to trees with a strong support since its stem is slightly weak to support the other partRead More +


The scientific name for the Patchouli is Pogostemon cablin. This is a species of herb that belongs to the well known mint family. It has erect stems that can be as high as 2-3 feet. Patchouli bears relatively small flowers that have a pinkish-white colour. In Asia, the plant is a native and these days, due to the high demand, it is being artificially cultivated in various Asian countries that include Vietnam, Philippines, China, India, Taiwan, Mauritius and Indonesia.



Patchouli will help to... Keep away insects Make skin healthy

Peach tree leaves


The scientific name for Peach tree is Prunus persica. This is a deciduous tree that is native to the Chinese who were the first people to grow it. By referring to it as persica, we mean that it is being extensively cultivated by the Persians in their homeland Persia. Europeans acquired it from the Persians. It has been sub classified to subgenre Amygdalus, the distinguishing feature from the other subgenera is the seed, it is corrugated while the other is not. There are stories of Peaches from nearly 10 century BC which means they have been used for a very long time.



Pennyroyal leaves



By saying Pennyroyal, we are referring to two members of the mint family, better known as Lamiaceae. The first type called European pennyroyal or rather Mentha pulegium belongs to the a genus known as mint which lies within the Lamiaceae family . When the pennyroyal leaves are crushed, they produce a strong like that of spearmint in that it is equally strong as the rather. Pennyroyal herb is a folk remedy, abortifacient and traditional culinary plant. Among the most significant use of the herb is in aromatherapy, it has been proven to contain pulegone, this is a very toxic natural substaRead More +

Peony root slices


This is a very hardy flower that is rather common among the Chinese since it is native to them. However, it does grow wild in other parts of the world such as the southern parts of Europe, some people use it for beautification of gardens other that as medicine. This is a hardy herb that does best in loam soils. However, it is quite delicate and should not be grown in frosty areas as it will not do well or can even fail completely. The root should be picked from the soil during the autumn when the plant is more that two years old. Then the bark of the root will be stripped and detoxified for human consumption by boiling Read More +

Pepper, black


The scientific name for the Black Pepper is Piper nigrum. It can be defined as a flowering plant that belongs to the vine family which is simply known as piperaceae, the plant is grown as its fruit has various benefits, it is used in spicing and seasoning food when dried. A dry black pepper is known as peppercorn and has a diameter of half a centimetre. A fully mature black pepper has a red colour and contains one seed just like the drupes. Whichever the form you use them, either as peppercorn or powder form, they are still known as pepper. The black pepper is native to parts of such as China and the southern parts; it hRead More +



Periwinkle has been named Catharanthus roseus, its common name is Madagascar periwinkle. It has been grown and used in Madagascar from time immemorial and has been classified into species Cathatranthus, the periwinkle has been given various other scientific names including Ammocalis Rosea, Lochnera Rosea and Vinca Rosea. It also has various English names to which it is commonly referred to; they include Old Maid, Cape Periwinkle, and Rose Periwinkle. The plant is currently facing extinction in Madagascar as it is getting eliminated from the natural settings. The extinction results from the clearing of forests as well as burning in order to pave way fro cuRead More +

Pine needles


Pine means a wide variety of trees that belong to genus Pinus, family Pinaceae and sub family known as Pinaceae. It is estimated that the entire pine family has a nearly 155 species, there has been some disagreement by the relevant authorities with some saying they are 105 and 125 respectively.


Pines are said to have more than four varieties of pine leaves in which pine needles are inclusive. The adult leaves are usually green and bundled in one to six. Each of the fascicle grows out of a bud which originates in leave’s axils. Through the life of the plant, the bud scalesRead More +

Plantain leaf


The plantains are contrasted to the bananas in that, they originated in India, and here they were being cultivated from as early as 500 BC. Then their cultivation has spread to Africa via Madagascar during trade. By the 100BC, plantains were being cultivated by the Japanese and Samoans. The spread further continued to the Latin and Caribbean’s by the 1500AD. The plantains have continued spreading to various tropics since the time and these days they are present in all continents


Plantain will help to...

