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In the ancient dream dictionaries the symbol of the woodpecker is connected with magic, however in the modern world we can connect the woodpecker to a positive outlook to life.

The woodpecker is also a sign of financial issues.


In your dream you may have...

  • Encountered a woodpecker.
  • Seen a woodpecker flying.
  • Seen a woodpecker pecking at a tree.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • The woodpecker is not annoying in the dream.
  • The woodpecker is productive.
  • The woodpecker appears to be working hard.
  • The woodpecker is calm and docile.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To dream of a woodpecker foretells that there will be an occasion for you to use your creativity and wisdom in order to seek the best outcome. There is a strong focus on happy times ahead. Hearing a woodpecker pecking suggests that your fate is good.

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Seeing a woodpecker in your dream is also a sign that you are going to lose money. The woodpecker means nagging, feeling suffocated by parents, psychological pressure exerted on you, or annoyance and irritation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a woodpecker…

Irritated. Indignant. Upset. Angry. Amused. Excited


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