Biting Lip

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Biting Lip

This mouth shape is recognisable by the bearer naturally biting their lower lip.

Individuals with this trait are sensible, logical and excellent at completing complex tasks. These people are trustworthy, reliable and well-organised, therefore are known as yang. Yang people in chinese face reading possess various traits which include being aggressive and at times they lack endurance.



They are short tempered, highly stressed, and can suffer arrogance. When people become extremely yang, they will be highly impatience when dealing with other people. Their tenseness is what makes them sensitive to stress. These people may be dictatorial and hurt other people.

Their particular strong attitudes and determination, makes it hard to allow them to change their minds. They also find it hard to believe that others have their own minds, this leads to them to struggle to get on with other people. If the lip at the top is thicker than the bottom, this means that they possess a fatherly apporach to life, and will discover that by committing to a goal obtain his or her advice. Even though the yang traits may seem negative, the bearer of such a mouth is normally kind hearted.


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Normally, the bearer of such a mouth is unable to close it perfectly. People with this mouth formation need to avoid being self-centric and selfish. The lower lip biting is also called ‘Me Syndrome’ when good things happen; they always prefer things to pass them by.

On a positive note they are rather organised, they keep their surrounding clean and orderly. This is because they consider themselves special human beings. In terms of sex, they are extremely active and prefer being in control. The main goal of this mouth shape is the dedication towards material enlightment.


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