Correct and Read More +
Poppy flowers

Poppy has been a planted in many people’s gardens due to its beauty and attractiveness. In other times, the poppies are used in the commemoration and remembrance of soldiers who lose their lives during wars. The flowers have four to six petals that have a varied color and at times markings. Prior to blooming, the petals are attached to the bud in clusters and after blooming, they then lie flat and thereafter fall away. Stamens are in the center of the flowers.


Poppies will come out in various forms and have been growing in many parts of the world such as china, IndRead More +

Poppy seeds

A poppy seed is obtained from a poppy of opium plant. They are kidney shaped and are obtained from dried pods of opium. The use of these seeds has a long history. There are two main ways that people can use the opium seeds, one of them is grinding and preparing food using it while the other one is pressing them so as to obtain oil.


The history of opium use is quite long, it has been discovered that in the past the Sumerians used it to extensively, this has is evident from their artifact that date back to more that 4000 BC. In Egypt, the use has been proved by the scrolls thaRead More +

Quassia root chips



The Quassian plant has various names and they include Quassa excels of Linnaeus, Simaruba excels of De candole, Lofty Quassia, Bitter Quassia and Bitter Wood. There are claims in some legend that, the plant was named after a slave and that this is the only naming of such. The legend has it that, back in the 18th Century, favours were quite prevalent condition all over the world. The a slave named Quassia got the powers of treating the disease and this was a great relieve as several had succumbed to the disease. Then a Swedish whose name was Daniel Rolander discovered the plant that the sRead More +

Queen Elizabeth root, powder

Orris root, also known as Queen Elizabeth, root is a name that signifies three roots namely; Iris Florentina, Iris pallida and Iris germanica. In the former western societies, it was commonly used as a prescription for a range of conditioned by the herbalists. However, these days, its use has been shifted from medical to cosmetic in that it is an important ingredient in the manufacture of perfumes these days. There are instances that it is used in the manufacture of some varieties of gin. Another common use is, as a fixative for potpourri.



One of the most fragrant species of Orris that is used for culinary purposes oriRead More +

Queen Elizabeth root, whole

The root can alternatively be called Orris root, this is a collective term that refers to three roots namely; Iris pallida, Iris germanica and Iris florentina.  In the western, the former herbalists made a wide application of the herb when treating their clients. However, these days, it s main use is in making perfumes in which it is used as a base and fixative, in some instances, it is used in the processing of some types of gin. It has also been rated among the most common potpourri fixative.



The powder that is obtained from orris root and is used for culinary purpoRead More +

Raspberry Leaves

The raspberry leaves are obtained from the rasp berry plant; they have a light green color. A raspberry plant is a shrub with straight stems, prickly canes and perennial roots. Some variety of the plants are single producing while others are multi-producers, which can affect how often the leaves are useable for teas and tonics.


Raspberry leaves will help to...


Shorten labor in women. Ease childbirth. Prevent miscarriage. Reduce menstrual pains. Stimulate adrenaline production. Increase production of milk. Promote fertility in both sexes.
Rattlesnake Master

Rattlesnake Master in is among the well known perennial plants that area herbaceous in nature, it has been growing in America since time immemorial. For instance, the Rattlesnake Master is quite common in the US; here it is common in Florida, Texas, Ohio and several other areas. In Chicago, it has a high coefficient of conservatism, 9.


It grows quite high, up to 1.8 meters. Rattlesnake Master leaves have a length ranging from 0.15-1 meter bat the width is relatively small,  less than three centimetres. The leaf margins are bristly and pointed on the fore end. TRead More +

Red Pepper flakes


Red Pepper Flakes are also known as Crushed Red pepper. The crushed red pepper is made out of the hot and dry red pepper and is has various ingredients that include cayenne, ancho, bell as well other species of the red peppers that have been dried and seasoned specially There should be care so as not to confuse the red peppers with the red bell peppers, you should note that the red bell peppers are very sweet and require very heat. Quite often there are a large number of seeds and this makes the food really hot. Among the Italians, the crushed red peppers are equally used as salt is, this is evident from the wide use ofRead More +

Red Pepper pods



The red pepper belongs to a plant species known as Capsicum which is thought to originate in Central or South America. In the Central and South America region, the Red pepper grows abundantly. These days, the pepper has spread all over the subtropical and tropical region in America and now grows in abundance. The species are in the present times native to a wide area in the Central America region as well as the Western and Northern regions of the South American continent. It is believed that the American pepper species are predecessors to the Chinese peppers.




