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Baby food.

The dream of baby food is rather rare.


It normally materializes when the dreamer is either pregnant or going through a maternal time in life. The baby food can take many different forms. The baby food could be mushed up, in a tin, baby food that is finger food or simply a bottle of milk.



Baby food is connected to rebirth in life. When it comes to difficult relationships the baby food dream materializes. When it comes to difficult relationships then the baby food dream normally seen.


You want to make sure that everybody in your life gets along with each other. For example, if you have a family and two of your children are continually fighting with each other you are normally behaving as a meditator. The baby food in this sense indicates that you feel that you are the source cementing the family together. The baby food can signify that you require help from your partner. Are you getting such support will help?


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In your dream...


  • You may have fed baby food to a baby.
  • The baby was drinking a bottle of milk.
  • You were liquidized and baby food.
  • The baby food was solid.
  • The baby was eating finger food.
  • The baby was a child that you did not recognize.
  • The baby choked on food.
  • You found yourself in a café with children eating baby food.


Detailed dream meaning of baby food...


As we have already concluded in the introduction above baby food is connected to feeling supported. The baby food if liquidize means that you feel that you need to cement your family relationships. Perhaps you have been working as a meditator?


If you are in the profession of counseling or social work then this indicates that you want to try to bring peace to everybody in life. There is very little aggression in your life and you are a good leader.


When it comes to moral support you give it. To see a baby choking on baby food is a negative omen and indicates a new start will be delayed. To give baby food to a baby in your dream is a positive omen. Feeding a baby is also positive. You don't really want to move forward too much in life. You need to learn to trust your inner voice.


To see babies spitting out or throwing baby food indicates you have been feeling miserable. You must be careful that you make sure that this does not move into depression going forward.


To liquidize baby food in your dream is connected to your generosity. It is all about you giving you what you want in life. Perhaps you've been given someone your support and you don't feel that this has been appreciated. To see a high chair and a baby feeding in your dream occasionally means that you need to be more giving. The high chair symbolizes your desire and passion in life. The baby represents a new start and beginning. The baby food is the cement that brings us all together. Therefore in such a dream means you need to understand that you have an opportunity now to change your life.


To see knives and forks in the dream of baby food suggest that you are going to recover quickly from a difficult and challenging time. To be in a café or see other children eating baby food is a suggestion that you want your partner to succeed but sometimes you feel that your partner doesn't support you.


In conclusion, the baby food featured in your dream is a positive omen. It indicates that you are a good nurturing mother or father and you need to cement your family relationships. If you do not yet have children indicates that you will be maternal and caring. If you don't have children at all then this dream can indicate that you need to work on your friendship to life.


Feelings that may come about when dreaming about baby food...

A satisfying relationship, a new start, nurturing, controlling your temper, mediation, and new possibilities.

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