Grained Mouth

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Grained Mouth

A grained mouth is one that consists of a number of small faint lines.

These lines appear to be small grains on the mouth. People with this mouth may suffer an unstable family life. This is due to bad luck for the family, such as disease, death, and financial woes. They are anti-social in nature. The reason may be due to their secretive nature.


They have many things to hide from. These people do not talk to other members of the family with a desired openness. That is why it is very hard for such people to make and keep quality friends. When something goes wrong, they will let you know. That way, you can find a way of solving problems to avoid future conflicts. These people also know how to appreciate good food. 


People who have this mouth are quick to throw themselves into social situations that may maximize their possibilities of bringing in lovers as well as potential partners. After they discover ways to love themselves they have the possibility to draw in and hold onto their ideal partner.
This person is someone inventive and also intelligent like they are. Individuals with this mouth may possibly reach for goals in business if the work is not excessive. In addition, if this person is struggling to communicate with others, it is a signal that the individual is anxious or has a health condition. 

Summary of characteristics…

  • Appreciates great food.
  • Thinks about themselves too much.
  • Usually happy and content.
  • Likes to be the Centre of attention.


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