Dispersing Eyebrows

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Dispersing Eyebrows

These eyebrows aren’t luxuriant and thick, they appear sporadic, and they are dispersed along the line of the eyebrows.

If a person has these eyebrows it means they are impulsive. There attitude is marked by a high degree of impatience. Since they do not have ability to focus on the future, they usually make short-term decisions based on short-time observations.


They are also likely to spend too much time on unimportant matters.

Most of the time, they think of the bottom line, but unfortunately for them, wealth comes and goes and they never become economically or financially stable.

If the eyebrows meet in the Centre then this is a reflection of idleness but a practical character. 

Normally, they work for themselves. The reason being is furthering themselves - and they're much more successful in life if they are their own boss.

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They are both independent and cooperative, but may have trouble recognising that they have these qualities. Normally have very minor setbacks in life. Chinese face reading states that those with the righteous eyebrow are always right!

Congratulations, this type of eyebrow is considered one of the luckiest. There is a temperament of being quite easy going very talented as well. The negative attributes of having a dispersing eyebrow is that in life one is are subjective. They tend to be extreme in all avenues in life. To make this worse they rely on people but they shouldn't.

To release the most potential in life the righteous eyebrow holder needs to cultivate themselves with discipline.


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