When the pod of Capsicum frutescens Read More +

Rose buds

Roses are classified into genus Rosa and under family Rosaceae. They are woody and perennial, we have more 100 types of Roses, each has different features but the basic ones are identical all over the species. On the overall, they are part of a large group of shrubs that grow straight, the may cling to other plants for support. Their stems have pricks to arm them from enemies. The Rose flowers are quite large and mainly have three colors, red, white and yellow. However, the tones of the colors may vary. A large number of the species are said to be native to Asia, the rest are native to North Africa, Europe and North America. Most of theRead More +

Rose petals

Roses are woody and perennial plants that have been classified to the genus Rosa and under the family Rosaceae. In overall, there are more than 100 different roses. Roses have various characteristics that distinguish them from other groups of plant species in that they are erect and have weak stems that get support by climbing on plants and other stable structures; they have pricks on their stems as a protective measure against animals. Rose flowers are slightly large and may be either red, yellow on pink. Most of the roses are native to Asia, but there are others that are native to Europe, North America and North Africa. Most people grRead More +

Rosemary leaves



Rosemary’s official name is Rosmarinus officinalis. It is a perennial herb that has evergreen, needle shaped leaves. It has brightly coloured flowers, usually pink, red on yellow.  The flowers are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean region. It is one of the many members of from the mint family better known as Lamiaceae.


Rosemary belongs to genus Rosmarinus which has only two species. The origin of the name Rosemary is traced back to Latin where it can be translated to simply, mean “dew of the sea”. The name came about due to Read More +


The name Rue is also known as (Ruta) this is a strongly perfumed subshrubs that grows 20-60 centimeters tall. There are 8 to 40 varieties of this evergreen. The Rue is also referred to as Herb-of-Grace. Frequently it's planted as an ornamental plant within gardens, especially due to its lovely leaves. The Rue is suppose to help menstruation an also any urine problems. Rue was also used in ancient times as an abortion inducer. In Brazil the Rue is used in homemade herbal cough medicine. Early doctors regarded Rue a fantastic protection against bugs. In Europe you can get rue from any garden centre or look in woods.


As a magical herb, people carry a pinch of it anRead More +


Safflower petals are used for making vegetable oil, it also has plenty of Mars in it, since it has many spines and the yellow flowers contain iron. It's a extremely branched, herbaceous, thistle-like herb.


Safflower will:


Help attract a gay lover.


The Chinese associate the actual red colorization of with blood, which suits Mars nicely; this kind of botanical herb can be used in order help poor blood circulation as well as women's time of the month!


This herb should be avoided when pregnant. The dried out saffloRead More +


Safflower, whoever botanic name is actually Carthamus tinctorius D., is really a family member Compositae or Asteraceae. It's a extremely branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual. It really is commercially grown regarding veggie oil extracted from the actual seed products. Vegetation is Thirty in order to One hundred fifty cm (12 to be able to Fifty nine inside) high together with globular flower heads possessing yellow, orange, or even reddish flowers. Each and every department will usually possess coming from one to five floral mind that contains 15-20 seeds for each brain. Safflower is actually indigenous to dry conditions having seRead More +


Sage has been given the scientific name Salvia officinalis. This is an evergreen plant that has hard stems, grey like leaves and flowers whose colours range from purple to blue. Sage falls within the family Lamiaceae and has been grown in the Mediterranean region since time immemorial. However, it is being cultivated in many parts of the world these days. Sage has long history in the medical and culinary fields, the modern world recognizes it more for beautification purposes rather than medical ones, the name is used to refer to various related and non related species.


