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Arrow Head

Arrow Head.

An arrowhead is the sharp point of an arrow.

If you happen to see an arrowhead in your dream, it symbolizes your goal, determination, and direction. You are on your way to a successful future. In case the arrowhead is broken, it denotes that, there will be opposing viewpoints and ideas that will come your way, and you will need to consider which way is the best for you. If you find arrowheads in your dream, it means that you will see abandoned goals, ideas which never took off or never became fruitful.


A dream whereby you see that you throw arrowheads which are very sharp denotes that, you will have accomplishments in your assignments. A metallic or shiny arrowhead relates to the powerful words which you normally say when you are in front of your opponents. A rusted or broken arrowhead is a symbol of your weaker words which you say in front of your opponents.

In this dream…

  • You see an arrowhead.
  • You make an arrowhead.
  • Other people are carrying arrowheads

Detailed dream interpretation

If you see an arrowhead, it means that there is a rupture of will or decision by ignorance, fatigue, or lack of objectives or line. Throwing an arrowhead in the dream state represents your determination of not completing a specific something with clarity. If the arrowhead is made of stone, there is a possibility to change your life if before you established the path to walk. If the arrowhead is made of bronze, there is a possible failure if you don’t work out and let your ideas settle with the help of others. It is a great dream as it will help you to avoid mistakes or impressions in public or private life.

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If you make an arrowhead in your dream, it might refer to abandoned dreams. An arrowhead represents benefits, talk, or profits from traveling for business. If you make an arrowhead of lead, it denotes that, you are going to receive a letter that explains one’s weaknesses. If you make a copper arrowhead, it means that you will gain from material pleasure. A dream where you make an arrowhead from copper, it represents a letter one is about to post.

Other people are carrying arrowheads in your dream, denotes that, you are completely out of touch with what is happening in your life and it is now time to reconsider your life - especially when it comes to setting goals.  Make sure that, whatever the goal, you follow it to the end and make sure that it is conclusively dealt with.

Feelings Associated with the Dream...

Strong. Successful. Peaceful. Abandoned. Reconsidered.


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