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Dreaming that you are playing or that you win the lottery means you will be able to change your lifestyle and do something better with your life. Seeing yourself playing the lottery and lose in your dream is the sign of damage.


To play the lottery numbers in one's dream is also a positive omen it represents great times ahead. This is a warning type dream to prevent taking any risks. If the theme is a lottery game of any sort then the warning is even more important. A lottery game in your dream signifies that things are likely to take you over in regard of your financial situation. To dream that you win at the lottery means that you will not have financial problems anymore. If you lose, this is a sign that you have problems with your loved one.


In your dream you may have...


  • Played the lottery.
  • You see others playing the lottery.
  • Lost the lottery.
  • You win the lottery.
  • Someone you know wins the lottery.


Elements that may be afoot...


  • Do not take any risks.
  • Stay away from quarrels.
  • Pay more attention to your partner.


Detailed dream interpretation..


The dream of lottery is associated to risk, luck and chances. You should ask yourself what aspect of your life needs improvement and maybe a big profit. A lottery in the dream could omen loses and disappointments ahead. It can be a warning of a risky endeavor that might have bad results for you, or it can mean that your wishes are unrealistic. Playing the lottery in general it means that you will enjoy a comfortable evening, or that people usually like you.


Lotto in a dream means you have a chance to get lucky ahead. It means you might acquire possessions, but it can also be a bad omen for lovers, as it could mean that you are involved in an unhappy relationship. Sometimes a lottery is a sign for a loss or disappointment you might experience soon.


If you dream of other people winning the lottery this indicates that you will enjoy good social standards and this will attract lots of friends in your life. Losing the lottery in a dream suggest's that you might become the victim of unpleasant people. If you are a young woman and you win the lottery in your dream, this could mean your lover or husband is not dependable, and you will have to take charge of your own finances.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of lottery.

Needing. Lucky. Tired. Challenged. Upset. Happy. Surprised. Content.

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