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Shooting dream meanings


If you watch a shooting in your dream it may point out your goal or aim in life which is unfulfilled.

Shooting indicates that one is on the right path of life. On the other hand if you see shooting this may indicate your anger to other. You may need to hurt others for your own self-protection. You may have some problem with others in your life and you may thought about that problems or enemies before sleeping. This may reflect your anger, helplessness, discharge of tough and risky feelings.


Again if you see someone shooting at you, that may indicate about some upcoming trouble in life, you may fall in some problem created by others. In our daily life we may find problems with relatives, friends or neighbors. They may try to harm to you.

The bang of the shooting is a sign of warning. If you dream about shooting other people then you should be careful in daily life and avoid any kind of trouble.

In a summary you can face following things in your dream...

  • Shooting an enemy.
  • Shooting your relative.
  • Someone shooting you.
  • Someone shooting at your close ones.
  • Shooting to any unknown person.
  • Shooting in war where you are participating.


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Areas to consider...

  • It can be warning for you to avoid unwanted things.
  • If someone shoots you to kill then avoid arguments.

Interpretation in details...

To see or hear shooting in your dream can express your unhappiness in life. It may be between married people or between relatives or close ones. This unhappiness may cause due to carelessness or selfishness. Shooting is an indicator of upcoming trouble for someone close to you.

If you shoot someone then this is a sign of anger. It can be either an known or unknown person. You have to control our anger to avoid any kind of horrible things in life. If you get shot by others in your dream obviously indicate you are going to be hurt by people in life.


To go clay shooting is a clear indicator of upcoming joy and happiness. It can be good result for the students or possibly job seeker's. Seeing a mass shooting is a negative sign and can mean problems in life. Shooting at a target (such as target shooting) means that one needs to protect themselves.

To shoot friends in a dream can be considered as a indication of upcoming argument. If you dream of shooting relatives this can indicate that someone close to you is facing huge trouble. To be shot or chased means you may encounter robbers or hijackers in waking life.

Feelings that you may have in your mind after watching shooting in your dream…

Anxiousness, Aggression, Warning, Hunting, Harmful and so on.


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