Faceless Person

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Have you ever wondered for the meaning of your dream? There are dreams that are so vivid in our thoughts that we seek to find its meaning. Dreams when interpreted can bring good things to your life. There are varied dream interpretations from which dreamer may find what best suit his or her situation. Dreams can be reflective of the reality. Your inner self tries to reach out to your consciousness. The reality is played in your dreams. There are events in one’s life that are being repressed for fear of societal criticism. Dreams can remind you of that situation. There are also dreams when it reflects the pros and cons of a particular decision. It makes you aware of the consequences of a present reality, plans and ideas. The consequence of your negligence over some things can also be reminded to you through your dreams. This article will tell us the meaning of dreaming a faceless person. Dreaming of a face generally speaks of identity. What does it mean if you dream of a faceless person?


In your dream you may have…


  • Seen a faceless person.
  • Seen yourself faceless in a dream.
  • Seen a faceless person but there is a feeling that you know him or her.
  • A relationship with a faceless lover.
  • Seen your loved one faceless in your dream.


Positive changes are afoot if…


  • You dream of a faceless person.
  • The identity of the faceless person became known to you.
  • Dreaming that you are faceless led you to look for any issues within yourself.


Detailed dream interpretation…


Dreaming of a face is associated with an identity. The person knows him or her. To dream of a faceless person has something to do with loss of identity or inability to accept a person the way he or she is. This also mean of your desire to deepen your knowledge on the personality or identity of other persons.

There are also dreams when there is a feeling that you know the faceless person. That person is making you confused. You are trying to know his or her importance to you. He or she knows a part of yourself that you fear to become known to public. If you have a traumatic experience, try to know the identity of that person. Take note of the circumstances in that dream for it may help you to overcome your traumatic experience.

If you are the one faceless in your dream, you are still in search of your real identity. You are having a hard time to establish yourself. Look within to know what hinders you from doing so.

To dream of a faceless lover mean having certain ideals in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, a faceless lover in dream tells you that there is still something that you desire to have in your relationship. Your lover in waking life cannot satisfy that desire. If you are not having an affair, this bespeaks of your ideal lover and kind of relationship. If you see your loved one faceless in your dream, know better for they are only revealing part of him or her.


Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of a faceless person...

Unworthy, lucky, confused, fearful of criticism, strong desire for an ideal relationship, emotional.