Read More +
Sampson snake roots


Sampson snake root has various names; the main ones are Striped Gentian and Gentiana Villosa. This is an herbaceous plant that has been classified into genus Gentiana. It’s native to the eastern parts of the US and has been relied on in the cure of various disease by many of the native American tribes. Sampson snake grows to a height of approximately two feet, with Lancelot leaves which are much wider in the middle and above. The leaves bear a dark green colour and are very shiny when looked at under the suns light. Sampson snake has flowers that have clustered at its terminal bud, they leave bear a white colour but hRead More +

Sassafras root chips



Sassafras has a long history that dates back to 1574 when it was discovered by some Spanish travelers. The Spanish explorers associated the plant with the cure of malaria, fever, chills and related conditions. This gave the plant its name, “ague tree”. It had various applications among the ancient cultures, for instance, the North American Indians used it to cure sexually transmitted diseases, rheumatism, chills, colds and as a tonic for women after giving birth One of the most common products produced by the tree has been named Salep and has found wide applications in the beverage industry in AmeriRead More +

Self heal leaves



The self heal plant is very common in the United Kingdom and various parts of Europe. It grows abundantly in fields and waste ground. However, the plant does well in calm undisturbed environments those in disturbed environments.

However, it will be relatively easy to distinguish it from the other members as it has flowering stalks, which many member of the order don’t have. Its flowers are arranged into regular patterns of tiers and whorls where each has six flower that don’t feature stalks, in addition, their support is provided by braRead More +

Seneca snake root (milkwort, rattlesnake root)



Seneca root is native to Canada. The Seneca root grows abundantly in the open grasslands and extends to parts of the United States. The name came about from the Indians who used it in the treatment of snake bites and since then, various countries have adopted its use. There are evidences that some of nations used the Seneca root to treat, bronchitis, respiratory problems, stomach ache and headache. These days, it has been used in the manufacture of drugs that reduce the quantity of phlegm in the respiratory system. Seneca snakerRead More +

Senna leaf



Senna is a general term that includes flowers the have been classified into genus flowering plants under Fabaceae family and Caesalpinioideae sub family. The genus is common in all tropics and quite a small number grow in the temperate regions. The total number of the species is approximately 260. However, some botanists have argued that they are nearly 350.



The senna are shrubs or subshrubs which may become scadent if they grow wherRead More +

Senna pods

Senna has various names such as Tinnevelly Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Senna alexandrina, Senna cassia, and Khartoum Senna. Senna is a small plant which grows naturally in northern African forests but has been adopted for commercial purposes in various countries. The pods are common in the cure of various diseases as they contain active ingredients that help in the alleviation of such. Senna pod has various ingredients that include albumen, rhein-dianthrone diglycerides, sodium and potassium salts, hydroxyanthracene glycosides, aglycones and glycosides, dianthrone glycosides, volatile oil, starch, mono anthraquinone, resin, mucilage a repRead More +

Skullcap herb



The scientific name for skullcap herb is cutellia laterifolia. However, it has various other street names such as blue skullcap, mad-dog cap,Virginian skullcap and hedworth. It is a perennial herb which grows naturally in North America and belonging to the famous mint family. Skull cap grows straight to a height of 0.6 – 0.8 meters. The herb prefers wet areas and thus grows next to meadows, marshes as well as other wet habitats. The flowers measure less that one centimetre and are blue in colour. Unlike most of the plants, the skull cap’s flowers sprout out of the side branches that emerge from leafRead More +

Snake weed (Bistort, Smart Weed)



The plant is used both as a food and a drug. This is one of the strongest herbal medicines around. It is prescribed for various conditions and diseases. They are used to control bleeding, both the internal and external without creating any side effects for the user. These days, the use of snakeweed as an astringent has been superseded by foreign substitute products. It has the power to heal various waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. Bistort root will help to…


Read More +
Solomon’s seal root chips


For many people, on hearing of the magick and the Solomon seal, all that they imagine or think of are the miraculous pentacles of King Solomon or the wonderful seal that king Solomon used when capturing the evil spirits, storing them in a jar and keeping control over them. However, this is a quite different case and this will be confirmed by all with adequate experience when in herbal roots.


This is a flowering plant that falls within the Rosaceae family, formerly known as Liliaceae before scientific nomenclature was revised. It has a slim, Read More +

Spanish moss

Scientifically known as Tillandsia usneoides, the Spanish Moss is a flowering plant which grows upon much large trees but is not parasitic. It commonly grows on Quercus  virginiana  or simply the Southern live Oak and Bald Cypress which has been given a scientific name Taxodium distichum which grow in parts of the US.


