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Weddings in general reflect how you feel inside about commitment to other people.

Independence is important to you and this dream shows that it is time to claim this back. If you attend a wedding then this shows that there is a new beginning on the horizon, this denotes that you need to make sure that anything in your life which is worrying you at the moment will sort itself out.


To see a wedding in your dream, foretells a new beginning or change in your current waking life. A dream about a wedding is generally positive. To dream of a wedding reception means that you have experienced a degree of sorrow or unfortunate circumstances in the near past. This dream is often associated with negative consequences which are due to fears and worries in your waking life. If you dream that you marry an ex boyfriend or partner then this shows that you will be happy in life for a while. To dream of being a wedding planner shows that you need to make sure your negation skills are 100% as you are going to have to come to some agreement on salary in the near future. There are two conflicts inside you which you are trying to control.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The experience was positive and delightful.
  • You got married without any complications.
  • The partnership in your dream equals a happy, content  and pleasing time.
  • You helped someone who was getting married.
  • You confronted any changes or adversities in your dream.

New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream…

  • If you expressed any negativity to the wedding or partnership in your dream.
  • Within your dream the wedding did not make you feel very comfortable.
  • The dream involved you feeling unable to get married.

Dream Interpretation….

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To dream that you to be married to your current partner (husband or wife) once more, represents wedded bliss and happiness. This dream may also signify a new baby that may enter your life. To see a wedding in a church, represents your hidden abilities and talents that have not yet come to light or been recognised. A bad wedding (if things go wrong) is also symbolic of the depth of your emotions.

If you are planning a wedding for people who you have never met then this means that things are going to turn out well after a rocky period of time in relation to financial worries.

If you are getting wed yourself in waking life this dream is associated with fears of getting married – don’t worry. To dream that you encounter conflicts with family members in your dream shows that things are going to be difficult when it comes to making agreements going forward.

If you are a wedding guest then this dream indicates that you are going to take on new challenges at work. If your child is getting married then this indicates that it is time for you to stop worrying about things that have not happened yet. To buy or see yourself in a wedding dress shows that there are something’s in life worth fighting for – it is important for you to recognise what they are. To see a wedding ring shows that love in your life is going to be forever. If you see a wedding cake then success is all around you - enjoy it!


1920’s ancient quick dream meanings…

  • To attend a wedding in your dream = Happy times are afoot.
  • To get married in your dream = Independence is being questioned.
  • To marry someone who does not make you happy = don’t let others rule you.
  • Find it difficult to get approval for a marriage in your dream = Stop listening to the family and follow your own path in life.
  • To encounter parental objections in a dream = Family life is going to be hectic for some time.
  • Be proposed to in your dream = Contentment in your dream means that things are going to be
  • Wish others well who get married = Positive changes are on their way.
  • Have a dream of an arranged marriage = Your approach to commitment needs to be questioned.
  • Feelings of bitterness or sorrow regarding a wedding. = Tough times ahead.
  • Someone get’s married that you love = Things are going to be difficult in the future.
  • Ex boyfriend gets married = Time to move on in a relationship.
  • Objections in the wedding ceremony = Family keeps telling you what to do.
  • You were wearing or buying a wedding dress or cake = Happy times are ahead.
  • Planning a wedding for someone that you have never met = People around you are questioning your commitment to a work project.
  • Dream that you remarry someone (for example an old boyfriend or husband) = Stop living in the past.
  • That you attend your honeymoon = Contentment is on the horizon.
  • You are engaged = Make a commitment soon (in a job, relationship or career) for a successful outcome.

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