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Mad Dog

Mad Dog.

Perhaps you dream of a mad dog chasing or running after you?

Maybe you see a crazy dog that is biting you? Unfortunately seeing a crazy dog in your dream is associated with negative feelings in waking life. This dream is somewhatalarming but it is in relation to you external surroundings and environment. If you deal with the mad dog and kill it in your dream, it can be linked to something positive.


In your dream you may have…

  • Been chased by a mad dog.
  • Been bitten by a mad dog.
  • Seen a vicious dog attacking you.
  • Heard barking, growling and fighting of mad dogs.
  • Seen yourself killing a mad dog.
  • Seen someone else killing a mad dog.
  • The dog had rabies.
  • The maddog was frothing at the mouth.


Positive changes are afoot if…

  • If you see someone killing a mad dog, which is an indication that you have a supporter.
  • You manage to escape from the dog which is a positive omen, it indicates that you will flee from your enemies without any harm and damage in the near future.
  • You kill a mad dog in your dream which signals that you will overcome the unpleasant attitude of others and will rise to prosperity.

Detailed dream interpretation…

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To seea mad dog in a dream can be quite disconcerting. The animal can provideafeeling of fear, terror and horror. This dream can give rise to anxiety - giving you the feeling of numbness and deadness. The typical meaning of a mad dog dream suggests that a person’s efforts will not be worth the hard work and uphill struggle in the end. It indicates that serious trouble or injury maybe on the cards. Seeing a crazy dog attacking someone in a dream generally suggests that you are being attacked by people you trust or rely on.

The dream of a mad dog usually implies that you will undergo an attack in waking life, normally from an unfamiliar person.To be chased by a crazy dog means It people can attack your business, status, or trade, unknown to you. A better approach to such a terrifying dream would be to adopt a cautious approach towards everyone you know, as the mad dog could be anyone near you!

To see others killing a mad dog in the dream indicates the support of anonymous people, they are willingly to help through thick and thin. If the dreamer kills the mad dog it means in waking life hurdles or obstacle will be overcome. If the dog has rabies then this dream means that the person will be liberated from unsympathetic opinions of others. Positively, the rabies means unexpected surprises in the near future.

When one dreams of being bitten by a mad dog, it means others may be gossiping about the dreamer.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mad dog…

Terror, Horridness, Frightfulness, Atrociousness, and a feeling that a loved one is going to betray you. Feeling of overcoming a difficulty in life.

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