Spanish moss is quite close to the beard lichen or simply Usnea, the two have no close biological relationship as many imagine, neither is the Spanish lichen part of the lichens or mosses, the name was given to if for the appearance it has that resembles licRead More +


The spikenard has several other names that include; Nardostachys grandiflora, nard, muskroot, and Nardostachys jatamansi. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the famous valerian family and is native to Himalayas, China, Nepal and India. It grows up to a height of one meter and bears pink colored flowers. Nard does best it altitudes of approximately 3000-5000m. It has rhizomes which when crushed and distilled form deep aromatic oil with an amber color, the oil is quite thick. It has various uses in medicine.


The herb has been in use for many years all over the world, forRead More +

Squaw vine (Partridge Berry) Herb

This is an evergreen herb that grows to a maximum length of one foot and has white stem, the stem depends on other plants and structures form support as it is a trailer. The stem will take up the shape of a mat as it grows sue to its ability to massively hug. Squaw vine’s flowers are white and commonly appear in doubles. The flowers then mature to form small scarlet colored berries.


The squaw vine is so attractive that it makes the dull floor very beautiful to look at inn all seasons. The herb spreads out on the bare ground giving the natural green look; many people have opted to keep it in their residences to give them a natural cool look all through the yearRead More +

Star Anise


The star anise has been given several identities that include Illicium verum, Chinese star anise, and star aniseed. It is a spice that closely resembles anise in taste; it is taken from the pericap of the Illicium verum which grows abundantly all over southern China as well as Northern Vietnam. Star anise in made up of anethole, which the ingredient behind the flavour of other anise, In modern pastry, star anise has dominated baking and liquor production in the Western despite its high pricing. One such liquor is Galliano. Other uses of star anise are the production of sambuca and other absinthe types. The star anise has been said to add taste to meat. In Asia, the IndianRead More +

Success Herbs

In the practice of Hoodoo (a traditional form of folk magic), herbs play an important role in success spell work. These herbs are commonly used to blend in oils, spiritual oils, sprays, powders, floor washes, anointing oils and finally in a mojo bag which is carried on the person like a charm. A mojo bag includes personal artifacts such as hair, photos and any other personal possessions.


For those that practice hoodoo a success herb can be used for:

Good luck in gambling. General good luck in life. Success spells dedicated to a saint. (if carrying out a saint ritual) Good fortune in business.

&Read More +

Sumac Berry

Sumac berry is one of 250 species of plants that belong to the genus of flowering plants known as Rhus, and falling within the family Anacardirceae. Sumacs do well in the sub-tropical regions that have moderate temperature such as North America and Most parts of Africa. Sumacs comprise small trees and shrubs that grow to a height of 1-10 meters. They have spirally leaves which are connately compound. However, some of the species are simple or trifoliate leaves. The flower of the Sumac berry can grow to a length of 2-12 inches and are small in size. They have petals that vary in color, from red, green, white, red though to yellow. The flower then produces fruits that from in heavy cluRead More +


Tansy grows naturally all over Europe and Asia. However, it is more abundant in Europe than in Asia with exception of Siberia and a number of the Mediterranean Islands. It is said that, the early Greeks was fore in planting tansy for medical purposes. In the 16th Century, it gained prominence among the Britons and this is evident from the massive cultivation in the period.


Tansy will help to…  

Health. Binding for life. Longevity and imRead More +
Ten Bark (Cinchona) Chips

The ten bark tree has a woody stem and many branches. The trees differs from shrubs in that, it has no lower branches and grows much bigger that the rather. In the case of the cinchona tree, the bark protects the inner parts of the trunk from mechanical damage and is full of dead cell. The main role of the bark is provision of protection to inner delicate tissues which are involved in transportation of water and mineral salts all over the tree. The bark has to allow breathing of the inner parts of the plant and as such have minute pores which allow diffusion of gases in and out of the plant. As the tree gets older, the bark grows much tRead More +




In the past, the Egyptians used thyme to embalm corpses of special people especially those who belonged to the higher social class. The Greeks used it in their bathrooms and temples, they associated it with courage. In the later years, rhyme use was spread all over Europe. There are claims that the use of the herb was spread so quickly through Europe as by the Romans as the used it to give their rooms a nice aroma and also for purification inn the shrines. Thyme requires some of the best conditions in order to grow well. For instance, it is best cultivated in well drRead More +

Tonka bean ( Love wishing bean)

