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Stolen Car.

A stolen car in most cases denotes that you are going to face identity related problems in the future.

It may be personal or related to your profession, but you may be affected in your personality. It may affect your reputation, the trust someone has in you, a close affectionate relationship, a finance based foundation, an employment related negotiation or an expenses related issues.


  • Being fired: It may be a career related issue in which you face the danger of losing your job. This means you must engage in your job with care and responsibility. Be professional when negotiating with your seniors as well as juniors. Always respect your firm’s guidelines and job’s responsibilities. Always be polite to your colleagues but never try to build up personal relationships in the workplace.
  • Personal relationships: A possible crack in your relationship with your best friend, spouse or family. You may think that they are not the cause of problems and that you are being betrayed by them. But always be mindful of your role in the relationship, be affectionate and friendly as usual and be tolerant of others because you will be the one who suffers most in this particular break up. Always try to keep your various relationships in a steady state and try to avoid critical encounters that may consequently cause a disagreement.
  • Identity related issues: Sometimes, your image as a businessman or a reputed personality in your workplace could become vulnerable during the coming weeks. The special management and leadership traits you have practiced may not prove so effective. In this case it is best to try and be stable and tolerant. Face the problems with an unaffected and solid point of view. Be prepared for possible business fluctuations and take precautions. Be more conversant with your employees to avoid possible “professional mutinies “. If you are a student or a sportsman with special talents in your subject or sport, then a challenger could emerge one of these days. Do not worry, because challenges sharpen our talents. Engage in your activities with more enthusiasm and avoid mental or physical imbalance.
  • Losing something valuable in your life: You may be about to lose something valuable in your life. Therefore, take the utmost care to protect the important things in your life. If you have invested a large sum of money in a non –recommended facility, think twice before renewing your deposits. Valuable thing in your life are not necessarily material. It could be a loved one or friend. A warning -  watch your stable before the horse flees.
  • Unbearable expense: You may face a situation in which you will have to spend more than you earn. It is advisable to watch your wallet in the near future. Consider of your company`s stability if you are in business. In your financial decisions, think twice.


As a conclusion, a stolen car symbolizes something negative or unfavorable regarding your life.

But, if you think and act wisely, there is every reason that you will have the solutions for your problems. Sweet dreams!

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