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Dream dictionary meaning Tires


A dream about tires usually suggests that you should move on in your life and avoid dwelling on the past so much.

You need to get over your past life and try to make your life better day by day towards your good future.


It also means a progress that you are making in your life and it can also mean a comment that you are making about something that is also happening in your life.

It means your emotional health and ability to overcome difficulties with courage and being able to face your challenges and hardships.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen that you have a flat tire which shows that you are feeling very weary and tired. You feel so drained and you are not able to make any progress in life because your ambitions are hindered temporarily by something.
  • Seen that your tires are faulty or defective in some way and you need to change the tire to continue the journey. This means that your goals are hindered by some challenges and you need to change your life so that you can make some progress in life.
  • Seen that the tire is punctured which suggests that you are going to have some problems or difficulties ahead that will seem hard to correct. When they are many tires punctured then it shows the number of problems you will have.
  • Seen that your tires have no more treads. This shows that you are not able to get any means  of achieving your goals in life
  • Seen tire tracks which shows that you have gotten yourself stuck up in a rut. You are unable to make your life any better. Your life is just in a cycle of events and responsibilities you need to make.


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Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You have a dream that you are replacing the damaged tires and continuing with the journey. This shows that you have changed your life and overcome the challenges. You can now make some progress in your life with ease.
  • You have a dream that your tires are well and you are driving quite well. This shows that your life is moving on perfectly well and you do not have any problem in your life. You must be enjoying the fruits of your life.
  • You have a dream of a punctured tire and you have realised the problems that you have and come up with the solutions for them so that you are able to achieve your goals.

Detailed dream interpretation…

A dream about a tire means some progress in life or what is happening in your life at a particular time. When the tires are damaged in your dream, then it means that you are having some problems that are hindering your progress.

When the tires are punctured in your dream and you are changing them then this means that you have some challenges you are going through and you cannot move on well therefore you need to change your life.


When there are more tires that are damaged in your dream it shows that you have a lot of difficulties or several problems that are hindering your progress.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tires...

Nervous, fearful, irritation, exhausted, happy, anxious.

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