For some people, the Tonka bean has been associated with planet Venus or beauty due to its nice smell. As well, this has been the case for those who use it in money and love magick spells. However, a number have associated it to Jupiter due to its encouraging properties. Despite the Tonka bean being a modern generation herb, its is not common among the European magick styles but has been common as an hoodoo.   The popularity of the Tonka bean is attributed to its nice smell that can be said to include hay smell, cloves, vanilla and some cinnamon, as well as almonds. This is a magiRead More +

Vandal root (Valerian root) chips





Vandal root produces a foul smell ands has various uses both in the magic and medical fields, it is also known as valerian root. However, it has some side effects that include fatigue and hypertension. Insomnia is very common these days since they are subjected to high levels of stress, Valerian root will solve the problem amicably. The root is a common prescription for people who suffer from lack of sleep. In addition to this, it will improve on the quality of sleep, reduce restlessness when one is asleep and improve various aspects of sleep.





Verbena (Vervain)

Verbena belongs to a genus that falls within the plant family known as Verbenaceae. The family has an approximated 250 species comprising of both perennial and annual half-woody flowering plants. A good number of these species have been growing in various parts of America such as Canada and Chile since time immemorial; they have also been growing in Europe for long time. The main of these species are Vervain officials and Vervain Supine.


Verbena has unique leaves that normally form an opposite pattern, densely populated, hairy and simple. The flowers have five petals, grow amongst spikes aRead More +

Violet leaf cut and sifted

Violet has hearth shaped leaves, when young; the leaves roll up into two coils. Violet flowers have a purple color and this has been expressed in their naming. However, they may be known as Pale Rope and Whit but in varied tones. The color variations can occur even to plants that are growing in the same garden. The flowers bear five petals that have been extended at the bases, in contrast, they also have five un-proportional petals in which the lower one has been elongated into hollow spur, the lateral petals have a centre which is hairy. Anthers have been united into tubes in the all round the capsule.


The violet flowers are insect pollinated and in this case bRead More +

Violet leaf whole

Violets and primroses have always been closely linked to infant deaths. This is of course a belief and it has been existent for a long time. Some early writers such as Shakespeare and Milton mention this in their works, Pericles and Lycidas respectively. In some areas of Gloucestershire, violets are not brought into people’s houses for fear they carry fleas. When King Napoleon of the French visited Elba, he promised to bring Violets for his people, a series of events that followed his return led to the naming of Violets the Emblem of his party, The Imperial Napoleonic Party. Violets are common in cookery even in this era. However, they are most common among the French. The Romans uRead More +

Wahoo Root Bark Chips

Wahoo is a small tree that grows to a height of 25', and produces branches that ascend at specified times. Some parts of the Wahoo tree have a layer of thin, rough bark for extra protection. These include the trunk and branches. It has both large and small branches, the smaller branches are light green and feature thin gray bark strips, the immature shoots are perfectly green. Leaves of Wahoo are oval with saw like or crenate margins. The top side of the leaves features deep green and is hairless, compared with the bottom side which is barely green as well as finely pubescent. The base of the leaves features a thin petiole measuring a length of ½”. The leaves then turnRead More +

Walnut leaf

Walnut can be referred to by many names that include Whitenut and Blacknut. It is a native herb to Italy. However, the Romans valued it so much in either of furniture production and fruit bearing. They treasured it to the extent of introducing its cultivation in Britain and Germany. Walnut is native to the Persians who live in the northern part of their country; this is evident from the original naming “persicon”. The Greeks alternatively named walnut “Basilicon”, which reflects how much they treasured it. After this, it was renamed “regia”, which simply means royal. Later on, it is said to have been named “Caryon”, which is the foundation of Carya. There have been disagreRead More +

White Mustard Seeds

The scientific name for the White Mustard plant is Sinapis Alpa, and it belongs to the Brassicaceae family. Alternatively, you may call it Brassica Alba or Brassica Hirta. It is grown for three main reasons; for animal feed or simply fodder, for manure and for seeds. This plant has been confined to specific areas in and does not grow all over the world. Its origin is traced to the Mediterranean. The plant has yellow flowers which grow into hairy pods. Each pod has six seeds which have to be harvested before they burst and scatter the seeds.

