Downward Slanting Tips of Eyes

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Downward Slanting Tips of Eyes

People with eyes that slant from the tips of the eyes have almost a goat like appearance to their face.

Thy are different than goat eyes specifically because the rest of their eye shape and coloring is normal. It is only the outward corner or outward tip of the eye which is downward. These people are abnormally stubborn people and tend to be show offs.


These people will be seen as being confident or of high self-importance but this is not really the case. They tend to be strong willed and therefore will work to move forward under any situation. They feel strongly about doing the right thing and want very much to be ethical. These people can be trusted to be in charge, even though they don’t appear to deserve it outright.

Downward slanting tips of eyes people have a strong work ethic and feel that any job worth doing is worth being done right. Because of this, they will continue on with a difficult task when most other people would have quit. They take pride in their work and expect those around them to be the same.

They think highly of a person who works hard but at the same time will not take kindly to lazy or flighty people. They do not have patience for snooty types and rarely have an appreciation of abstract culture. They like earthy endeavors be it in work or in pleasure. They do appreciate fine craftsmanship and will often consider it a work of art.

Relating to other people is difficult for them, as most people do not live up to their high standards. Often it is thought that these people were born in the wrong era. They want to take their time to do things right but do not take shortcuts that are currently available to them. They are people who are shy about technology and will avoid upgrading their home or office. They do not like change in general and can tend to be very stuck in their ways.

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This can be difficult for work and relationships as thy want things to stay the same but naturally, change will inevitably come. In work they will often be overlooked for promotions and remain at the same post for years and years. Downward slanting tips of eyes types are loyal to a fault.

However, if given the chance they will rise to the occasion and will surprise co-workers for their level headedness in crisis. They have tenacity and rarely get over-dramatic or taken aback by stressful situations.

In a relationship their tenacity can turn over the top and push away a partner. However, it’s good to note that they are open and willing to change their behavior. They will not react well to over-emotional types but rather need to be talked to and have their issues worked out one on one.

They can make relationships work but they do take effort. Because they are not open emotionally a relationship can be something that is difficult to start. Once they are in knee-deep though they are loyal and honest partners.


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