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A battery is very much associated with power, energy, and control over your own life and the lives of other people. It can show leadership, as the battery is often the tool that holds everything else together. If you dream of a battery in an electrical item, such as an alarm clock, then this means your power and energy is channeled correctly. To dream of a battery running out power can suggest that you may have an illness or minor health problem in the near future.


In your dream you may have...


  • Encountered a battery.
  • Encountered a car battery.
  • Seen that a battery was running out power.
  • Seen either a good or bad, weak battery.
  • Seen broken batteries.
  • Seen battery acid.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • The battery worked.
  • The battery operated something important.
  • The battery was installed successfully.


Detailed dream interpretation...


The message of this dream is to take care of yourself, and to be at one with yourself in order to allow fulfillment and happiness in your life. The dream is focused on power and often reveals that the source of this power lies within. A working battery is associated with good health and lots of energy, while a weak or broken battery, battery acid can signify a health problem or depression. The key is to try and find a balance between positive and negative aspects of your life, so that you could be able to drive your life forward with contentment and accomplishment.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a battery…

Happy. Powerful. Content. Satisfied. Strong. Controlled.

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