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Dream dictionary meaning Affair


Don't be too alarmed at the nature of this dream. Normally, the meaning is the opposite, and your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend or partner actually loves you very much, or you are worrying about a love relationship unnecessarily.

To dream that you are committing adultery or having an affair signifies your sexual urges and passion is longing to be expressed. Alternatively, this dream can also indicate a betrayal from your subconscious mind. A bad omen may come into your life, and you may need new approaches to problems.



If you dream of an affair it means that you are seeking to balance yourself, e.g. making sure that you take a balanced view in your life. If you dream of having an affair with someone that you do not know, then it is clear it is time to look at your inner desires: is it time to move on and start a new relationship? Or try harder in your existing relationship. If you are not in a relationship and dream of having an affair, then it is likely a new relationship will come into place.


Common dreams regarding the affair include...

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  • You dream that you committed adultery or had an affair with somebody.
  • Filed for divorce based on the fact that your partner was with somebody else.
  • Your partner falls out of love with you, or you find that you have fallen out of love with your partner.
  • You see your partner leaving you.
  • You find your partner in a compromising position.
  • You dream of another person’s partner.


In your dream you may have…


  • Caught your partner in a compromising position with another person.
  • Seen others having an affair.
  • Failed to win your partners affection as he has a lover of the opposite sex.
  • Dreamt your partner is bisexual or homosexual.
  • Found yourself suddenly single because of an affair.
  • Your partner has run off with a close relative or friend and left you.
  • Fallen out of love with your partner because of an affair or adultery.
  • Dreamt that your husband or wife is leaving you.
  • Dreamt that you partner does not want to be with you any more.
  • Experienced an argument or fight over an affair.
  • Not been happily married in your dream.
  • Your partner had an affair.
  • No matter where you are in your dream, you cannot seem to escape the feeling of sadness due to the affair or behavior of your partner or yourself.
  • Your dream features the feeling of complete guilt.
  • You are feeling happy that you have had an affair, and it is time to move on in the relationship.
  • Being involved in some type of sexual encounter, and you are having an affair.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • The affair ended, and you were reunited with your partner.
  • You experienced the feeling of relief and overall contentment and happiness.
  • You had an affair in response to his or her affair, which meant you were equal.
  • You successfully won back your lover.
  • The general mood in your dream is of a positive nature, and you are more confident after having your affair.
  • If you encountered any biblical parents such as Adam and Eve in your dream or the divide between feminine and masculine.


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...



  • An area of your life needs to be addressed and thought about, in order for things to change.
  • You may have been thinking about a new approach to worries.
  • Feeling that some area of your life is not 100% correct.
  • Insecurity in regards to a relationship that is important to you.
  • You have lost your temper based on a disagreement with your partner.
  • You have been feeling anxiety and quite stressed out lately.
  • Deep down inside you are scared and vulnerable about a relationship.


Detailed dream interpretation...


Almost everybody at some point in life has experienced a dream of being cheated by another, or are cheating on a partner themselves. Freud stated that to dream of cheating means you are feeling vulnerable in a relationship that is close to you. If the dream or experience is pleasant, then it usually indicates it is time to make progress in solving life's problems. If you have this dream on more than one occasion, it is important that you try to find answers to heal your subconscious. Rather than focusing on the meaning and determining if this is a premonition, you need to ask yourself what feelings you have right now in regards to the relationship, and analyze the dream in regards to a connection between the different symbols within your own real-life experiences.



It is important to concentrate on any new feelings that you may encounter in your dream, then try and shake these feelings to reveal what is likely to develop in the future. This may be a moment of trust, or an agreement. This dream also indicates being open about a marriage which may be on the way to failure. Dreams are likely to focus on recent events. If you dream of an affair or that your partner is cheating on you, then this can mean you are seeking to balance yourself. This involves making sure that you take a balanced view in your life.


Many people who have this dream often think that their partner is cheating. There are times that this may be correct, and that your mind is trying to tell you something, but in most cases this is just a dream and the key message is not to worry about things.


If your partner has had an affair in the waking life, then this dream means the loss or ending of an important part of your life. You may feel in your dream that you have put on a brave face, despite how distraught and vulnerable you feel inside. In waking life it means that it is important to keep your mind free from worry, and at the same time try and find new ways to move forward in your life.


If you dream of a partner this indicates that rebirth is on the horizon. If you dream of having sex with someone that is not your partner, then this can mean you need to put sufficient effort into the relationship, as your partner is not feeling loved at the moment. The meaning of the dream is that the person who you are having relations with will conduct a favor for you. If you are a male and you dream of having gay relations with another man, and this leads to cheating on your partner, it means that you are going to do a favor for another male.


If your partner encountered an illness, and you had an affair, then this dream means you may want to reconsider your travels. If you are having an affair or your partner is having an affair with somebody you know, this is a good omen. The degree of your relationship with the acquaintance, and the manner in which you conduct yourself once you learn that an affair has taken place, is a message in relation to how your business affairs will be successful in the future.



If you find yourself in a conflict or heated discussion with either your partner or the person whom you have the affair with, then this dream signifies you can expect a series of humiliating events which will surround you shortly. If you meet somebody new in your dream it indicates that changes in your life are likely to occur. If you dream of Adam and Eve or any biblical people, then this is a positive omen. The creation story may be encouraging you to achieve more in your life.


If you dream that your address or home has changed due to an affair, you have moved out of a property or your partner has, this signifies that you wish to escape from some events which are reminding you of how you behave in a certain situation. To find yourself admiring another, but not actually having an affair indicates that you crave approval from your friends or colleagues. If other people are admiring you because you have had an affair, then this means you are seeking guidance in your life.


To feel any type of excitement and stimulation within your dream brings out the need for these types of feelings to happen in your life. You are seeking new ways to make your life more exciting, then this dream is a warning that you need to stop thinking about the future in connection with temptation.


If you have an affair with somebody who is famous or is powerful it denotes that you will crave fame in the future. To actually go to court over an affair or adultery symbolizes the need of fairness in judgment in your life.


Old meanings...



  • If you dream of cheating on another, but you are single in real life it shows that sometimes you are feeling exposed, and that you have to try to protect yourself and get over the emotional storm.
  • If you are actually left completely and abandoned by your lover, then this can show you are worried about your relationship. This dream generally means that things are symbolic, and that your relationship has been under pressure.
  • To dream that you are committing adultery with more than one person demonstrates that it is time to think about your ambitions, as you have a desire to soar above the multitude and mundane areas of your life.


This dream may also be a warning about your current behavior or imbalances that you need to solve. If this dream is very similar to a nightmare, then this indicates it is clear you are undergoing stress in your life at the moment.


If you can barely remember the events in your dream featuring an affair, this means you have been feeling slightly rundown lately. It is important to identify the main elements seen within this type of dream. If your lover actually abandons you, then this suggests you are encountering feelings of being in love. If your partner leaves you due to having an abortion or termination, this represents the feelings of anxiety which is associated with starting new ventures. Embarking upon an affair shows that you need to approach situations with openness. If you dream that your partner is homosexual, this indicates you or your partner are likely to make a favor for other people in your life. In real life, if you are not in a relationship and dream of having an affair, then it is likely that a new relationship will come to you shortly.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an affair...

Embarrassed. You expressed anger or grief. You found that you were financially vulnerable. Scared of being found out that you are having an affair. Extremely angry at your partner for his feelings to somebody else. The feeling that you are likely to be alone in the world and you will never find a new partner. Relieved. Unhappy. Crying. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Stupid. Fearful. Cannot face others with confidence. Continuously thinking how you can get your partner back.


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