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An aviary is an enclosure where birds are kept. 

Unlike bird cages, in an aviary, birds are able to fly around due to the availability of enough space. You will find shrubs and plants in aviary just to provide the birds with a near natural habitat for themselves. Birds are normally seen as symbols of freedom of expression and if you see a bird in a cage, it implies that something is not right in your life as you are facing challenges which need to be sorted out.



In the dream…

  • You are the one in the aviary.
  • Someone you know is in the aviary.
  • A strange person is in the aviary.
  • A bird is let out of the aviary.

Detailed dream interpretation...

If you are inside the aviary, it implies that you are lacking freedom of expression about a situation you have found yourself in. You feel that you have no escape route and this is eating up on your development plans. 

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Unless you change the way you do things, you will continue to face challenges along the way, and it might result in not finishing a project in your life. Ask friends and relatives for advice - this is only possible if you decide to open up to them on whatever is stressing you out. Once they know about it, it will be a matter of days and you will be a free person. They will bail you out of your problems and make you feel free again to express yourself and develop your goals. This will come with the advantage of becoming the best problem solver because, at least you will learn something from the way you handled a situation - and you will definitely be able to sort out other people’s problems in future.

If you happen to see a familiar person in the aviary in your dream, it suggests that you are being readied to assist your friends and family in emotional problems. You will have to assist them where necessary and make sure that, they become free to handle their lives in the right way. This is possible if you approach them when you realize that, they seem to be hiding something from you, and whatever it is, is making you feel uneasy. Once you win their trust, make sure that you give them your advice so that, they can rely on you to sort out their issues and become independent again.

When a stranger is seen in your dream in an aviary, it denotes that, you are safe from your freedom being affected by the day to day activities. Your friends too are comfortable and they have their freedom. This has made you progress on well with your life because you are surrounded by positive energy which allows you to do your things in a peaceful atmosphere. Freedom can be earned through associating with the right people in life. To let out the caged birds in a dream suggests a new start is coming.

Feelings associated with your dream...


Freedom, independent, positive, comfortable and happiness.

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