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Horses can mean many things in dreams. The horse is a noble animal representing for the right actions.

If the dreamer is riding the horse, the dreamer is most probably in control of his or her life. To dream of a rocking horse bears exactly the same meaning of dreaming of horses, but additionally, it may express a craving for the comfort and safety of childhood using its gentle, rocking motion. A horse is a wonderful creature. There are many dream interpretations of this animal.


To ride a horse means that one is going to have a misunderstanding with someone. To gallop on a horse indicates an emotional time. Maybe even a falling out. To see a jockey galloping on a horse suggests that you are likley to take a gamble in life. Winning is sure to be yours. To see more than one horse galloping in your dream indicates hopes and dreams. To see a horses stable in one's dream means that you will gain an honorable position in the future. To see a horse on a beach means that you need to be more discreet. It does however mean that good times are coming your way.

In your dream you may have seen the following...

  • A white horse.
  • A black horse.
  • A horse on a beach.
  • A rocking horse.
  • A horse in pasture.
  • Riding a horse.
  • A horse and carriage.
  • Prince on a horse.

To ride a horse in one's dream means that you will have a minor misunderstanding with someone. To see a prince on the horse signifies a psychological problem. Possibly even a time when you need to think about how you act with others. To see horse racing means there will be a bet in existence. To see a horse in pasture, means that you want more freedom and independence. A horse pulling a wagon suggests that you have to depend on other people and would love to be independent.

Many horses in a pasture mean you are regaining your independence or planning on working for yourself. A restless, bucking horse, means you overcame great difficulties and will be rewarded with lasting success.

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Leading a horse to water means you must take time and evaluate an important decision you are about to make for your future. Then move slowly but with determination toward success. To see a foal suggests you should expect a very happy event to take place soon. A white horse in a dream heightens the meaning of the positive symbols, a black horse adds to the negative symbols. A brown horse means that things are likely to be difficult in the future but calm.

To groom a horse is a positive omen that denotes safety. To take the reins of the horse yourself means you are going to lead by example. You will have success. To fall from a horse means that a project will be delayed. If the dreamer is riding the horse in fields they have a grip on life. They are in control.

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