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Text Message.

Sometimes we dream we see strange things and this is such thing that people seldom dream.

If you have seen text massage it has one direct meaning though we can see some other symbolization too. If you have seen a text massage with hand full of letters will tell you some short termed relationship that we are going to entertain .If it is written in careless writing we have to foresee the situation of the relationship.


Sometimes people dream of the text massages which are full of words and neatly written. This conveys the opposite aspect of the previously discussed theme. If you dreams a neatly written text in an envelope which is not sealed .You must congratulate yourself you are unmarried person. If you have seen a text massage with a sealed envelope that may be a warning please be careful with your associates, as there may be sudden endings of lifelong relationships.

In your dream you may have seen:

  • A text message with colorful pictures.
  • Text massage flying in the sky but you cannot reach.
  • A crumpled text message.
  • A torn pieces of text message.
  • People staring at a text message.
  • Text message with strange letters.

Detailed description:

If you dream a text message with many or a few colorful pictures it will be a message which will be brighten your life. Colors are associated with the things we love such as friends, wealth.love …..We can expect a change of our life to the brightest path. Mothers can expect healthy babies if they are in pregnancy.

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Text message fluttering like a flag in the wind but unable to catch, though it seems so near. It tells you that there will be an opportunity but it will not be an easy task. And it also symbolizes that you must pay more attention for your aims and expectations.

Crumpled old text message points out to the sorrowful situation that you are going to encounter. The old text message and shape, is similar to a person who is in an uneasy situation. So must be careful with There is nothing to worry but better to get prepared for the worst.

Torn pieces of a text message, brings some dark clouds over his or her life. It means a fatal blow to oneself. It may be loss of occupation wealth, position or something like that, for lovers it may be a sad end to their story.

People who are staring at a text message but you can’t see that as it is too far or higher. So don’t worry happy dream that you are going to hear some good news. For parents it may be a new son or a daughter .It will be good results for anxious candidate or letter of appointment for an unemployed girl or boy. As people and messages come together it symbolizes something beneficial for the relevant party.

Some people dream the text messages with strange pictures or letters; it may be a symbol of oncoming strange or sudden change of your life. If you dream this in many colors, no need to worry, as colors always brighten our lives, if they are in black and white be vigilant on your relation ships.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a text message...

 Anxiety, Fright, Enjoyment, distaste anger.

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