White Mustard seeds are minute, measuring 1-1.5 millimeters in diameter and with varying colors which may be light brown, yellow or beige. TRead More +

White Oak Bark Chips

The White Bark tree is an average tree growing to heights of 65-85ft. It features a light ash gray bark that normally peels from the sides, whether up bottom or right left. It’s a common tree among the Americas and Japan. However, it has been adopted and reared in other countries, mainly for commercial purposes.


White oak bark chips will help to…

Resist spells. Become fertile. Offer strength. Remove crossed conditions. Jinxes. Remove bad ghosts.


Medical uses...

It is used to make barrels for the storage of agRead More +

Willow Leaf

Willow trees have a large supple bark sap that has high concentration of salicylic acid. The tree is soft with thin branches and large fibrous roots. The willow roots are tough and grow from parts of the plant above the soil. The willow tree leaves are elongated, round or oval, and have saw like margin.


Willow tree leaves will help to…

Reduce fever and aches. Control  someone through binding or magical manipulation. Medical uses...

The use of willow bark leaves has a long history, for instance, they have been mentioned as having capability to reduce aches and feveRead More +


Wintegreen does not imply a single plant, but rather, a large number of plants. In the past, the name was used for plants that continued making food or simply had green leaves all through the winter season. However, the classification was advanced and the name no longer means that. A large number of a shrub belonging to genus Gaultheria have the characteristic and are locally called wintergreens by the North Americans. Notably, a prominent example is the Eastern Teaberry. The wintergreen berries of the species Gaultheria Procumbens have various uses among the North Americans.


The entire of Gaultheria species produce wintergreen oil. The oil is colored light yellRead More +

Wood Betony

The scientific name for Wood Betony is Stachys Officinalis, and it has earned various other names from the wide range of users all over the world including Purple Betony, Wild Hops, Betine, Lousewort, and Betony. The now famous name of the herb, Betony, is said to have originated form Celtic.


Wood Betony is  a unique grassland herb that grows up to a height of 1-2 feet. It has leaves sprouting directly form the stems since the herb does not have branches. The leaves are somewhat oval and tend to have a shape like an hearth at the point closer to the stalk. They are slightly wrinkled and having saw like edges. It flowers between July and September. It grows Read More +


Wormwood will grow naturally in various places, it does well in all habitats including field, at the end of paths and roads, and arid, uncultivated land. The plant can also be grown in dry soils. However, in this case, one will have to plant it in open lands where the soil is middle weight. The plant actively uses the nitrogen in the soil and thus will do well in soils with a lot of nitrogen. There are several ways in which it can be propagated, but the common ones are seeds taken from nursery beds and cutting taken from mother plant between march and October. It grows to be about a meter in length and not very high, which will give it a bush like appearance.

Wormwood has a nastRead More +

Yarrow Flowers

Yarrow grows all over the world and has been used as an herb for many centuries. It grows all over, in open fields, pastures, meadows, edges of rails, and any others. A Yarrow plant grows to a height of one yard.


Yarrow flowers will help to…


Reduce inflammations. Relieve fevers. Stimulate circulatory system. Heal swollen internal organs. Remove toxins and heat from the body.


Medical uses...


Oils that have many types of essential antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, are obtained frRead More +

Yellow Dock Root (whole)

Yellow dock has been growing all over Asia and Europe for quite a long time now. In North America, it has been considered a common weed. The Europeans use its leaves as vegetable, but the root as medicine. It is used in four main forms namely; dried herbs, capsule, tea, and tincture.


Yellow dock root will help to…


Benefit digestive system, skin, and liver. Treatment of bad blood. Increase customers. Increase money or wealth. Get and keep love.


Medical uses...


Yellow Dock has essential comRead More +

Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa has many names including: Gum plant, sacred herb, mountain balm, consumptive weed, and bear’s weed. The plant is native to America and the traditional American healers have used it for various purposes. Later on it was adapted by the Spanish settlers who named it the Holy Herb. The herb has a green color all through and grows up to a height exceeding one meter. The combination of the flowers produce a great smell when the day is slightly hot or warm. The Holy Herb is common in areas sparsely populated by other plants given that they are dry. Its flowers are delicate, white, and clustered.

They mature to form fruits in a gray-brown capsule, oval and bearing harRead More +


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