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Miscarraiges are relatively common and many women experience one or more during their childbearing years.

Unfortunately, while many women and couples face this kind of loss, experiencing one is not an easy event. These kinds of dreams can be very unsettling, saddening, and realistic. If you are pregnant, realize that dreaming of a miscarriage does not mean that you will have one. Dreaming about someone else having a miscarriage does not mean that the person of you dream will have one. Often, these are simply dreams that represent fear and worry about pregnancy, fertility, or having children in general.


In this dream you may have...

  • Had a miscarriage.
  • Seen someone else have a miscarriage.
  • Wished someone would have a miscarriage.
  • Caused someone to have a miscarriage.
  • Worried about losing a baby.
  • Felt guilty over a miscarriage.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You recover from a miscarriage.

Detailed dream meaning...

While dreams of a miscarriage, whether this is something you have happen to you in a dream or see it happening someone else, a miscarriage in a dream can be disturbing. First of all, these dreams, while unsettling, are not always negative. Positive considerations of these kinds of dreams is losing an opportunity in your waking world in which you are better for in the end. For example, dreaming of a miscarriage at work can be an important indicator for someone that is passed over for a job promotion of or a job opportunity will be disappointed but that it is a good thing afterall. Sometimes loss leads to other opportunities and in this case, the miscarriage in the dream does not represent the loss of a child but the loss of the potential or hope for growth.

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When a woman is pregnant, she is likely to have strange and vivid dreams. There is something to do with the hormones released during pregnancy that many pregnant women report outrageous dreams that have that feeling like they are real. It is important to note that with all pregnant women that the dreams that take place are often over-exaggerated and usually these kinds of dreams are not real. We have heard of women murdering people while pregnant, but obviously not every woman who is with child goes out and commits murder! That being said, not every dream about a miscarriage is a true or prophetic dream. Often, these dreams can be chalked up to worry and fear about the pregnancy or the future with a child and nothing more.

It is interesting that many partners find that they dream about pregnancy termination or miscarriage. This can be unsettling for a partner, especially if they are looking forward to the baby and don’t know why they are having the dream. Understand that a baby is a big responsibility and even if you feel fully prepared there is likely some insecurity of your own about the new addition to your life. Your psyche will process the dream and give you a figurative image. Perhaps there is a small part of you that doesn’t feel ready to be a parent and have a dream about your partner losing the baby and you are happy about it in the dream. This doesn’t mean you are a bad partner or even that you really want that to happen.

Seeing someone else who is pregnant and then having a miscarriage is a more confusing dream. Perhaps you are not even sure who the person is in your dream or a perfect stranger starts having a miscarriage in front of you. What the heck would that mean, you ask. Well, again, the representation of the miscarriage is not always a baby and a loss. Dreams are not always literal. Often when this is someone else, but you are unsettled in the dream, it represents other aspects of your life. Most often this is representation of defeat or being refused. It is the potential of something that is blocked.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...


  • Worry or fear.
  • Not getting what you feel that you deserve.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a miscarriage…





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